Chris Brown Asks Judge to Remove Restraining Order Against Rihanna

Mark Geragos and Chris Brown

Nearly two years after his assault on Rihanna, Chris Brown appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom Friday (Jan. 28) for a progress report where his attorney requested the removal of the restraining order against his client.

The “Yeah 3X” singer, dressed in a shawl sweater, button-up shirt, and tie, sat before Judge Patricia Schnegg with his lawyer Mark Geragos. After telling the judge that his client had completed his 52-week domestic violence counseling, Geragos asked that she remove the existing restraining order against Brown, reports

“It makes it difficult at award shows and such,” said Geragos.

Before the request can be granted, Rihanna’s attorney must approve of the modification from a “stay away” order to a “do not annoy.” Brown is scheduled to remain on probation until 2014.

Despite his three nominations, the 21-year-old star’s rep recently told the AP that he was not currently scheduled to attend next month’s Grammy Awards.

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  1. Yeah



  2. Yeah

    hmmm will she? :P


  3. I go u go

    I guess


  4. Pinky

    I hope the restraining order is granted to be released because Chris Brown has learned from his mistake and he shouldnt be banned from places because Rihanna is present.


  5. Yeah

    I hate that they were put in a situation like this. if it was just a regular break-up it wouldn’t feel so awkward.

    Wish CB the best (not really)
    Luv Rih


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    Damn it’s really been almost 2 years? Yea well she should remove it.


  7. Sandra

    I think it should be removed. It seems as if they both have moved on. I feel that deep down they will always care for one another. That darn restraining order just complicates both of their lives as entertainers. Let’s move on already…



    ..If she doesn’t remove the order that would be DUMB seeing how she is a FRAUD…

    …She said herself the incident that took place was not the first was the 7th….

    Then a week before Rated R she does an Interview…What a Lame…You don’t see her speaking at any abuse events…She thought she was just going to be it after that drama and she really isn’t….

    …I will always pick Chris over Rihanna…It’s not his fault he has the Power D****.

    Both of them are at fault…Him for Hitting her and Her for taking him back….Let it go Rihanna :-) Mrs. “Chains and Whips Excite Me”…Abuse much?…She likes that hitting shit….LOL LMFAOOOO ! !



  9. Tracie

    Yeah it’s time to drop that mess. He and Rihanna both have a job to do and it seems like the order is hindering Chris from doing his at this point. I’m glad the judge is considering it.


  10. Yeah

    of course all CB fans will say remove it Lol smh


  11. queen beyonce

    i hope its gets remove as a fan of breezy i would love for him to be @ these award shows but more than that hes done everything so far by the court


  12. Rihsus

    @Dummies lil girl you really need to stop obsessing over Chris and hating on Rihanna and pick up hooked on phonics. Your English is deplorable. WOW. This internet age have you youngins all messed up. While Chris and Rihanna are making money your illiterate self is stuck making them richer…. SAD.


  13. Hannibal

    after this mess its kinda of meesed up his career, i think he released graffatti too soon. but this album he is going to release is good timing. so all the best for chris


  14. OnlyBoy

    Rihanna run for ur life


  15. rude gyal

    plz riri removed it it is time they love each other


  16. 'Ye Mad

    Your point is null and void. I mean look at your name. Rihsus? In no way should Rihanna’s name to be attached to Jesus’ O_o this can’t be life lmao.


  17. 'Ye Mad

    Anyway, Rihanna didn’t even want the restraining order put in the first place so I do see her giving it the ok to remove it.

    It is nice to see Chris smiling, and he have a lot to smile about. Things have been going up for him.

    It’s nice to see Rihanna being her care free self. Before she acted like a stuck up lost child O_O

    I wish both Rihanna and Chris the best in the future.


  18. jhuntdaprodigy

    Yeah, she should remove it, just to make it easier for Chris to be places. Other then that, they should prolly just avoid each other


  19. Carrie

    I hope she agrees, he deserves to be able to attend shows just like her. He learned his lesson and I am sure she can understand why he is asking for this. They will both be at the same places at the same time. It has to be hard trying to stay so many feet away from a person at all times. I wish him and her the best in their future. They need to stay away from eachother though!!!


  20. Ray2447

    Domestic violence will never end as long as the whole truth about it is misrepresented to comply with feminist ideology. V.P. Biden recently called violence against women, “the very worst abuse.” The very worst abuse is valuing one life less than another for having been born the wrong gender. Under domestic violence law, the wrong gender is men. Shelter and services are virtually non-existent for male victims of domestic violence. Options out of a bad relationship, that women have, are often not available to men. Men wind up gender profiled and falsely accused by the taxpayer funded, domestic violence industry, because of gender feminist ideology controlling the d.v. industry. Men are often battered by domestic violence, and then battered again by the taxpayer funded, domestic violence industry as shown in “Los Misandry” at Youtube.


