Behind the Video: Rihanna – ‘S&M’


Bust out the whips and chains. Rihanna gets dirty on the set of “S&M,” the new single off her latest album Loud. In the behind-the-scenes footage from the Melina-directed video, RiRi, clad in pink body latex, spins around in a chair and plays naughty games with hostages before putting on a red clown wig and clutching a blow-up doll. Ow!

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  1. OnlyBoy

    Hotness!!!! this is my girl and she is going to slay!!! another number 1 out the bag!!!!


  2. chloe

    oh wow. looks like another wack video from rihanna. this one and “whose that chick” almost looks identical. big production and no talent. what a waste


  3. rihannito

    the Queen will slayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy with this video!!! it will the fucking video of the year!!! get ready haterz!!!! to swallow ur words of hate!!!!!!!!!!


  4. uummokay

    uuuuuum yeah…..ill pass on this one. it seems like the majority of her videos are the same. its alot of stuff going on in them yet all shes doing is posing or walking around. not much energy coming from her.


  5. WOW

    another wack attempt at keeping up with the competition. less is more rihanna. LEARN THIS


  6. Tom


    cant wait for video!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  7. Haha

    Lol @uumokay, @WOW and @chloe

    Haterz are pressed!



    lmfao@ rap-up “a red clown wig” lmfao thats EXACTLY what it looks like


  9. wedothis

    love it, a lot of these bloggers do seem press of all of the success that Rihanna is having


  10. meme

    I cant believe people on here saying less is more rihanna. Did u not see her “wats my name” video…that was a plain and simple video but all videos cant be liek that. S&M is a dramatic song so of course alot is going to be going on.

    Its 2011 and people still talkin about rihanna and no talent. All I have to say is britney spear isnt the most talented and 10 years later she is still whippin out #1 singles and approaching legendary status while Christina Agrulira who is 10x more talented is struggling to stay relevant. My point is lots of talent means nothin without the whole package. Trust me rihanna aint going no where. Talented or not.


  11. ItsOscarYO

    I’m sorry, but everything coming out of “LOUD” so far is flawless, and this is no exception.

    Haters to the left.


  12. Rihannastann!

    Lmao!the haters came up in here faster than the fans.lmao..say what y’all want.I bet y’all thats saying less is more contributed to her 100,000,000 views of WMN!lmao watch when this comes out..y’all hate to admit it but y’all will definitely be tune’in in,LMAO…THAT RIHANNA REIGN AIN’T GUN LET UP!


  13. Beacon


    Where do those who want the old her (BEFORE she completely revamped her image) go?

    FYI: she didn’t need to change up to do numbers. She was still a superstar even as the old her!


  14. Yeah

    cooooooool look like a colorful disturbia


  15. BIa

    LOVE YOU RIHANNA!!! <3<3<3<3<3


    XOXO <3


  16. GangsterA

    looks hot cannot wait


  17. Andy Lo'



  18. wow

    wwwoooowww 100,000,000 views. beyonce and gaga been there done that. this chick aint doing nothing new. playing dress up to a lame track aint gone place you any higher on the veterans list. nobody n the industry takes this chick serious. shes a joke. all those #1′s are cute but when u barely going platinum that says alot.


  19. Elveds

    wow. onlyboy! you still here?


  20. really?

    this chick will roll around in dog shit nude if they told her it would get her a hit. shes not an inovator. the only thing she has control over is her hair OBVIOUSLY. shes doing what it takes to get another number. shes lost the urge to make REAL music. smh.


  21. really?

    rihanna will do anything for a hit. that even means singing music she doesnt believe in. shell probably roll around in shit too. this girl is a joke. shes so caught up in staying relevant that shes losing herself n the process. rihanna has no identity


  22. king

    rihanna is goin to take ova 2011


  23. Kerry Johnson

    @really you seriously need to (get a life),Rihanna is taken over and there’s nuthin you can do about it.


  24. really?

    @kerry CLEARLY ur a kid so im not going to waste time arguing with you


  25. Fan Ov A Fan

    this video needs to hurry up and come out mannnn. i cant wait :D


  26. SLAYED

    love rihanna or hate her, u have to admit hands down that this one looks like its going down in pop history! it looks to commercial to function!


