Shannon Brown Confirms Marriage to Monica

Shannon Brown and Monica

Monica and Shannon Brown are officially husband and wife. The L.A. Laker has confirmed reports that he tied the knot with the Grammy-winning singer.

“It’s true. That’s my wife and I’m her husband and we gonna continue to make positive things happen,” Brown told Hip-Hop Non Stop TV in the locker room at a recent basketball game.

The couple, who fictitiously wed in Monica’s video for “Love All Over Me,” exchanged vows in a private ceremony last fall after announcing their engagement in October. This is the first marriage for both. Monica has two sons, five-year-old Rodney and three-year-old Romelo, from a previous relationship with Atlanta rapper Rodney “Rocko” Hill.

“We don’t keep secrets, we have a great time, we share each other’s jobs, and we share each other’s interests,” the bride previously told of her relationship with her new husband.

Monica has been in and out of the studio recording her next album and can be seen cheering for her man courtside at Lakers games.

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  1. @BoiWitOutAH3Art

    Awww Her & Keyshia Cole & Khole Real Basketball Wives Lol … Congrats!


  2. cutiepie

    Yay i am so happy for Monica and Shannon.


  3. Dave

    It was kinda quick, but I’m happy for her


  4. Val

    I am so happy for her. She got rid of that sorry baby daddy and got a wonderful husband! Black love!



    I’m very happy for her. Life is to short to be wasting time on anyone thats not on the same page as you.


  6. Carra Moore

    Continue to do you Monica and Shannon.. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!!


  7. Brionna

    Congrats and best wishes to Mo and Shannon love those two


  8. Tangie

    Awww! Congrats to Monica & Shannon!


  9. missdiva

    BEAUTIFUL couple, CONGRATS to both!


  10. Brighteyeshazel

    I love it. Shannon Brown has been a stand up man since they first started dating and now he made it official. Watch the judgmental unhappy haters start that mess. God bless you guys and Monica I am sooo happy for you.


  11. sisi

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! they honestly look made for eachother…she seems soo
    happy and worry free. he makes her feel secure. MUST BE NIIiICe!


  12. jb

    Congrat Shannon and Monica they looked prefect as couple!!!!!May God Bless them…


  13. kiki

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww go monica congratualtions, i hope it lasts. Can’t wait for her new album.


  14. csmcjp7

    I am a lifetime fan of the LA Lakers, and I am so happy for Shannon and Monica. What God puts together, let no man put asunder. I wish you both the best!!


  15. tamara graham

    i want the lakers to win the game on thusday night if they do i will be happy


  16. lcMel

    sometimes a woman got a do wat makes her happy. Who cares if people judge you as long as you are happy. Congrats Monica… “the boy is yours…” Lol.


  17. Bee



  18. Eelizangela

    - wow, i’m sooooo glad I found your blog! Your work and you are so inrpsing. It was hard deciding which entry to comment on for the first time! But I’ll definitely be back so I figured this time didn’t really matter. P.S. I love her hair piece. I really want to know where to find it!


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