Single Cover: Dr. Dre – ‘I Need a Doctor’

I Need a Doctor

The Doctor is in. Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Skylar Grey check in to the hospital on the cover for the Alex Da Kid-produced “I Need a Doctor,” the official lead single from Detox. On the artwork, the artists’ names are placed on a hospital board that also features “Aftermath Rehab Center” and “Detox Lab.” The song will hit iTunes on January 25 February 1.

In an interview with Rap-Up TV, Alex hinted at the track’s existence, but wasn’t able to spill details at the time. “When it comes out, it will probably be the biggest song in the last 10 years,” he boldly proclaimed.


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  1. prismatik



  2. DrDreThatDude



  3. jeremydante

    great cover.


  4. mistwalker

    cant really believe dr dre is gonna realese that track if its the same song (EG) beat and lyrcis . this is the same dre that said that some leakes were not going on his album in cludind ti feat kobe i am hip hop flashing, heck , they sounded better than i need a doctor and thats comming from a real fan


  5. buddyreal

    what????? @ mistwalker lol

    Aftermath/interscope 2011!!!


  6. Chris

    Fantastic cover.


  7. Dennis

    Great cover, but this song is so horribly bad. I thought this was made as a joke first


  8. pinoy 4ever

    Hmm really that’s going to be the lead single.
    I think we got to big expectations but hell I guess that’s our fault.

    Just exited that Detox is going come out!!!


  9. RickyV

    The hook of this song is VERY VERY strong and relatable. And now adays in radio that’s all you really need to get spins. It reminds me in the sense of what “Ditty Dirty Money’s – Coming Home” was like. STRONG STRONG hook…with kinda weak lyrics and flow’s from Ditty. and that in itself is getting decent spins. I think the hook of this song is even stronger and Eminem & Dre just have more meaning in thier lyrics and better flows so I think this will get plenty of play.


  10. Ivan;vaan

    I think the song that leak weeks Ago its like a Demo or something , maybe in January 25th we all gOnna hear Da final version with better Quality and more stronger .

    The same thing happen with crack a bottle” 2 years ago.


  11. Heminem


    So exited. Can’t wait.


  12. Kanye45

    this song is CRAZY TIGHT


  13. Pabs



  14. mistwalker

    @buddyreal srry i was rushing while typing this i mean dre said he wasant going 2 realease tracks that were previously leaked heck this is also and the track isint all that he can count it also cause he said it after the interview then the song leaked like 2 months after wat im saying is songs like i am hip hop writen by ti feat kobye, flashing feat him and snoop , topless feat nas, should be on the album any real hip hop fan who knows dre music would know once these songs were finished they would have gone hard 2 bad some ppl dont see it that way and btw im putting my head to the gilutine that under prussere song would have blown had it not leaked that song had so much potential some haters hate 2 much all yall aftermath haters we ait going no where AFTERMATH 2011 AND BEYOND YA HEARD!!!!!


  15. mistwalker

    oh and least i forget comming back written by ti produced by hi tek & dre that shit is pure fire !!!


  16. gond

    WOW! If people really think this song is wack, you clearly know nothing about music. The song presents itself with a strong hook from Skylar Grey, 2 dope verses by Eminem, and 1 hard verse by Dr. Dre; not to mention the great production by AlexDaKid. Listen carefully to Em’s 2nd verse and then tell us that the lyrics are shit.


  17. kiki

    The cover reminds me so much of some old hip hop cds my brother owns.


  18. HopeItCuresAids

    The song is great… I Loved “Kush” and I love this even more – Detox may actually bring piece on Earth and live up to it’s expectations, we w8ed a looong time for this and looks like Dre is about to end all wars.. :D


  19. Zeyad Emara

    It’s jan 25th and where the hell is the single??
    Should it be released later can someone post the download link??


  20. Javier rangel

    I know I went on iTunes early in rhe morning trying to get the song but it never was on until I looked on here finally it’s coming out want to hear the actual version not leaked ones
    Can’t wait for detox to come out excited


  21. Zeyad Emara

    sorry but i still can’t find it


  22. haha44

    Dr. dre was a satanist (yes,an evil worshipper). of what i have researched about all these satanists (which includes alllll the music and film industries big shots: Lady gaga, jay-z, madonna, tom cruise, rihanna and many more), are still engaged in it.
    Dr. dre finally had decided to leave this wrong path. but, once you get in, it requires your most beloved possession to be taken away.
    satanism gets you what you want, it got people name, fame and money, but they lost all the peace and happiness in their lives (britney spears).
    you see eminem? there was a time when he was at the peak, the most top rated and payed rapper with all the record labels by his side. But his family life was miserable. his relationship with his daughter and wife was ruined. he was mentally restless.
    then came a time when eminem was in the lost. nobody knew where he had gone, his songs weren’t coming out. his name was not heard.
    again, eminem suddenly comes up being so calm and composed. with having meaning to his lyrics and he is just not as popular as he used to be.
    i THINK in this song he explains it. maybe dr. dre helped him leave satanism.
    Dr. dre left satanism and he had to sacrifice his son’s life for it.
    AGAIN, to mention, dr. dre was also lost in a mid- time. nobody knew about his whereabouts, he was lost in the pits.
    “but it just dawned on me; you lost a son. Demon’s fightin’ you, it’s dark. ”
    BUT FINALLy, dre and eminem came back with this collaboration, expalining how they had to fight back and how dr. dre was the primary support for eminem.


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