Timbaland Thursdays in Danger of Being Shut Down


The end could be near for Timbaland Thursdays. After dropping two songs in his weekly music series, Timbaland is putting a halt on the giveaways, at least for now. The super-producer remained coy when explaining why fans won’t get a new song this week.

A few days ago, Timbo hinted that there were problems brewing. “Here we go ‘they’ up to it, ‘they’ tryin to shutdown my timbo thursdays,” he wrote. Today, he updated fans with news that “they” were still keeping his free music from hitting the web, but didn’t elaborate on the identity of the mysterious culprit.

“i knw some of yall been askin bout timbo thursdays for 2day & i told yall about my dilemma wit ‘they’ tryin to shut it down 4 various reasons,” he tweeted. “shit got me heated forreal.”

So far, Timbaland has released the Missy Elliott-assisted “Take Ur Clothes Off” and “Round Da Way Tim” as part of the series.

Who do you think is trying to shut down Timbaland Thursdays?

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    I have no idea

    At 1st when I saw the title of this story I thought he was gon shut it down because ppl were saying the music was wack lol, glad he not though, who knos what can come of it. “they” better back up off him lol


  2. Nelz

    I think no one is tryna shut it down . . . He just didnt wanna put anything out


  3. Alejandro

    @Phoenix_Wright i actually think that might be the reason…the reception to what he put out might not have been what he wanted to hear


  4. trippen67

    Its Timbo’s record label rescricting him from giving away “Free music” as they look it at that way….its a money making business….its quite sad really that music industry is going this way…fans & all sorts want more music these days..but people from a higher level are more gold diggers..


  5. VitaminWater

    I’m not buying it. People weren’t feeling the music and he has nothing else good enough to give out for free right now so he’s making excuses.


  6. twitter @rashidkasirye

    Who needs Timbo Thursdays when we have Pink Fridays ;)


  7. PJaY

    People, the only one who is trying to shut this down is his recordlabel. He got a contract and should not leak any of his material if he isn’t gonna make money out of it. He also probably use their studio so it’s logical. Sad story though.


  8. CC


    Just kidding, probably his record label, or the fact that he hasn’t received the reception he wanted thus far.


  9. hmm

    even if the songs our wack..do you guys know how much timbo & his label makes a song…kanye doesnt sell his beats to anyone and swizz beats arent usually on blockbuster hits..but timbo..smddh!!


  10. Davidprimer

    The only reason there is, is problems with his record label.

    Sorry but the music industry is destroyed & is bullsh*t. These days it became so unhuman, it’s all about f*king money. F*ck money, we only want love from the artists we like.



    DJ Menntalbeats Reply:

    @Davidprimer, ….And REAL MUSIC LOVERS, like me, know GaGa is a joke, can’t sing, ain’t talking about nothing, and she essentially SUCKS! How does this individual has a “music career”? Seriously, c’mon….


  11. N2DaMusic

    I agree Davidpimer! Fuck that Money music industry bullshit!!
    They only see money!! So sad…
    Cover’s Blown :(


  12. Davidprimer


    I wish there was a way that fans were able to do a revolution in the music industry, I feel something is coming…

    What Timbaland does is good and it will make money out of it for the music industry. Thanks to Twitter he gets more fans, more people will know about his albums etc.. But he doens’t do it for the money anymore, he’s tired of this industry bullshit, That’s why he Started TimbalandThursdays.

    I really wish we could do something… A petition, mails to Interscope, I don’t know, I just feel sorry for him and wanna help..


  13. bo

    Timbaland Thursdays №3 – Timbaland Feat. Attitude & Six Deuce – Lil Apartment


  14. Mysteryman

    I think Timbaland is just trying to create some sort of controversy to get a buzz surrounding Timbaland Thursdays. He’s trying to get the media’s attention, so they’ll report about Timbaland Thursdays. Not a bad idea, I mean lets be honest, Timbaland isn’t the most popular artist or producer these days.


  15. Adam

    “They” is Blackground Records, I can almost guarantee. As JoJo, she’ll support this suggestion, just sayin’.


  16. totz

    timbo is tryin to give away song he produced with artist that did not make their album final cut


  17. uknowme

    Who cares, is anybody really checking for Timbaland. If you not going to put out quality tracks like Kanye then don’t put it out


  18. Davidprimer


    Hahaha, fuck Kanye, Timbo is the king!


    DJ Mentalbeats Reply:

    @Davidprimer, Yes, West, is a joke. For the life of me, I don’t understand his alleged “popularity”. He can’t rap, and talks about NOTHING! As a producer, he’s had a few joints that I like, but please, he should just shut his mouth, and let the instrumental play.


  19. Alexandra

    song reminds me of the “Crazy Girl” track Tim & Justin did for SV2.I like most of these Rock/HipHop beats by Timbo…more of those plesae^^


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