  27. king

    rihanna is the best


  28. BIa

    @ really fuck off!
    Rihanna is the queen of pop!
    only girl and what’s my name, both on number 1, and now will be s&m on number 1 too!
    if you dont like her, go kiss ur ass!


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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  30. Nicky

    Lmfaooooo @ wow

    you mad that Loud is approaching 3 million WW. The 5th fastest selling album by a female since 2005 after a 10 week period


    haters dont you love that OG has 90 million views and WMN 100 million views.

    Dare i say that SM and WMN will reach 200 million views?



  31. BrandyFanatic

    Saying Rihanna is a queen is a joke to REAL talents.

    The real queen is Jazmine Sullivan…she vocally OWNS 99% of ALL of the artists charting. Too bad people are so caught up in songs about sex, drugs, and drinking and people who can’t sing to recognize TRUE talent!

    This video looks so crappy…I can’t at the Rihanna fans thinking anything she does is flawless. WTF? Rihanna has no talent…if talent reined over everything your faves would’ve never gotten record deals!

    I know I speak the TRUTH.


  32. BrandyFanatic

    @ chloe and really? – You speak the TRUTH!


  33. BrandyFanatic

    @ Nicky and other Rihanna fans

    I wish you would stop throwing her success in our faces! I don’t give a shit. What bothers me is that people go worship Rihanna, a person who lacks talent and is a total puppet of the music industry, but don’t pay any attention to people with REAL talent.

    Seriously, shut up! Success doesn’t mean shit to me…what matters is talent and Rihanna and most of the other pop girls lack that!


  34. tehe!

    @brandyfanatic you need to stop hating on a person’s fanbase and maybe go buy yuh girls albums and singles.. and throw her success in people’s faces… thats what fans do.. maybe if the so called fans would stop talking about how talented a person is and go purchase their singles they’d be equally as successful… don’t blame other artist blame the fan bases who don’t have strong support systems /fanbase


  35. L.A. Baby

    Ok so now you have to look like a fucking porn star to be successful singer.
    What about the children who will watch this movie? They’ll think every woman has to be a whore to be considered a woman. And y’all keep on support all this mess…SMH


  36. maya

    Bitch can’t sing. Another song where she’s singing about sex, showing of her body, weird hair for attention & talking instead of singing. Tuh…she needs 2 quit!

    Ya’ll fans is DUMB. So having #1 makes u a queen? not talent -___- #GOODBYE!


  37. BrandyFanatic

    @ tehe!

    I DO buy both Brandy’s and Jazmine’s stuff. You have no fucking clue. Go back to licking Rihanna’s pussy.

    I’m not blaming other artists, I’m blaming the people’s illogical choices in music. A bunch of sheep who follow only what’s popular. Also, the music industry is corrupt anyway (you KNOW it) so I see no point in shoving these numbers in everyone’s faces.

    L.A. Baby and maya are right on! :)


  38. Flake

    @BrandyFanatic – Preach!!


  39. Beystanbish

    Well damn at the comments. I guess y’all told Rihanna Stans. Anyways can’t wait to see the video.


  40. TopModelDiva

    Lol i think @BrandyFanatic got this one covered. But another interesting note for rihanna fans to consider… How does she slay anything if ya’ll don’t even go and buy her albums?!! We all know rihanna and her marketing team lie about the amount of albums she sells. I remember when Rated R came out she was selling her album for $2 on amazon/itunes. Like seriously? Anyone can past the one million mark on album sales if they resort to such extreme measures. So stop throwing out numbers about the #1s she’s received, because it doesn’t really mean much when you think about it. Plus you “so called fans” don’t even go to see her in concert. She had to cancel so many shows last year because no one bought tickets, people were calling her rihfund.


