Kanye West Hits the Court as Coachella Sells Out in Record Time

Kanye West

Kanye West made a grand entrance on the court in a black pea coat, laced boots, and two gold Jesus pieces at Thursday’s New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat game at Madison Square Garden in New York City. ‘Ye greeted director Spike Lee with a hug and took his front row seat to watch LeBron James and Amar’e Stoudemire play.

The three-day Coachella Music & Arts Festival, which Kanye will headline in April, sold out in record time this week. In addition, he has been announced as a headliner for the inaugural Lollapalooza Chile in Santiago on April 2-3, along with 50-plus acts.

Kanye West Kanye West Spike Lee and Kanye West

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  1. A Realist

    I love Kanye! :)


  2. asd

    sell out


  3. CiaraNavy

    hahah dead @ flop kanye….if ciara headlined coachella it would have sold out in a DAY


  4. Chico Dusty

    Everybody needs to get that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album if they haven’t already!!


  5. Jarvis

    Kanye is my boy and all but his elbows are ASH-AY! lol

    Still love the album tho!


  6. Davidprimer

    he is overrated


  7. Elveds

    david hater


  8. Olkainry

    I love Kanye ! No homo !


  9. The Beast

    @CiaraNavy I didn’t have a problem with Ciara fans until that comment. What the FUCK are you on? Her album was a major flop except Ride and Kanye literally has the album of the year based on hundreds of websites/newspapers/reviewers and the general population. Shut the fuck up and stop making stupid ass comments that make no fucking sense.


  10. Ponyo

    Dear Kanye,
    Can u pls send me that chain…
    I need it


  11. H*A*M

    LMAO @ CiaraNavy.


  12. LING

    @CiaraNavy erm….


  13. yeezy

    kanye west swagger great album yeezy goodmusic


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