First Look at Nicki Minaj on Set of ‘SNL’

Nicki Minaj, Jesse Eisenberg, and Kenan Thompson

Live from 30 Rock it’s Nicki Minaj! Fresh from Paris, the blonde babe hit the set of “Saturday Night Live” to tape a promo with host Jesse Eisenberg of The Social Network and cast member Kenan Thompson. Nicki will perform on this weekend’s show and appear in a digital short, which she filmed today. When asked by MTV News if she would also participate in a live sketch, she would neither confirm nor deny.


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  1. Yeah



  2. Yeah

    can’t wait


  3. Barbie_XOXO

    I LOVE NICKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Andrew

    yeaaa i hope she does a skit :)


  5. J0rdan0re0

    Yes for Skits!!!


  6. Go Nicki

    #AskNicki Why These Bums So Mad Cause She Is Stealing Their #Moment4Life


  7. Roman

    this is gonna be DOPE


  8. Brionna

    Love the Neck piece Nick!!!!


  9. AAA

    I wannna see this!!!


  10. Nickie Garbage

    Please…we’ve seen it all before. Bring some new shit BUM!


  11. Team Nicki

    This is her Moment Of Life.


  12. JEN



  13. Sharp Tongue

    Knock’em dead Nicki!!!


  14. LoesLove

    I hope she does a skit!


  15. A Realist

    The new Queen! She is EVERYWHERE. Slayyyy that, Nickisus Christ!


  16. From Tokyo

    ^ And you say you’re a realist. Stop blaspheming against other people’s God and think of an original name for your demi-god, okay? Disgusting. I can’t even compliment her now. Your life must be really empty if this human is your god. smh


  17. JAYE

    she is so unstoppable


  18. SmoothCriminal

    From Tokyo,don,t let because of people you don,t give Nicki her props,what A Realist said was wrong on so many levels i doubt he understand what he just did,but don’t let because of him/her you don,t give nicki her props,people was doing that shit to MJ back in the day too talking about he is a god,i didn’t like it but there wasn’t any love lost from me to MJ because it wasn’t is fault people was calling him that….anyways i hope nicki do a skit on SNL that would be nice.


  19. GangsterA

    dope can’t wait i love her pants int hat pic


  20. andymuwway

    she is seriously like the greatest thing in the whole world


  21. Zachary

    - Ah, tease! I was hoping you had reeeasld your website! :)Beautiful pictures though. I’m interested now to see which ones were your favorite cause these are pretty steller! :)


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