Kanye West Lashes Out at Media Over Britney Spears Tweet

Kanye West and Britney Spears

Kanye West’s battle with the media rages on. After facing off with NBC’s Matt Lauer last year, the outspoken rapper took to Twitter to defend himself over a tweet he made about Britney Spears.

“Yo Britney, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you be #1, but me and Jay-Z single is one of the best songs of all time! LOL,” wrote Yeezy last week, later deleting the tweet. Britney’s manager Adam Leber responded back, tweeting, “Thanks for ‘letting’ us be #1. Much appreciated….”

‘Ye’s comment caused anger from some Britney fans and others who interpreted it as a jab at the pop star. But Kanye insists it was not an attack on her. Read his series of tweets below.

Just saw that MSNBC said I tried to start a twitter war with Brittany.

This shit takes the air out my lungs sometimes from blogs to news reports… enough already!!! All I do is focus on my work.

There’s a new lie everyday… a new media spin… I never got a watch with my face on it!!! A company tried to give that to me 9 yrs ago!

I’m one of the most considerate people in real life. Maybe over considerate. Over caring. Overly real.

There is no astronaut training for celebrity… even though this whole life is so outer space!

I was actually surprised that a record as raw as H*A*M could make it to #2 on Itunes.

How can u “let” someone be number one??!! That was the whole joke!!! I know intelligent people know this so bear with me.

When I said the comment about Brittney I was giving her props for being #1 not dissing her at all!

But stop making it seem that my aim is to hurt or down people! That’s just not my style!

As pop stars we’re all in this shit together! We on the inside of the TV!

If the media wants to make a story … just say I have atrocious spelling and terrible grammar…

If you don’t give em a story they just make one up. I’m just trying to focus & stay creative! Keep bringing dope shit to the world!

Once again thank you to all my fans who made MBDTF certified platinum!

You all give me the power and I never take it for granted. I am an extension of my listeners.

I won’t always say the right thing but my heart is always in the right place.

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  1. Jose_Spain

    I knew that kanye was saying that in a good way, People are evil


  2. TeamBarbie|Ken

    That Whole Comment Was Written By Nothing But A Harmless Joke But Since It’s A Black Male Who Isn’t The Most Liked And The Target Is Pop Princess Britney Spears They Are Gonna Try To Twist Up A Story Anyway They Can And Also Kanye Said LOL At The End So Idk Why People Was Getting So Upset Smh


  3. omg!

    ughh…i can’t stand the media and extreme-stans, his tweet was so obviously a joke…i knew when he made that joke the media twist it to something evil, i just knew it…


  4. omg!

    *the media would


  5. musakfool87

    who gives a F**K



    the only reason why the media targets kanye is because he will answer back to whatever foolery the create around what he’s doing. he put a fuckn “LOL” on that tweet about britney being number one & went to battle for her with MTV for that one year for the VMA’s when she opened.

    is all publicity really good publicity when people make stories out of stories & then you guys write a story about someones reaction to the story. this shit is fueling the fire.


  7. RK

    The media really do blow tings out of proportion far too often these days. And I actually think 90% of the world are living without elbows coz nobody seems to have a sense on humor anymore. I found Ye’s original tweet quite funny, but I guess everyone’s different…


  8. GangsterA

    i know right who gives a fuck #HIAM to number one two one day left


  9. Shady

    kanye was more making fun of himself by saying that.. just a joke, so media get the fuck off


  10. Arthur

    Yea, people are evil. I could tell Kanye was being playful and giving props to Britney in a way. The media and people in general are assholes – not Kanye.


  11. @RaydeeohCity

    i fuck wit kanye but why is he bitchin abt now? Hes getting exactly what he wanted from jump—-attention.

    He knows his and EVERYONE elses tweets are monitored by all. We can sit here and pick out what tweets will make the blogs the next day. i know he can too.

    he likes to be seen, heard and even misunderstood.

    its just him.


  12. TheGarbageman

    but think about the majority of brit’s fan base…dumb ass ditzy blonde chicks that wouldn’t know sarcasm if it got up inside em. that was some of the douche-iest shit i’ve ever heard last year but that tweet cracked me up. britney’s people need to unlodge the double-sided dildos from their orifices, she’s number 1 for f***’s sake


  13. TRA

    I like Kanye’s music. I could care less if he is an asshole, or not. For the rest of Kanye’s career, everytime he says something, good, or bad, the media will blow it up bigger than what it is. The VMA incident two years ago was way overblown. There were mainstream fans who took that incident way too serious. Sure, Kanye was wrong for his previuos incidents, but all of his incidents are overblown everytime he is in front of camera, or not. There were fans who were sending racist comments towards Kanye West during his previous incidents . Those racist comments should not be tolerated at all. Some mainstream fans take there hate towards Kanye West way too serious than it needs to be. If you don’t like Kanye’s personalty, then you should judge him only on his music. If you don’t like his music, don’t pay attention to him on TV. It’s not like he threw a brick in his haters’ windows for crying out loud. The media just don’t like Kanye, it would be Kanye’s best interest to just make music and don’t get into more incidents like The VMAs two years ago. As like Kanye don’t act a jerk at the awards shows again, he will be fine. The more Kanye focus on music, the less he has to worry about.


