Video: Diddy-Dirty Money Performs on ‘Le Grand Journal’

While over in France for Paris Fashion Week, Diddy-Dirty Money etched some time into their schedule to perform their hit “Coming Home” on “Le Grand Journal.” Dawn and Kalenna, positioned on opposite sides of the stage, introduced the song before Diddy busted into the spot and rapped his verses over an emotive string section and live drummer.

When asked how he still keeps young at 41 years old, the music impresario told SB.TV, “Just have a lot of safe sex.” It seems to be working.


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  1. Kwayzee




  2. tiffany

    good work
    very good album

    TEAM CHRIS BROWN!! (who get 2 songs on last train to paaaaaaaaaris!)


  3. Denise

    Love the song



  4. Jaylinx

    Diddy was embarassed when one of the journalists told him that the cover of his album was a museum and not a station !


  5. bijan

    Dawn’s outfit looks silly


  6. marundumb

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