  41. allen

    @ brandyfanatic brandy is a flopppppppppppp so is her kid brother and ohh jaszmine wat ever her last name is is also a flop believe me


  42. Open your eyes

    100% agree with Maya, she can t even sing. She s a good product for those who did not realize that a singer is supposed to know how to sing. She can t sing, she can t dance (only sexual and sensual moves) to tease people, so she’s not a real entertainer. She’s not a musician. She’s a star but not a singer, not an artist not a musician. Her career is only build on her beauty. She should be modeling or something… i don’t know


  43. rihannito

    hey heyyyyyyyyyy…. what up with these delusional haters….???? like PUHLIzzzzz!

    sorrry but if we r going to talk about talent, rihanna is more talented thanmost of the bitches in the industry! Rihanna do no sing as good as her original songs… bcz she sings Dance songs, a Dance song is sooo dificult to sing that why. Take a look at her performance of Unfaithful in the Xfactor Final, u can see that She CANN SING!

    Let me see ur faves performing dance songs, and performing them just like the original version.
    Rihanna KNOWS PERFECTLY what she is doing, i mean she WANTED to make the video like this, nobody is telling her what to do, in an interview 2 mounths ago she told that she has an unexpected idea about the S&M video, before even choosing Melina as a DIRECTOR.

    And as said @Meme u MUST have the whole package to be succesful, a good voice with a fake ugly face, wont take u far from where u r.

    Rihanna can sing decently, She has a HOT body, she is BEAUTIFUL!! she can DANCE ( check out he rama performance,she got voted as the best performer of the night) that why she is succesful. sorry for my bad english, but ur just proving that u hate her without any reason.


  44. king

    y the fuk ppl allways hatin on rihanna


  45. rihannito

    annnd….. talking about sales… the numbers @Nicki is giving arent expectations or number given by her label, THOSE r number given by official sites, like the RIAA, MEDIATRAFICC wich is the most famous site of album and singles sales.

    LOUD SOLD almost 3 million copies WW after just 2 mounths, Rihanna sold 1 million copies in the UK alone, she stayed at #1 for 4 weeks, LOUD was the #1 album worldwide for 4 consecutive Weeks, it sold almost 600.000 in one week. when can ur faves do that????
    Only girl sold 6 millions worlwide and still selling, it almost 3X platinium in the US, and the song toped the charts in 20 COUNTRIES!
    What my Name Sold 4 millions worldwide and was certified 2X platinium in the US!
    LOUD still in the top ten in the US album charts after 2 mounths, ur faves r floppin gin the top 100 lol.
    Not to mention that Rihanna was the best selling artist in the UK last year in the album and singles categorie.
    LOUD wasnt discounted at ALL,and it STILL SELLING, u hatzerz r just lying, u can check itunes and u can see that the price is the same, Katy perry’s album was discounted 100000 times and was released two mounths before loud, and LOUD sold more than teenage dream, how do u explain it?


  46. rihannito

    it almost sold 600.000 copies in one week*
    numbers given by her label*



    Rihanna is fantastic. if all our major celebs were white we’d be mad right? Let a young black girl do her thing! She sings better than Ke$ha!!!


  48. mango

    Rihanna has more haters than George Bush. it’s pathetic. Haters need to FALL BACK.


  49. king

    rihanna is the best ever


  50. king

    ppl go buy rihanna loud album now


  51. Nicky







  52. TopModelDiva

    Rihanna doesn’t sell albums she sells singles. I actually like her songs, but I’m just being honest. Her style, appearance, and song selection is on point but everything else is a huge FAIL. Sorry to break it to rihanna stans but she will never be legendary like beyonce, whitney, mariah, madonna, gaga or britney.


  53. Nicky

    lmfao@ topmodeldiva

    Sorrryyyyyy boo, she is already approaching iconic status!!!

    Performing with Bon Jovi, Elton John, U2, Bono, Jay Z , etc

    The greats.



  54. BrandyFanatic

    “sorrry but if we r going to talk about talent, rihanna is more talented thanmost of the bitches in the industry!”

    HAHAHAHA! Your argument is INVALID right here. I must admit though she’s a bit more talented than people like Ke$ha and Taylor Swift, but that’s not saying too much. She’s no where in the same league as about 95% of other R&B acts.

    “Let me see ur faves performing dance songs, and performing them just like the original version.”

    Sorry bitch, another invalid argument. Brandy’s done that with “Afrodisiac” already. ;) And PLEASE, Rihanna does not sing her dance songs just like the original. She sounds horrible live on them.


  55. BrandyFanatic

    “Brandy’s done that with “Afrodisiac” already. ;)”

    Oh, and “What About Us?” as well. ;)


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