  21. Mr Xclusive

    woah! i hope does Rihanna drop it, theres no need to have it, chris aint gonna do nothing wrong, he’s learned from what he did, he’s also matured, remember he was only 19 when that happened, now he’s an adult


  22. Nick

    Well after those new racy pics of Rih leaked of course he wants it removed so he can hit it again!


  23. RIHLUV



  24. Mklay

    She will remove it she never wanted it in the 1st place. Good luck to both:)


  25. Mklay

    Chris/Robyn plz dont get back together that would be to much for us to handle right now


  26. Neickha

    I think it should be lifted. And IF it is ,Breezy Fans can’t bogard Award shows all the time. Everything will take off when the time is right. He’ll probly attend award shows then later maybe he’ll get invited to perform. Things take time.I hope Chris does well this year. #TeamBreezy He’ll be alright.


  27. Dubem

    Yup I have a feeling too,she broke up with her boyfriend and just some weeks ago Chris complete his domestic violence links up well that they may go back to each other again lol.I have a very STRONGGGG feeling she is going to remove it and they would date each other again.listen to In My Zone 2,he talks about her.I love them both tho and wish them the bestttt :)


  28. rude gyal

    love rihanna navy and team breezy


  29. Yeah

    now why would she want to date a woman beater again? Dubem, don’t be stupid


  30. Dubem

    I don’t believe in being insultive but I believe in action,when it happens remember to come back to this.people forgive each other and he is not a woman beater fyi


  31. Bgood

    I like them both! They were both immature and reckless and share responsibility for the incident. As human beings we have to forgive and move on. Violence is never the answer and I think they both have learned from the sitution. Don’t hate either one of them it only sucks the energy of you. Enjoy their music and respect their right to be friends or foes. It’s now time for the rest of the world to grow up!


  32. Truth Teller

    Yes, please remove the damn STAY AWAY order and allow these two young people to move on with their lives. I’m sooo over the HATE from Ri’s fans and Chris’s fans. I can’t wait for this all to be a very distant memory. God Bless both of them.


  33. Mr Xclusive

    @Yeah yeah your ignorant and your opinion means nothing….how do you feel now?


  34. Ross

    This is soooo STUPID.

    I could care less who anyone is a fan of.

    The fact of the matter is that any man that beats a women should suffer for his actions.


    Who cares if she was a crazy mess with him. Other peoples actions dont give you the right to lay your hands on anyone. Thats all on you. He is the one that messed up and as far as i am concerned he should have done jail time along with every other spouse beater in the world.


  35. morrison

    I honestly think the restraining order should be lifted,I mean c’mon,no one is perfect and no one ever will,they both know it,they both deserve a second chance together!!



    CB don’t want that girl! He wants to be able to attend industry functions and award shows at his liesure!! He is seeing someone right now, a nice beautiful regular girl that’s ten times prettier than that girl!! That girl should lift it, she owe him that dern much because he took all the blame when she new she had some fault in the incident that night as well! She is a very violent person and one day if she doesn’t get help the world will see!!


  37. Mr Xclusive

    @Ross i hate people like you….what are you 40 years old? get outta here


  38. koolnigg

    @Mr Xclusive
    u a real cb fan …through thick and thin ..respect


  39. BeePLiZZXxX

    your kinda ignorant smh….there are some people in the world who are violent toward others because they went through something that involves domestic abuse so when they are being violent thay black out and really dont know what they are doing so i dont think some of them should be sent to prison because thats not gonna do anything …therapy or counseling is ore helpfull ….and i dont support domestic abuse but i understand that people do make mistakes and the last thing they need is people like you bringing them down and stoping them fro moving on even though chris brown aint ever gonna see these comments ……

    But hope i goes well for both of them in the future


  40. King Makers

    It bad press for Rihanna if she doesn’t agree! She will be @ risk of getting hated more in the industry, “bitch”. She knows that chris was never a treat to her in anyway, unless she is jealous that CB now has a GF. Its not for any reason than his career which shouldn’t affect her, cos CB is clearly more talented than her that why he has more award nods than her & he obviously has more reasons to be at these award shows since he is the ultimate entertainer of this generation, like MJ was the best of his. I agree will @Ray2447 but
    Who would you rather see performing @ these award show? Rihanna, Trey songs, Usher, Chris Brown, Lady gaga, Britney spears, Justin Bieber, Neyo, alisha keys etc


