Video: Keri Hilson Performs on ‘Ellen’

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson taught the audience at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” how to do the “Pretty Girl Rock” earlier this morning, singing the sassy single off her sophomore album No Boys Allowed. Backed by four dancers, the blonde bombshell sang the feel-good song while wearing a white button-down shirt with her midriff exposed, knee-length pants, and black heels, mixing James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” into the upbeat jam. Do the “Pretty Girl Rock” below.

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  1. tiffany

    she’s the best

    witrh ciara
    they are perfect


  2. ceeplez

    goood job keri!!


  3. TeamKeri 4 EVER

    WOW!!! Keri looks flawless!

    You go girl! Loved everything from style to performance! #TeamKeri ;)


  4. Nuff Said

    Keri is still promoting that just shows you shes made for this business. Ciaras album bombed and she completely stopped promoting which is a shame


  5. Thestylisto

    i love this performance a lot, just wish she really gave it her all! i need more energy.


  6. luana

    eu realmente acho que ela copiou o rebolado de rihanna,mas esta bom!!!!


  7. luana

    acho que ela copiou o rebolado de rihanna,mas esta bom!!!!


  8. meme

    sum1 need to tell her aint no checkin for this dead single. Pretty girl rock was so last year, shes still performin this shit?


  9. kendra

    @ meme yea ppl still checkin for it, its still movin up da charts and is expected to debut at #37 on da pop charts this week. do your research


  10. Lil' Nello

    Not Keri’s best performance but not bad either! She didn’t really show as much energy as she usually does performing it! Love the buttoned-down white shirt & knee-high pants a lot tho Keri looked really flawless in them! Not to mention it showed off her great toned stomach & legs really well too!


  11. mindgames

    Haters take notes:

    1. STAY MAD
    2. GET A JOB

    Keri is better than you and you know it. :)


  12. prismatik

    i love her outfits. <3
    and it would be perfect if she sang the whole song not using the chorus.
    but the alternated ending where she sang James Blunt's song kinda made the performance perfect though.


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