R. Kelly to Thrill with ‘12 Play’ Sequel

R. Kelly

R. Kelly took a more soulful approach on his latest album Love Letter, but Kellz is ready make you “Bump N’ Grind” again with his next project. The Pied Piper of R&B is readying another sequel to his classic 12 Play.

Kellz’ 11th studio album was originally called Zodiac, but he has scrapped the title in favor of one that pays homage to his 1993 debut. “I’ve changed the name to The Return of 12 Play: Night of the Living Dead,” he tells Interview magazine. “I think it’ll be an R&B-like thriller album, if you will.”

He had been recording the LP prior to releasing Love Letter. “I was working on the Zodiac album, which was all, like, the bump ‘n’ grinds—I couldn’t work on it because I was so overwhelmed and overpowered and pretty much musically abducted by [the Sam Cooke days],” he explains. “So I switched and started working on Love Letter, and the next thing you know, ‘When a Woman Loves’ came out and I was like, ‘What?’ I was like, ‘Wow!’”

Love Letter debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 upon its release in December, selling 154,000 copies in its first week.

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  1. OnlyBoy

    *rolls eyes* next!


  2. rkelly the king



  3. D. Kellz

    I can’t wait for this album to come out im a hug fan and i love all Kellz album and i really love the love letter album this album right here will be a classic album and i love the real R&B from Kellz i can’t wait!


  4. TheOne1

    I’m excited but hopefully he changes that title lol


  5. R.

    Only Boy is really obsessed with R. Kelly. How tragic!

    Anyway, I’m excited for this album!!!


  6. Lisa

    Can’t wait to get that bedroom music from him again. He does it the best.


  7. David

    Who cares about the title when you hear 12 play name its going to be a bedroom classic.


  8. OnlyBoy

    @ R. you the tragic one supporting a child molester! Now continue to entertain me.


  9. DG

    Wasn’t TP2 a sequel to Twelve Play? Also I’m a big fan of Kellz but artists need to stop comparing their albums to Thriller, it’s not gonna happen. It’s been 29 years and no album has even come close to that impact.


  10. Yeah

    this nigga said an R&B-like thriller album, I hope he not talking bout MJ cuz he could never and will never…Lol


  11. youdontneedtoknow

    Only Boy is a R KELLY hater but he’s ALWAYS the first one to comment on each article ! LAME


  12. R.

    Thriller isn’t even all that. R. Kelly has released way better albums!!!


  13. TheOne1

    here we go… yes we know MJ is the greatest of all time, will never be equaled, no one will ever do what he did blah blah blah(smh)… but he’s probably talking about the structure, craft and a possible concept in the vein of an RNB version of Thriller,(hence the title “Night of the Living Dead”) not sales and impact wise. smh


  14. kekeluvsu

    Oh this should be good. I hope he can do even better then 12 Play. Because that album will forever be the shit. And a R&B classic.


  15. Jo

    Only gtfoh, your hatin azz always be here, smh haters gonna hate. Man forreal? Another 12 play, cant wait for some more Kellz, he bout to take off on that musical runway like he been sayin, dam I cant wait to cop this. The King lives, yesssir!


  16. brittany

    if it’s good i’ll concieve my first kid to it lol


  17. Kay Tee

    Do your thing. Kells the King of R&B no one does it better than him. Give us more videos from Love Letter Please, the album is just too good don’t throw it away.


  18. Leilani

    It’s too soon to drop another album. Love Letter just came out. It’s a really good album. He should be promoting Love Letter before talking about dropping a new one. He only released one single, and there’s several songs on Love Letter that could be singles. He hasn’t even toured yet. Focus on one project at a time, R.


  19. TheOne1

    @Kay Tee Yea I agree. It’s like the promo campaign just shut down. It’s an INCREDIBLE album.


  20. Elveds

    guys! please ignore only mummy’s boy. he is always seeking for attention. and this is the only way he gets satisfaction. Pls boy, sign off b4 your dad throws u out of the house. you r incurring bills for him. lame ass


  21. Elveds



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