Jessie J Wants Nicki Minaj for Remix

Nicki Minaj and Jessie J

Getting a verse from Nicki Minaj is not easy these days, but Jessie J is up to the task. The British singer-songwriter has set her sights on recruiting the in-demand rapper and she’s not stopping until she gets what she wants.

The 22-year-old BRIT Award honoree tried reaching out to the Harajuku Barbie for a remix, but was unsuccessful at first. “I tried to, but I think she’s a busy lady,” she tells “I’d love to have her on my ‘Do It Like a Dude’ [remix] for the U.S., but I like to let things happen organically. I think if she likes it, it’ll happen.”

Now that she’s making a name for herself, Jessie hopes to reignite talks in-person at next month’s Grammy Awards. “I’m a huge fan of hers. I’m just gonna maybe bug her at the Grammys like, ‘Hi, we have the same hair.’ You never know. I’m just gonna keep an open mind and see what happens.”

The stars may align sooner as Nicki visits Jessie’s London hometown this week for her Pink Friday promo tour.

Would you like to see a Jessie J-Nicki Minaj collaboration? Tell us!

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  1. SevenFootSounds

    Y E A H S !!!

    Please let it happen !!


  2. @dafellaz

    Yes i want. This song is dope!!


  3. dankingkemp

    Lotta Talented Female Rappers Out there Nowadayz..)d


  4. lild

    Do It Like A Dude is a perfect song for nicki to remix! :D


  5. Kwayzee

    #TeamMinaj !!!!!!


  6. Felipe



  7. LALA

    “Getting a verse from Nicki Minaj is not easy these days” #lies


  8. AAA

    Oh yeahhhh


  9. rexy

    that would be great


  10. prettyp

    Of course all the interview jessie j had she always mentions nicki I LOVE THEM BOTH BEEN WITH THEM FROM DAY 1 AND ILL BE WITH THEM WHEN I DIE ♥


  11. yazz



  12. Ebony

    Oh yes… that would be awesome.


  13. minaj

    yessss i love minaj and jessie bad man collab….


  14. jeremydante

    everyone wants nicki & nicki has enough creative dimension to work with anyone. i can see it happening both jessie & nicki are very talented.

    guess time will tell.


  15. TheLuversLane

    depends who she askin i’d love to hear roman on it just because “Do it like a dude” is raunchy and ROMANs got that shut up and listen attitude.


  16. LovelyDawn

    @LALA – Why wouldn’t it be hard ? She has a promo tour right now, then she has the actual tour, and then she is working on Remixes to songs and will probably be working on her 2nd album once she’s done with all of this.

    But I can’t wait for these 2 Rappers to collaborate ! 2011 is gonna be the year for FEMALE RAPPERS.


  17. rexy

    @LovelyDawn jessie j is not a rapper she is a singer


  18. KITTYsayinHELLO

    That’s great! That means if Minaj raps over it-it will make it even more CRAP and then I’ll go out of my way to NOT listen to all these HYPED UP 2011 WANNABES! ARGH.


  19. katyyyyybabeee

    team jessie!! al da wayyyyy love herrrr and hope they colab together that will be awsomeeeee


  20. jayMONEY

    this will be amazing.


  21. Brionna

    I approve lets make it happen Nicki!!!


  22. MiGiKiLLZ

    that collab would be fuckn epic !


  23. SmoothCriminal

    i said it the other day when i hear,jessie song do it like a dude, that nicki would be perfect for that remix,so said she is thinking about it,i hope it happens.


  24. DaDonRoMaN

    The Minute ii Saw The Do It Like A Dude Video (like 3 Weeks Ago) ii Thought and Commented on Youtube “Nicki Minaj Shuld Work On A Song With Her Since They Familiar In Many Ways” Not Noo Kim Status… && Now Its Bound To Happen.. Oh and Jessie J Is Actually A Sinqer Not A Rapper.. Ive Been Followinq Her For Months


  25. kierra

    luvinqq this pikk


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