Chris Brown Shows Off His Artwork

Chris Brown Artwork

Chris Brown has been spending time in a different kind of studio working on his other passion—art. Breezy joined creative forces with Australian artist Kid Zoom, taking to Twitter to show off some of their colorful collaborations, including a graffitied skull backdrop and an image of Chris’ tatted arm holding a machete covered in red paint.

“I fell in love with art around the age of six. I always took pride in kind of winning the coloring contests in school,” explained the R&B singer. “Art was my only outlet. Aside from music, art is the thing that I like to escape. And I appreciate other artists who have that talent and that eye for detail and eye for their own imagination. Art is a part of my life and it influences me completely.”

Peruse through Chris’ gallery below.

Chris Brown Artwork Chris Brown Artwork Chris Brown Artwork

What do you think of Chris Brown’s artwork?

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  1. Candace

    Fantastic,different, creative…I LOVE IT! A true Renaissance man!


  2. xedos

    Well i guess the art reflects him mine set.


  3. xedos

    is second one is suppose to be his beating of Rihanna?
    just saying


  4. Sara

    There pretti… A bit scary and violent (ironic isn’t it) but pretti nonetheless


  5. TheCreat1veOne

    I don’t know why, but for some reason his whole art thing just seems forced to me. Like don’t get me wrong, I support Chris Brown and his music, but this whole art thing just seems like something he just did out of the spur of the moment. Like I never seen him talk about artwork within his first two albums. But I guess that’s just me I guess.


  6. Lexus



  7. chris brownn



    cb luveeeerrrr Reply:

    @chris brownn, U R SOOO RYTT OMG


  8. wow

    i never know chris b hav e art talent nice job!


  9. Beystanbish

    Smdh at the two fools in here. Who? Bitch you’re one of the first to comment. I’m sure you know who it is you dumb cunt.


  10. lee

    so much hate already lol #shame
    die hard fans should know chris has always loved art
    hes always drawing and hes always liked weird art,hell think about a lot of the bg he uses on his twitter,their always weird and artistic


  11. Yeah

    it’s cool with me
    and like I said, i like his art side but not his music, he can keep that shit
    but his art, niiiiiiiiiiice


  12. kiki

    Forced? Wtf if u were any kind of chris brown fan u would know he’s been into art. Stfu please.


  13. Stre3t Danc@

    He’s really gifted!


  14. bettyboopbbw69


    it is called progression. He has always been into art, but as a young man he may not have been comfortable with sharing that part of himself with the world… as a person grows.. so does their confidence in their gifts…

    GREAT comment TheCreat1veOne !


  15. Lexus

    Okay that’s all fine and dandy but uhhhh…..WHO?


  16. keeee

    wow never knew he was so creative!!! dope!


  17. Addie

    ignorance at the first few comments, smh.
    Chris has always talked about how art impacts him. obviously the concept of “Graffiti” didn’t sink into your head. he’s been drawing from the start. even the artwork on his first album was drawn by him.


  18. Dominique

    Wow, Amazing artwork! such a talented pers0n x0x0


  19. kiki

    Well if his music career tanks he alwys has career in body art or art in general lol na i joke it’s nice to see this side of him.


  20. francky

    nice breezy 4ever! arreter de parlé de rihanna, putin, longtimes….


  21. therisa

    that is GooD wow …. i think its cool … but im not into that type of art …its amazing


  22. tiffany

    he’s the best

    my exemple
    chris brown come in paris!!!


  23. babygirl

    That’s actually really good!


  24. SMH

    How is throwing RED paint on a machete and then holding it up like you just massacred somebody art? Don’t get me wrong Chris is talented but he’s obviously not very bright.


  25. Uhmm

    Xedos and Lexus are EVERYWHERE. You know EXACTLY who it is. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have clicked the page.More hate gets him more exposure. Shut up.


  26. dumbass

    the bitch who commented before me is dumb AF! when he posted the pic on twitter the caption was lets paint…the shit is not tht deep. & to all of the idiots sayin shit a/b Rihanna on this post need to g sit in a damn corner!


  27. Lexus

    Who though?


  28. Neickha

    I hope Christopher Works With Kid Zoom and Courtney Walter for the Cover of his New Album F.A.M.E. & FORTUNE. He’s always talked about art, and you can tell that he is passionatea about it, He’s just being him and no one else. His passsion for Art: meaning (music , clothes,Graffiti etc.) is so beyond like… Breezy your awesome 2011 is your year and no one can tell you or me otherwise #BREEZYDOESIT


  29. Brad

    Note: if you have a slight opinion on Chris brown his stans will attack you…. Lmfao


  30. Shanikia!

    I know im not the only one who clicked the story just to look at his Ass! lmao! OKAY?!?



