Video: Keyshia Cole Performs ‘Take Me Away’ on ‘Conan’

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole looked pretty in pink as she performed her new single “Take Me Away” on Wednesday’s “Conan.” With four male backup dancers in tow, the R&B mama got down to the upbeat song from her new album Calling All Hearts.

Keysh recently parted ways with longtime manager Imani “Manny” Halley and is now being represented by her marketing manager Ashley Fox. “Would like for u guys to know tht Manny Halley is no longer my management,” she told her Twitter followers. “Someone said if the people around u won’t change, change the people around you.”


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  1. KeepnItReal

    I loved this performance a lot Mrs.Keyshia Cole and her voice sounded beautiful from beginning to end.. I loved that she learning to take her time singing and actually not sound off-key.. The dance moves fit her swag wasnt too much or too less. Overall Grade: A.. Go out andsupport Keyshia Cole New album “Calling All Hearts”


  2. @lukasfakhouri

    it was REALLY fantastic! nice choice for next single


  3. wtfever

    I agree 100% with you KeepnItReal. I also think her being physically fit helps with her vocals and confidence. Plus the love of a good man with add a spark to you that you didnt have. Go Keyshia!


  4. janet

    man those dancers were a mess!


  5. musakfool87

    yall must have not cleaned your ears because she’s flat the entire time ESPECIALLY the first verse. I guess the standard for music is so low that people try to convince themselves that sub-par singers are great.


  6. Kyle

    I am glad she picked “Take Me Away” as the next single because I can see it doing well on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts. Her whole album is really good though!!


  7. glitterpop

    she sounded pretty nervous in the beginning, but had a nice finish. FINE background dancers, LMAO!!!


  8. Lil' Nello

    Keyshia looks really beautiful in that pink! Loved her performance was pretty good especially at the end & I love the song a lot! Sounds like it will be a really good next single!


  9. Joyams

    That was good.


  10. BitchStewie

    Hot MESS


  11. uknowme

    It’s an ok performance, love the song though. She really needs to work on her vocals I haven’t seen any growth since her first album.


  12. thuggieboi1

    Keyshiacole performance was AWESOME! Yaaaaaaas!!!! ” I Love My Baaaaaby ” #Go Kesh!


  13. Diana

    she always says “how ya doin?” before she starts


  14. BUBU

    she looked so beautiful and classy….her voice was kindaa flat in the begining…but she brought it up towards the end by hitting those high notes…overall it was an ok performance..But she is capable of dong a whole lot better cuz she has an amaizing voice


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