Dr. Dre Announces ‘Detox’ Release Date

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre fans can finally exhale. After a decade of waiting for Detox, the hip-hop icon has announced his album’s release date in a rather anticlimactic way. Producer Just Blaze posted a video of himself in the studio with the Doc. While Blaze plugged his artist Saigon’s project, Dre revealed the date many doubted would ever come. “4/20, baby. 4/20, I’m comin’,” said The Chronic rapper, referring to April 20, the pot smokers’ holiday.

You may notice that 4/20 is a Wednesday, a day later than the traditional Tuesday release in the U.S. When asked why Dre opted to miss a day of the sales week, Just Blaze responded on Twitter, saying, “We talked about that. [I'm] sure the publicity and hype of the date release would make up for the lost day.”

[Just Blaze]

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  1. J0rdan0re0



  2. Keri Fan

    Hype? Huh, you mean that thing which peaked years ago?

    I think this will dissapoint many, as everyone’s expectations should now be beyond the stars after the long wait.


  3. T.I. Supporter

    Fuck off @J0rdan0re0. and finally !


  4. Pinoy

    Well let’s see if the date is the truth…
    Detox is now or never….


  5. Sean Izzle

    Orly? is this true or is he fuckin wit us again? Id rather stay NOT waiting, Kush was not up good enough compared to todays music :( ill be on the lookout for next Detox song to leak…………………………………


  6. carl

    Oh please.


  7. danja

    i hope he said a true


  8. felipe

    this gonna be great


  9. TRA

    I am glad to see that Dr. Dre has chosen a release date for Detox. It still remains to to be seen if this release date stays the same. I hope Detox turns out to be a classic, but I have a feeling that Detox is going to be a good album, and not a great album. If Detox would had came out 7 years ago, there would be no doubt that Detox would be a classic. Hip hop now days are different from 7 years ago. It feels like the hype for Detox is not as big as it was years ago. I will be checking for Detox when it comes out, but I have a feeling that it won’t be a classic compare to Dre’s previous albums.


  10. asd

    It comes…2015


  11. Lil' Nello

    I will believe it when I see it but I was actually thinking why release it on 4/20 if Kush truly is 1 of the few smoker type tracks on Detox like Dre said it would be? Can’t wait for Feb. 15th & The Greatest Story Never Told to finally be told though!


  12. Kodeez

    probably won’t come out that day. dre keeps post-poning the date.


  13. Chris

    4/20 that is a dope date(no pun)! I’m gonna buy a bag of drugs and get high as heck listening to Detox that day. I’ll be doing this while I’m at work too, screw the damn boss!!


  14. Ivan;vaan



  15. atanda

    Rap is changed,let’s c hw he feels about it


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  17. unk

    Hopefully JB is on detox


  18. kevin

    all the new music now is like techno rap it sucks…..im lost what is hip hop anymore?


  19. kevin

    im lost what is hip hop anymore?


  20. Phil

    Stop hating on the old man people, he’s a legend


  21. ctrock

    @Keri Fan, -I AGREE don’t think it will sound as good as his old ablum!!!!!!


  22. D-nile

    Fuck u all, i dont think it’ll be that good but just finally gettin it is what i want. True Dre supporter


  23. Chicago's Finest

    Time to see how Dre feels about all these goofball rappers. “I started this gangsta shit…and this the motherfucking thanks I get?”


  24. poisoni

    it still says 4/20 on wikipedia… but i thought it was confirmed that this wasnt the real date. oh well, i realllyy hope its actually the real date!


  25. Ashley

    Dre’s been producing other huge names if you havent noticed :/ loook at what he does on the side! he doesnt mess around <3


  26. Jon

    Dope, it’s 4/20 and Detox still hasn’t come out yet. I know that reports said that it wasn’t supposed to come out now, but at this point I’m beginning to believe that one of the most hyped up albums ever will be one of the most dissapointing. Unless he has a couple of the best songs ever, he should just release it already. It’s not like the hype is still being built up about it, now people are just becoming disinterested and fed up with not only not getting an album, but not even a release date yet, implying that Detox is still a long way away. Well, time to go blaze.


    mjmellan Reply:

    @Jon, lol your right


  27. alex

    first of all dr.dre is a legend and he could postpond da album anytime he wants when he takes out albums its not a piece of shit al album its a classic not like ur wakafalcas, soljer boys, and all those one hit wonders that think ther doing with there songs but they aint on shit. detox is gonna be a classic just like all his albums
    da west is bak dre, snoopp, game, ice, kruput, its on again mathafukers


  28. Scott

    Can’t wait until Dre’s new album Detox come out it’s going to be da bomb


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