New Music: Rihanna f/ J. Cole – ‘S&M (Remix)’

Rihanna and J. Cole

J. Cole gets freaky with Rihanna on his remix to her Loud single “S&M.” “Tired of rapping about chains and whips, do you like to get chained and whipped?/ Do you like rough sex, hit it like I’m upset, do that get your panties wet?” taunts Jay-Z’s protégé, who expressed love for his fellow Roc Nation affiliate.

“I’m a Rihanna fan. She’s really dope,” he told

RiRi shot a video for the original song over the weekend with director Melina. Get nasty with the Roc stars below.


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  1. Yeah



  2. CJ



  3. tell'em

    Niiice!! It’s the ROC!


  4. Up

    J.Cole was gettin it!! SNAPPED The ROC finna be makin some noise 2011


  5. Ross

    Didnt really add anything spectacular to the song. I am fine with the original song.


  6. king

    nice rihanna rock go buy loud


  7. jhuntdaprodigy

    Wish they’d let Cole on the single version, he could use the mainstream exposure


  8. back2basics

    i love it


  9. Lolsmileyface

    It would have been amazing for him. But I guess they didn’t want this to be the single version after they just had Drake on her last crossover single.



    super dope verse.
    j.cole is very well recieved i know a lot of people that really like him. good move to add a verse to this track. very smart to hop on rihanna’s next single. love this song.


  11. Brooklyn*

    LOVE this song.
    the original is sick, but the remix makes it even more sexier.
    Go Rihanna <3


  12. Lil' Nello

    This is a pretty dope remix & the original song was already pretty dope!


  13. tiffany

    ahaha fan of rihanna

    he pretend to be a rapper and he remixes a song like dat????
    gay maybe


  14. Victor


    Y r u here??! The Chris brown post is two spots above… Nobodii wants uu here… # sheesh


  15. Fan Ov A Fan

    i like j cole now :D
    i only like him coz he likes rihanna and he finds her “dope” LOL


  16. purple dolly

    OOOOOOO’h my God!!

    i absolutely love this song, when im listening to my i-pod i go straight to this song its immense, j.cole dayumm you are some hot stuff!! you little heart throb!,

    rihanna is a great singer j.cole you something else a true born artist ;) yumm!


  17. SmoothCriminal

    Nice remix j cole did is thing.


  18. jnew

    its about time J cole ..YES POP IS WHERE ITS AT NOW! i wanna work wit this dude.


  19. king

    rihanna is goin to take ova 2011



    S&M huh..this is kummin frm someone who was a “victim” of domestic violence lol well as least we no now that she enjoyed gettin K.Oed by CB…how Rih-tarded lol dont get me wrong tho she turned it to a catchy song tho …im jus sayin…lol


  21. mango

    @ABSOLUT DOLL you sound like an ABSOLUTE DUMB A$$. Go take a course in feminism or learn how to love yourself some how. You are PATHETIC.


  22. tash

    songs HOTT! @ ABSOLUT DOLL. This song has nothing to do with Chrus
    Brown.. You sound ridiculous!



    @mango & @ tash im jus statin the facts weather u like it or not i like rihanna but promotin s&m is kinda backwards kummin frm her u the dumb ass that think its kute..she suppose to b a role model to young gurls n she sayin “pain is pleasure” fukkin really??? fukkin backwards


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  25. shereece

    wow j cole and rihanna thats NOT a cute couple,
    rihannna really knows how to get down


  26. monica

    rihanna is a good songer but this song is not her at all . i like the rimex then i do the single.


  27. Iva

    Feb12 Ein hammer Song ! Und das Videoclip dazu ist auch geil Das muss man sich hf6ren. EInfach klssae mal wieder wie fcblich von Rihanna Und beide auch schf6ne/sfcdfe Personen hehe


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    […] but still be you, without selling out. Some say that your verse on the recent Rihanna S&M remix song isn’t really necessary for you as an artist. What is your perception on […]

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