Video: Bow Wow f/ Soulja Boy – ‘Get Money’

Bow Wow and Soulja Boy rev up their engines in the flashy video for “Get Money,” their latest collaboration. The shirtless rappers show off their pricey whips while cruising through Miami, stopping at a drive-thru, and chillin’ with scantily-clad girls. Get up to speed with the young millionaires.

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  1. jahliss



  2. xxx

    please shoot ‘em


  3. james



  4. cmonson

    Bow Wow why do u continue to work with this flop soulja Boy if your tryna sell records again??? your new album is gonna do soulja Boy numbers cause of shit like this smh.


  5. jmac

    ass video…ass song…


  6. fyi

    It’s illegal to drive with no seat belts lol


  7. DAN


    Thank god for #coleworld.


  8. jae elle

    in this economy who gives a fluck about bow and soulja boy getting money? like seriously who cares about these people? NEXT!


  9. lostonez

    damn this is a runner up for wackest video of the year n we already in jan


  10. Nick

    Not even a full month into the year and already one of the worst videos of 2011. But then again, with only 13K albums sold, I probably wouldn’t be able to afford a decent music video either. His career is really coming to an end. He’s 20 years old now and still making the same 3rd grade level garbage he was making when he started back in 07′. The gimmicks can only last for so long until people get tired of it. It’s 2011, Ringtone rap is DEAD, buddy.


  11. b

    Flava flavvvvvv


  12. Brionna

    This is pure [TRASH]!!!!! I expected more from Bow Wow


  13. @realfredjones

    Haha this song is pretty old, ive had this song for about 4 years and im pretty suprised rap-up just got it.


  14. lilbowlover

    bow wow is the man and him can do what is the good on and we see him grown on bet and to boy into a man


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