Lauryn Hill Storms Stage at Sundance

Lauryn Hill

Attention Lauryn Hill: The Abominable Snowman wants his coat back. A bundled-up L. Boogie warmed up the crowd with a two-hour set at the EXPRESS Rocks show hosted by Skullcandy and VEVO at Harry O’s during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, on Wednesday (Jan. 26).

Ms. Hill took the stage in a spotted fur coat tied at the waist, purple turtleneck, denim button-down shirt, and bright eye makeup. She will continue on her winter tour, making its way back to the East Coast this weekend. Get a closer look at her winter wear below.

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  1. FlySly

    I have always loved and admired Lauryn Hill but I have lost so much respect for her now. It is totally unprofessional to be showing up to most her shows late, not playing songs the people paid their money to hear and then acting like a diva. I want the old Lauryn Back! SMH


  2. fizzle

    I want the fur!



    crazy, but at least she’s put together in some form.


  4. UKNOWeye

    @FLySly so was it ok when Michael Jackson and Prince would come out 3 hours later. and I like this new Lauryn Hill, she is truly remarkable, a gifted talent to say the least.


  5. ME

    @FlySly When the fuck did concerts become sing-a-longs and since when are artists subject to the audiences desire to hear songs the way they sounded on the cd? Bitch if i want to hear the cd I’m going to pay the cd. If yu pay to see Lauryn hill perform, stop bitching and watch the show. Everybody is just going along with this campaign to bash this woman…Stop listening to perez hilton and the like and think for yourselves. ALSO, while i’m at it…THIS IS WINTER!!! what do I mean by that? I mean that if a venue opens its doors for you at eight o’clock or nine….Be GRATEFUL that your ass ain’t freezing outside, but all these people are acting as though ms hill should be on stage at that time? THERE ARE NO SART TIMES FOR ANY OF THE STOPS…..SHE CAN NOT BE LATE…WHENEVER SHE GETS THERE IS WHEN THE SHOW STARTS OFFICIALLY…THIS IS THE AGREEMENT WITH THE VENUES….STOP TALKING ABOUT FAKE TARDINESS B!TCH BRING A BOOK, MAKE FRIENDS, OR GET THERE CLOSER TO 11 O’CLOCK


  6. Cherri

    um all I can say is that I love her coat and I love her eye make up! And if you haven’t seen her in concert lately STFU!!! I saw her in ATL and she was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Words can’t express exactly how AMAZING she was her whole show was completely magic and let me tell you if you’re open to her new ideas you’ll love them because the new arrangement she has for Ex-Factor made me breathless! Honestly Lauryn Hill is THE BEST! She gives her all at shows and she’s always on point. She raps so ferociously and fiercely that there’s no qst. that she’s the BEST FEMALE RAPPER EVER!!!!! No lie if you haven’t seen her in concert you should go SHE IS ABSOLUTELY 2000% WORTH IT! @ME I 100% agree with you! and at the ATL show I met a bunch of really cool ppl. We talked laughed danced together until Ms. Hill came out honestly if you go for negativity that’s what you leave with but if you go with an open heart and mind Lauryn will fill you up so much it’ll make you breathless!


  7. Cherri

    oh and btw i love her outfit she looks like she’s doing what makes her feel good and that’s all that really matters!


  8. Noringtone

    Greatest female MC of all time.


  9. KNUCK

    chile boo.. some of you just sound delusional. You don’t have to see her at a show to know this chick is really just too damn inflated. She’s supposed to be at jazz fest in NO I think and I still have somewhat of a desire to see her. She IS one of the best to ever do it. But wake the hell up.

    I honestly think she should have dropped an album first and then toured as a celebration type thing.. that way she would have had new and old material. instead she’s taking your money and shitting on you with songs she performed/should have performed 10 years ago.u


  10. Cherri

    NO she’s NOT because you have to be delusional not to think that she had changed in the years since she dropped the Miseducation and when the freak did it become a rule that you had to have a new material to tour. That only shows just how much of a badass musically she is. When MJ was doing his tour did he have an album out NO he was doing it for the fans!!!!!! And ppl lined up to see it and the shows SOLD OUT! Just like Lauryn’s show and if your gonna have a nasty attitude keep your money in your pocket. She’s NOT full of herself, she’s very humble, I KNOW BECAUSE I SAW HER if you didn’t STFU! She’s a legend and if you don’t wanna see her oh well your loss. I don’t think she’ll miss you ~Deuces~


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