Video: Nicki Minaj Talks Great Expectations, Competing with Kanye

Nicki Minaj and Trevor Nelson

During her whirlwind promo tour in the U.K., Nicki Minaj sat down with BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Trevor Nelson for a chat at her swanky hotel.

Once you get past her distracting outfit and the camera panning into her cotton candy-like hairdo, you’ll hear the head Barb speak about the pressure she felt while recording her debut album Pink Friday and how it’s a “blessing” being compared to established artists like Kanye West and Eminem.

“They’re comparing me to people who’ve been out forever. They’re comparing my album to Kanye’s album,” she said. “The sales in the States, we’re neck and neck. And people don’t realize I am a brand new artist. This is my first album. These guys have been around for a long time.”

The DJ gave her a CD with British singer Jessie J’s music as a parting gift. Maybe we’ll get to hear that collaboration after all?

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  1. JasonVorhees

    I just love this lady!!! She not going anywhere


  2. Lexus

    Trevor <3 hot as ever.


  3. Kwayzee

    TEAM MINAJ !!!!!




  4. AAA

    Lol cute


  5. edub

    nicki cannoy be compaired to yeezy, she is relying on gimmicks with the crazy hair and outfits to stand out from the crowd. also young money need to learn some respect……Weezy/Drake vs Hov/Ye album….only one winner…..Roc Boys!!!!!!


  6. Bibi

    Email me Nicki


  7. bknyhustle

    can i hit it in the morning…lol


  8. Brionna

    Exactly ppl dont understand thats she is only on her first album… they expect her to be perfect at everything she does


  9. whata joke

    if yall dont shut the fuck up with that gimmick shit
    is that all you got huh
    look bitches this is show biz just about ever relavant artist now and THEN had gimicks in some sort of way
    ll cool j had the kango hats,slick rick had the eye patch,micheal had a glove,beyonce like tine turner had the big blonde hair,madonna had the crazy fashion with pointy bras and shit
    these are celebrities, they are ment to do things that set them apart from the norm
    if nickis music was so horrible trust no one would have been playing her mixtapes nor her CD’s and she wouldnt be were she was now
    so sit yo repeating ass down somewhere with that gimmick talk cuz the shit must be working to have yo ass talking about it


  10. SmoothCrimninal

    whata joke,i agree with you,they just try to tear down nicki every step of the way.


  11. EmsFaveFan

    Why don’t you guys just rename this site to “Nicki-Up”? There’s news about her everyday, we don’t need to hear what she wears and stuff like that?


  12. sripsss



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