Lil Wayne Takes a Trip to ‘Wayne’s World’ on ‘Tha Carter IV’

Lil Wayne

As Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV approaches its spring release, more details are emerging, including collaborators and one track that will rock your world.

During their interview, Rolling Stone got a taste of a song called “Wayne’s World” that may make the final cut. On it, Weezy raps, “We ’bout everything and everything goes/ Bitch, ni**a, shit, bitch, take a picture/ Tonight I’ll probably f**k another ni**a’s girl/ Party time, excellent, Wayne’s World.”

The magazine reports that the YMCMB rapper is eyeing a March/April release for the highly-anticipated project and has been in the studio with Kanye West and T-Pain. Three or four tracks were finished prior to his jail stint, otherwise it will contain all-new material.

In a previous interview with Rap-Up TV, producer Dow Jones of Tha Bizness (“Every Girl”) set expectations high. “Carter IV gonna change your life,” he said. “It’s something that you ain’t never seen before. We thought Carter III was incredible and he took it a couple steps up.”

When not working on his album, Wayne has been asked to put his stamp on records for Bruno Mars, Kelly Rowland, and Young Jeezy.

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  1. H•A•M

    YES! Been waiting for a Yeezy and Wayne collabo for a long ass time. Can’t wait.


  2. AC

    Yeezy and Wayne collaborated on See You In My Nightmares on 808′s


  3. Jay C

    and on Graduation: “Barry Bonds”


  4. Yeezy

    and on the Lollipop Remix, pure fire!


  5. H•A•M

    ^Oh, I know It’s just been a while since a collabo…


  6. jerz3000

    ^and on swagga like us. just thought i’d throw that in, lol.



    @jerz3000, lmao


  7. totz

    and on forever
    go hard remix



  8. bknyhustle

    C4 ppl…!


  9. T-Mac

    And i suppose he gonna make a song : Bron & Wade won’t holla @ me.


  10. Ivan;vaan

    With all that collabarations , Eminem on the album would be da perfect combination


  11. jhuntdaprodigy

    I hope Kanye rapped on at least one of the multiple songs they probably worked on, it’s been awhile since I heard just Wayne & Ye on a song 2getha


  12. ryan23945

    too many callabos is weak, maybe 1 or 2, but i hate every other song


  13. Jay

    Wayne and Yeezy have been on several songs together…
    its nothing new

    “Lollipop (official remix)”
    “Maybach Music 2″
    “Barry Bonds”
    “See You In My Nightmares”
    “Swagga Like Us”


  14. Brionna

    hope Nicki’s on it


    Sean Izzle Reply:

    @Brionna, Nicki who? Nicki Minaj?! LOL u tripping on something, Nikki should be on it, the one that was on Tha Carter II


  15. Mr Xclusive

    the original waynes world song is crazy!!! the beat is very nice…cant wait to hear the new one!!!! yall aint ready 4 dis!!!


  16. GH

    I want another Lollipop… that’s all I’m sayin :D


  17. Keenan Tyler

    I hope Nicki is on ‘Tha Carter IV’. That’d be SICK! :D


    Sean Izzle Reply:

    Nicki who? Nicki Minaj?! LOL u gotta be kidding me, Nikki should be on it, the one that was on Tha Carter II Belieeeee Dat


  18. dat dude

    lmao at The Irony of ppl calling Kanye “Yeezy” and Lil Wayne just “Wayne”….lol


  19. suraj

    collab with bruno will be dope i think. even more with kanye and jeezy


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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  21. Sean Izzle

    yep, can’t forget Swagga Like Us

    I hope Nikki is on the album…No i dont mean wack ass and embarrassing Nicki Minaj SMH…

    I mean Nikki that was on two songs on Tha Carter II, some of u know, the rest are some bandwagon Young Money/Drake/Nicki Minaj fans that listen/found out about to Lil Wayne after that wack no chemistry group

    Whooo Kemosabe! Big Ballin is my hobby!


  22. Sean Izzle

    hope Robin Thicke is featured on the album!

    Keep the tradition alive Lil Wayne. cant believe some corny dudes want Eminem on the album smh, they have no chemistry, Eminem is wack…he has no place in Lil Waynes music, specially not on Tha Carter IV

    ROBIN THICKE on it is the Tha Carter tradition, the right thing, some of u might know that but most dont

    OJ Da Juiceman new album Back N Da Shawt Bus coming soon… Cop that


  23. tj

    waynes a muthafuckin beast.


  24. Gond

    These lyrics appeared on Birdman’s Y.U. Mad track featuring Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne.


  25. mumu

    lil wanye is the best rapper ever


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