  14. TRA

    Speaking of the media, there are celebrities who have done far worser things than Kanye West. Mel Gibson, Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Ritchie, T.I., Gucci Mane, Tiger Woods and Chris Brown have all done worser things than Kanye West, but none of them get the same hate Kanye West gets. Its because Kanye West is a bigger superstar other than Tiger Woods who has won more awards than anyone besides Eminem over the last 7 years. The media knows Kanye West has won 14 Grammy Awards, they know Kanye is a great artist, but the media only focus on Kanye’s flaws to sell papers. Kanye West never gets arrested for guns, and drugs, but the media likes to exploit his eccentric personalty, cause he is different. At the end of the day, despite the media’s bias, Kanye has to be on his best behavior. As long as Kanye remains on his best behavior, and makes good music, then the media won’t matter at all.


  15. fizzle

    the media just wants publicity now…..chile them hoes need to sit thee f*ck down.


  16. Krissy

    Some Britney fans on twitter were trying to get #KillKanye to become a trending topic. So unnecessary. It was clearly just a joke. On the radio they were saying “Kanye hijacked Britney on Twitter”…..SMH using the word “hijack”? Really?


  17. Banana

    did MSNBC really cover the kanye tweet and say he tried to start a war with britney. Thats fucking pathetic on MSNBC’s part.


  18. OnlyStar

    who cares Britney still at numba one and is projected to debut at 1 on the billboards so Kanye can suck one! regardless if he ment it in a good way or not, he shouldn’t have said it… this idiot is always running off at the mouth and not thinking about it… he needs to grow up and be a man! keep you little childish immature comments to yourself! that is all! GO BRIT BRIT! Ye… Britney aint Taylor, Brit can fart and it be a numba 1 so dont get it twisted!!!


  19. OnlyStar

    Joke or not he is not in the position to joke like that… he has a potty mouth and enough is enough.. be a man! Leave people alone and do your thang so you say!?


  20. totz

    kanye is just too smart
    he doesn’t even need a publicist he can create a buzz by just tweeting and stiring up controversies purposely every now and then to promote him self


  21. OnlyStar

    @totz its not that hard to start controversy, Beyonce can get on twitter and say fuck Britney and it be all over the world. You dont have to be smart for that… and kanye is not smart what so ever for doing this.


  22. Phoenix_Wright

    I would be like wtf too if I was him, but he went on a rant. Either he didn’t have to address it or all he had to do was make 1 or 2 tweets explaining to the dumb dumbs that it was a joke.


  23. Yeezy Taught Me

    this would never even be a topic of discussion if kanye hadn’t sent the tweet. he brought it on himself. stop feeling sorry for him.


  24. Abdullah

    KANYE WEST OWN 2010 thats why haters grow bigger

    2010 best album
    2010 man of the year
    2010 #2 and #3 song


  25. jhuntdaprodigy

    I say shit about celebrities all the time on my twitter,and I’m just joking half the time. But I’m not famous, so of course it doesn’t get blown up like that. If I got famous I could easily see myself tweeting something that gets me into trouble. The media really did go at Ye on purpose this time. He just made a harmless good natured little joke, and b/c he’s Kanye West they had 2 blow it WAY WAY out of proportion. If anyone else had said that, the media wouldn’t even bother to post it, and if they did, they would be making it a light hearted little story instead, and not twist it into something stupid. Fuck the media!


  26. Icebreaker686

    Ikr Kanye, people blow things out of proportion. I could tell it wasn’t meant to be mean…


  27. Andarieg0

    As a huge Britney fan and partial Kanye fan, this was a very stupid move from Kanye. Especially after what you did on the VMA’s last year, wouldn’t it be best to keep up that good image that you’ve been trying to put up for the past couple of months? I feel him though, it was a joke but some people just take it up the ass. It just goes to show you, don’t fuck with Britney fans.


  28. Billy

    I completely got Kanye’s joke and thought it was mildly funny.
    At the same time, the media writes these kind of stories about EVERYONE, especially with so many stupid celebrities writing stupid things on Twitter.

    Kanye is the most immature celebrity …taking every negative article so personally and acting like such a victim. If being a celebrity is so bad, then stop being one, Kanye. Someone else will gladly take your millions of dollars and lavish lifestyle.



  29. From Tokyo

    Dear Kanye,

    A grown man doesn’t whine. Period.

    Love from Tokyo.


  30. xx

    hahahahahahahahaha this stuff is sooo dammmnn funny..!
    i dont really like kanye (and i’m team Britney), but c’mon..,, he wuz definitely joking.. and why people have lack of humor..?
    and i think kanye shouldnt have to tweet the whole thing.., it makes him look like a kid who tries to prove that he isnt doing sumtin wrong in front of his parents..!! hahahahahhaha
    britney herself even hasnt typed a single letter about that, has she??


  31. Mike

    Don’t mess with Britney fans, you won’t win!


  32. KOS-MOS-18

    Kanye is so easy to fuck with lol fish dicks


  33. unk

    her manager caught feelings kanye is right


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