    Ok first of all the dumbasses who kept sayin “who” STFU!!!!!!!!! Cuz yall aint worth ish. Breezy has alwayz been into art, imeen have u not seen him dance,sing, his clothes, his freakin album covers and booklets. Ya boy has came bck harder den eva dis year. So all da hater and specially RIHANNA………….. DEUCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  32. alicia's a homewrecka

    big up to the first few comments and the one’s asking “who?” lol, classic!


  33. Mr Xclusive

    @SMH ur a dumb ignorant fuck…the pic is a joke….its suppose to look like chris killed something …smh at you …fuck outta here


  34. Sharp Tongue

    I love it wow goo job Chris but man would i love to blow him while he is doing artwork lol.


  35. nyamal

    hey Chris brown i like that honey you love great


  36. asunkee

    It’s nice to finally see this side of him. I remember watching videos of him talking about his love for graffiti when he JUST came out. I guess the label didn’t want that as a part of his image since they were trying to market him as some American sweetheart.


  37. crh

    Chris brown did not do the majority of work on these pieces.You can clearly tell all he added was the splashes of color. Im an artist myself and I feel like this was set up…I can tell which sections he did because his line work is fuzzy and less controlled. While the other artists paint application is different. Not saying Chris doesnt know how to draw he probally can but I doubt the authenticity of this.


  38. Trey



  39. ellis

    breezy does something good its a problem,does something bad its a problem,humans never cease to amaze me.


  40. King Makers

    Wow! this art piece is spectacular ( graffiti)especially with the colour shades, (as a fine artist myself), i can see 3 difference interesting themes in this graffiti. Must have taking alot of time to finish this.

    Nice that he still finds time to do this, seeing that he is a millioniare & an international Mega star with the most beautiful women @ his reach, thats really supernatural & cant wait to meet him in London.

    @the retard; Rihanna asks what her name, and you are also here asking who? I think you should ask Rihanna’s dad, he seems to have all the answers lol!

    @xedos: something like a frog lol, you have greater problems in your life than CB. You need deliverance from your demons.


  41. SandeePB

    Freaking AWESOME :) Chris Brown is an all around gifted and talented individual. Recognize it because it’s obvious. If you can’t see it then you’re blind and ignorant :) Peace…..


  42. love

    @cbh u anit a artist because if yuh where u would notice that different brush strokes represent different emotions and most of the times its deliberately done by the artiste… its abstract.. any where well done art work #brezzydoesit


  43. maya

    wow, ANOTHER talent :) just love him!


  44. jb

    Peoples need to stop tried tell other how feel about cb…


  45. Chris Brown…The Painter? | DAILYSPORTS NEWS TRENDS

    [...] Brown has collaborated with Australian artist Kid Zoom to create some inneresting new pieces of art [...]

  46. Andrew

    i love chris brown but honestly i want some proof that its his cause if it is, thats realllllyy dope


  47. L.A Fre$h!

    To The First “Lame Ass Dick Head”! That Comment On This Stat..”Go Kill Your Self” Bitch! Ass! & STOP HATIN! On The Next MJ A.K.A Chris Brown!.Fuck! Rihanna..That Bitch Crazy, Someone Needs To Burn Her Green Card..I would beat her ass too! 2011! Until The World Is Over! Is All About Breezy..Chris Brown Was Always Hard On The Artwork, He Tattoos Said It..That’s Called “Self Expression” To Art…He Don’t Need To Bring In A Fucken Band, To Let People Know He Have Always Liked Art! He Don’t Have To State The Shit On His Albums..If People Would Have Brought His Last Album, Instead Of Dissing Him Becuz He Beat A Crazy Bitch ass, They Would Know He Designed That Album Cover!..When A Artist Put Together An Album Cover, Its Called A Display Of Art Work!..I Know Its A lot Of Slow People..So My Classes Start First Thing Monday Morning..Hit Me Up On FB Search “Nekay Jones”..Later S.O.B’s


  48. monaeee .

    Ohh Lawdd Foul Playyy W| Theseee Commentss Likee CALMM DOWNN` Aint that serioussss Reallllyyyyyyyyy But But Haha Sheee Saidd shee goonee beat Rihanna Taleee ABOUT THAT ! Anyhoee Hahha But Anywayy Letss Get Back Too ChrisBROWN ! Heee Lovess Hiss Graffitti And he SO` dont gotta put out a PSA ! About thisss Stuff Likeeee But Booo Iloveeeyouuuu CB. #Team Breezyyy


  49. BIG T.

    Art is a form of release for ones soul…and it is for just ones self and here he is opening up to his fans about it..I think thats great. There has been so many other musicians that have painted for years without their fans knowing of it. Let Chris do what he loves.. what have u painted lately?


  50. Wynter...

    I think its amazing…he was really expressing his emotion in this art….in my point of veiw


  51. innocent

    Well Mr.Chris you got the talent am also a painter from Rwanda,Africa but am impressed to see your work its inspiring.Hope to see more of your art work.


  52. shhh

    he is soo inspiring!! He is so passionate in everything he does, It makes me respect him more. His ART is different I love it!! He has many talents!!


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