  41. King Makers



  42. camergirl

    hope she’ll remove it
    love u chris wish you the best


  43. Rihanna is a lot hotter in person!

    Rihanna is stunnig n person.Camera and picture does not do her justice. She looks like a barbie doll in person.Stunning facial structure, unbelievably beautiful eyes, glowing skin.Why do you think all the boys get obsessed with her. Trust me she is absolutely beautiful in person.I doubt very much he will ever have a girl that looks anything close to her. She is exotic looking one of the best looking woman I have ever seen. I hope she does not remove the restraining order or if she does she never talks to him again. I know he desperately wants that.


  44. Rihanna is a lot hotter in person!

    She needs to get rid of that ugly ass wig on her head though.


  45. babygirl

    i hope she’ll remove it.
    Rumor has it Chris Brown lost a VMA because he wasn’t there to accept it (because Rihanna was there).
    love u chris


  46. jane

    I for one, don’t think that Rihanna cares for that any more. She has grown up from it, and is living her life wisely. No one(i mean no tactics) is going to dictate to her, or make decisions for her, end of.


  47. maya

    Rihanna is full of shit. She eggs on the situation everytime she’s promoting ana lbum & act like she’s a lil angel. Not justifying what chris did tho but time to MOVE on!


  48. maya

    Rihanna is full of shit. She eggs on the situation everytime she’s promoting an album & act like she’s a lil angel. Not justifying what chris did tho but time to MOVE on!


  49. don't

    Rihanna shouldn’t lift it. I would love her to deal with the fist brown stans who spend their time wishing her death on twitter. For the record, Rih don’t want his brokeass..


  50. King Makers

    No doubt Rihanna is beautiful & so is Chris Brown however, there are many Rihannas But just one Chris brown. He isnt trying to be close to Riri, he just wants the award ceremony to be fair unlike the VMAs.


  51. Cadence

    Idk if she SHOULD drop it but she probably will… She’s not the spiteful type so most likely she won’t care. But at the same time it would be hard for any
    Girl to confront the man that they thought had loved them actually beat them up at a event
    I love them both and wish them the best but if they do get back together, she will get the backlash,not him

    @king matters
    Your information is seriously flawed
    She actually has more nominations an awards than him
    Look up their wiki pages
    Sorry to bust Ur bubble


  52. tiffany


    if rihanna is , chris brown can be. and it’s importante! this young man is named 3 times at the grammys!! he will remember all his life so the best artist of our generation has to leave that!

    he has to perform!!!


  53. king

    all u Rihanna and chris fans need to cool out and jus love both of dem cause both of dem is save and cool ppl


  54. Arthur

    Leave the Restraining Order, Rihanna.

    It’s part of his punishment. Why is he asking for his punishment to be removed? It’s the consequence of what he did, if he had matured any at all – he would accept that.

    PS. I’m a Chris Brown fan, but still.


  55. koolnigg

    i agree she will feel weird around him after wat he did he should jus do the punishment


  56. koolnigg

    @maya shut the hell up idiot …rihannna was the victim please her album sold a million she dont need chris and plus chris albums never did crazy numbers and dueces was number one on the hip pop/r&b charts not hot 100 whats my name was number one on both she will be fine and if chris keeps making good music so will he


  57. BIa

    she can remove it. i think chris will not do something bad to her.
    i love rihanna so much.
    i sincerily dislike what he did to her. i hate people who does this things. love you rihanna forever. <3


  58. Fan Ov A Fan

    i love u chris and rihanna :D


  59. Get over it

    As a victim of domestic violence,I feel that it is up to her to have it lifted.If she feels uncomfortable, then she shouldn’t lift it.My situation is different from hers.She should have left him after any sign of verbal abuse.That is where it starts.I left and was stalked and stabbed,almost to death.There situation could have been worse.He actually got a good deal.It could have been jail time for him.If she lifts it and he bothers her,then she should just get another order.It’s up to her.


  60. fizzle

    I agree…..its difficult to be brushed off because someone else is gonna be there. If Rihanna says that she is over it like she says she is than she will drop the restraining order. I’m thinking the result of this may influence her next album…..mmmhhhhmmm!


  61. Mr Xclusive

    theres no need to have it, chris will not do anything bad, he’s learned …now shut up stupid people


  62. SmoothCriminal

    ya if it,s all good she should drop it,i think CB still have feelings for Riri….but i think Cb as learned is lesson,if not we will all see.


