Video: Snoop Dogg x Wiz Khalifa – ‘That Good’

Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg

At the stroke of 4:20 p.m. PST, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa dropped the video for their smokers’ anthem “That Good” off the soundtrack to their upcoming film High School, coming in June. The hip-hop Cheech & Chong express their love for weed by rolling spliffs and putting some sticky icky in the air with their amigos. Blaze up the joint below.

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  1. Ciara Fan

    way to go, cheech and chong. Encourage high schoolers to make this song their weed smoking anthem… smh


  2. beystanbish

    Oh look. Snoop and Wiz singing about weed. Im shocked.


  3. Mr Xclusive

    low life teenagers like this shit


  4. T.I. Supporter

    Yeah smoke it to kills you.. assholes. dont complain when you get a heartattack from that shit.


  5. Dillon_68

    How do rappers get away with videos like this? Wouldn’t it make sense to lock them up, its visual proof of drug use…

    Anyways, nice song. XD


  6. Taylor gang

    STFU ! everybody experiments at some point of their lifes


  7. Frenchy1011

    @T.I Supporter … you’re right … it’s much better to support a rapper who just got out of jail for gun possession!! Ha nice … and you don’t get heart attacks from weed … cigarettes are a million times worse … do your research


  8. ugh

    anyone else hear the x-men theme song in this track?


  9. Cosign3

    Haha this record is nice, that good…


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