Drake Influenced by Winnie the Pooh on Sophomore Album

Drake and Winnie the Pooh

Drake counts Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and André 3000 among his influences, but you would probably be surprised to hear that Winnie the Pooh also had a major impact on him, and even inspired his new album.

While his peers are spending their money on jewelry and cars, the “Fancy” rapper splurged on the first edition of Charlotte’s Web and the first four books in the Winnie the Pooh series. “I bought the first-ever Winnie the Pooh books, like all four Winnie the Pooh books,” he told DJ Semtex during his recent trip to the U.K. “It cost me a lot of pounds, man. I probably could have bought a small car for that.”

The pricey books reminded Drizzy of his youth. “They were a huge part of my childhood,” he explained to BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw.

While he admits that “Winnie the Pooh is like super not hip-hop,” the honey-loving bear has left his sticky paws on Drake’s new music. “That’s my influence, man, Winnie the Pooh on this next album,” he revealed.

The follow-up to Drake’s debut will arrive sometime in 2011, but he is in no hurry to release it. “Thank Me Later was a rushed album. I didn’t get to take the time that I wanted to on that record. I rushed a lot of the songs and sonically I didn’t get to sit with the record and say, ‘OK, well maybe I should change this verse.’ Once it was done, it was done. That’s why my new album is called Take Care ’cause I get to take my time this go-round.”

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  1. OnlyStar

    all these gay rumors now winnie!? laawwwddd


  2. FanOfDrake

    Winni The Pooh huh, wow! Never would have thought of that as an influence on Drake, but hey we all have influences out there and well Winni The Pooh is his, then oh well. I do like Winni The Pooh too, but I wouldn`t say that he has a huge inpact or influence my life in any way shape or form. Can`t Wait for your cd to drop this year Drake!


  3. L.A. Baby

    so gay lmao


  4. vauntv

    Lipstick Lesbian, Yup!


  5. A Realist

    Aint nothing wrong with liking Winnie The Pooh. :|


  6. L.A. Baby

    at the age of 23 years old, yes liking winnie the pooh is gay.


  7. Cuppoard Fox

    lol this is a funny post :p


  8. AB

    Lmfao, yall some motha fucking haters. It does sound gay as hell but I feel where Drake is coming from, you got to back to where it all started and thats from a child’s view. (I guess, but I don’t know.) Michael Jackson loves Peter Pan and such, and he was a grown ass man!! But now that the nigga dead half of you motha fuckers praise MJ, bet none of yous people actually took time to hear any of his early work either, just na,ed a song that everyone knew, shit!


  9. Phoenix_Wright

    This should be interesting, he’ll probably just make a for metaphors referring to the show.

    What the hell does Winnie the Pooh have to do with being GAY? It’s a children’s show. It wasn’t a show directed at only the gay audience. This article only reveals that he values his childhood memories.

    Some of yall commenters sound VERY insecure, LBVS


  10. carl



  11. oso_jo_o

    I loled


  12. Brionna

    Drake gets a major…. *side eye* for this


  13. Yeah

    huh? I totally LMFAO @ the title


  14. Nait Phoenix

    I think reminiscing about your childhood is sweet, and nowhere near gay. Some people have gotten too big-headed and full of themselves to even care about who they use to be and what made them who they are today. So, saying that Drake isn’t the kind of person you thought he was, only makes it more essential to get to know the real him.


  15. jhuntdaprodigy

    Winnie The Pooh is “G”, yall haters better recognize!!! lmao!


  16. Yeah


    Shut the hell up
    Everybody loves Michael no matter how weird he was
    That was the media dissin him

    Only Michael Jackson can stop the world from moving when that sad day happen…computers crashing, shutting the internet down…etc…

    So STFU u don’t know WTF you’re talking about :)


  17. Miguel Mico

    Hey men! aint no matter about liking or remembering his childhood =S if that inspire’s him to work his next album… it’s totally welcome =) drake is a great artist… im sure that his sophomore CD will be one of the bests of 2011… cause the talent is on the heart, it’s not on the appearance… dont listen them drake… keep it real!!


  18. mike

    drakes a pussy now hes cool but is’nt winnie the pooh a 5 year old thing .


  19. thadundun

    all these stereo-types… -______-

    i’m sure if he was over-weight, extremely hairy and ugly he’d be straight!!!


  20. ryan23945

    there is no way to make winnie the pooh cool

    also DJ POOH is PISSED!!!


  21. Mr Xclusive

    lol drake!!!! and you haters calling him gay? dumb ingorant people


  22. tehe!

    <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 i effin loved winnie the pooh as a kid =) still do… still has a speacial place in my heart =)


  23. Driz

    LOL the title is so misleading smh.. Lets just hope that he won’t do any Winnie the Pooh song in his album. But I think he will give away those books to someone else? lol.. still Winnie the Pooh is illest cartoon character.


  24. OVO

    @Driz, “That’s my influence, man, Winnie the Pooh on this next album” – how is that misleading?

    and why would he give away the books? he wanted them because they reminded him of his childhood. SMH at you.


  25. Keithcarey

    My favorite artist kanye likes Teddy bears & he likes Winnie the pooh….I didn’t know Winnie the pooh could rap…..lol…..just joking!


  26. A Realist

    Someone is called gay for admitting they liked Winnie The Pooh during their childhood? LMFAO. Oh, ok. :|


  27. TRA

    If Kanye can make three album covers with teddy bears and put out good music, then Drake can use Winnie The Pooh as an inspiration for his second album. As long as Drake’s next album is good, he can use any type of motivation.


  28. Kavion

    He’s clearly saying take care will be influenced by his childhood, it was a METAPHOR.
    I think Take Care is gonna SHIT on Thank Me Later


  29. Joanna

    Man, rappers are so gay and soft these days. Can we please go back the 90s and early 2000s with hard niggas like 2Pac, Biggie, 50 Cent, and Ja Rule? A mess.


  30. swaggamcjagga

    Ol’ ….Winnie the pooh-lookin ass lil boi!


  31. Terrell

    @Joanna, Not to disrespect the memory of Biggie, but he once said, “You look so good, I’d suck your daddy dick” – Me and My Bitch. If this ain’t suspect I don’t know what is…

    I don’t understand why Winnie was an inspiration to Drake but still might end up being something dope. People minds are so conformed to fit in a box. So Drake can’t be inspired by a childhood cartoon and reflect that in his music? But Biggie was real for not caring what anybody thought about that line? Stop being stupid…


  32. Mr Xclusive

    @Joanna you mad?


  33. liibowlover



  34. prismatik



  35. OnlyBoy

    i agree with @Joanna


  36. Ants

    Well ppl have the rite to who they like and this has nothing to do with gayness he is just being creative in his music and thats awesome and you haters wouldn’t understand that…You go Drake keep making music and FUCK THESE HATERS


  37. maya

    winnie Drake? oh boy -.-

    As for the new album title, I really like it :)


  38. prosperity

    DRAKES SO DAMN CUTE :) lol i loved winnie the pooh when i was little. This touches my heart :) swear <3


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