  63. Ci-Error Failed

    I hate that they were put in a situation like this. if it was just a regular break-up it wouldn’t feel so awkward.


    Well it wasn’t, because Chris Brown beat the shit out of her. Stupid kid should be restrained from the company of all women. And lol at all you ignant heffers coming to his defense, bunch of clowns. Chris Brown FAILS AGAIN!


  64. tiffany

    chris can come and rihanna stay at home!!

    why not??
    why the king have to be the 2nd???

    he’s the only one, if rihanna is not ok, we won’t miss her, we won’t miss anything!!!!!!

    btw, chris have to perform because everyone of his performances will be epic


  65. tiffany

    *are epic


  66. Mr Xclusive

    @Ci-ErrorFailed what is chris doing wrong? please tell i would love to know …you seem so smart /Sarcasm


  67. Cadence

    You are a bad excuse of a woman but a good excuse of a “stan”
    Your opinion is biased so if u think what youre saying is true you really need a break from Chris brown


  68. koolnigg

    most of these teenage girls need a break they blame rhianna for chris beating her….de deserves second chance but dont get mad at rhianna


  69. King Makers

    LOL @more talented than Chris, CB was already a multi-platinum millionaire b4 rihanna came into the spotlight. 2009 earn Riri the feminist movement support around the world i.e you guys and there strangely is a lot of you guys (self declared victims and lesbians) lol, that why she soled more but CB has new fans (secure women that can keep a man) now, all the fakers are gone, its a fresh start!.

    Actually, CB may in fact not be attending the ceremony either way. I remember how these silly comedians like to take the piss @ the grammys, they may pick on him lol, CB is only 21 and may take things like that too seriously, he need to protect his mind. Grammy or no grammy, CB’s career will not stop, they can give his award to Usher or even Rihanna if they like. March 22 is the date that matters & i will see him in London soon.


  70. @uknowhoibillz

    hahahahahaaah. chris, you funny


  71. arie

    This is really ridiculous, the guy just wants to go to the Grammys, I don’t see anything wrong with that, he was nominated for three Grammys. Rihanna didn’t want the restaining order in the first place, he is not trying to get close to her. Alot of you people whom are so on this I hate Chris thing, really need to get over yourselves and move on. He has been doing all he needs to do, and according to the Judge, he has done a great job. It’s not always about Rihanna, just like it’s not all about Chris, it’s about the Grammys in which he has the right to celebrate like everyone else. There are alot of people whom have made mistakes and been nominated for a Grammy and got to attend, hell even won. I wish you the best CB and hope everything works out, continue to let the narrow minded individuals be your motivation.



    Cmon son be real. Chris has always been able to go to these award shows!. The Order of protection (OOP) only has a 10ft restriction at award shows, not 100ft. Ten feet allows him to attend the shows without ever running into Rihanna at all! if they’re seated nxt to ech other, switch ang seats, jeez.

    They both have ulterior motives like just wanting to “sex” each other up. After all now Matt is gone fm her life, she misses Breezys sexing, lol. She’s a master manipuator & usually gets her way.

    I feel sorry for Breezy because he’s still hasn’t learned about females that aren’t good for him. It;s going to take him getting set up by her when she tires of him finds a “real man” whose more mature & more agreeable with her.

    Neither Chris or Rihanna have changed too much but at least Chris has taken domestic violence intervention classes (not long enough to be life affecting.) Whether she’s a victim or not, she needs some classes also. Her going right back with him after their severe altercation, indicates that. Rihannasr solution is gun tattoos & threatening remarks that she now knows what to do with them, concerns me.



  73. LAWLZ


    he gonna find you
    hide yo kids
    hide yo wife ri ri
    go and tell that homeboy to go smack his momma


  74. tiffany

    CHRIS for grammys

    hey awards directors, hey rihanna’s lawyer, you have to know…. an award show without chris brown, it’s shit
    chris brown is the reason why the word “performance” exist


  75. Dovewings

    Living in this commercial musical world, you out to be bound by the cords of love, forgiving and understanding each other in turbulent moments, “to make this world a better place to live in” the legacy that was left behind by the pop singer MJ. Love ya.


  76. sam

    @ LAWLZ, that is so childish, sounds like an inmature hater to post something so stupid. Nothing wrong with CB attending the Grammys, I wish people like you, would get a life and move on, better yet, go play in traffic!


  77. alicias a homewrecka

    lol @ LAWLZ

    On a serious note, I know CB has not learned from his punishment. DV is no joke to toy with especially if your using the act to go to a grammy award show


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