Kid Cudi Gets Cold Shoulder from Coachella

Kid Cudi

Kanye West was announced as one of the headliners for this year’s sold-out Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, but don’t count on his protégé Kid Cudi being there. The Cleveland rapper revealed that his absence from the lineup wasn’t by choice.

“Sad news but true, was not invited to coachella this year. bogus, blame the establishment i guess for lunchin on the cudster,” tweeted Cudder of the snub.

The lonely stoner, who has never played at the annual festival in Indio, Calif., will sit on the sidelines as fellow contemporaries including Wiz Khalifa, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Cee Lo Green, and more take over the desert.

Disappointed fans will still get a chance to catch Cudi on his international tour this year, which sees him making stops in Canada, Italy, France, Australia, and Japan. Chip Tha Ripper and Cage will join him on the road.

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  1. val

    aww poor cudi.


  2. d. singh

    its cause he sucks


  3. fricka



  4. Mr Xclusive

    he has no talent, all he talks about is weed only people that like his music are potheads themselves ….f him


  5. KNNY

    @ Mr. X, Wiz isn’t like that either? f you


  6. Miszi

    @Mr Xclusive: You’re CB fan right? Well i’m too. Stop hating dude. I see alot of teambreezy hate on other artists while anytime someone does not like Chris music they start insulting people. I’m #TeamBreezy too but i think not everbody needs to like Chris Brown music, just like not everyone have to like any other artists music. I’m fan of KiD CuDi and trust me i don’t smoke any shit. The guy has alot of talent and his music is clearly somethin different from any other rappers out there. It’s not only about weed. Get your facts right or don’t comment at all.


  7. h8ermagnet

    stupid ass hoe-chella…… Cudi would have killed it!!


  8. AA

    “Italy, France,” …amsterdam?!!?!?!


  9. Ashley

    Aww it’s cause he’s a sophmore slump. His mixtape ‘A Kid Name Cudi’ and his first album ‘Man on the Moon’ were amazing. His second album sucks…


  10. oldjiveassduder

    They left out a dude with talent.
    Who needs em anyway?


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