New Music: Mystikal – ‘Uh Oh’


Guess who’s back? Mystikal fogs the windows on the sensual jam “Uh Oh” featuring singer-songwriter Jazelle Paris. With a soulful beat courtesy of Mannie Fresh, the steamy song sees the gravel-voiced MC spitting about wanting to put the moves on his girl in the bedroom. “Do I want to sit or leave or watch her go? Hell no!/ She can do that Beyoncé stuff, boy/ Uh oh uh oh uh oh,” raps the NOLA native. Dim the lights and listen to the cut below.

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  1. JeezyWon

    be quit plz


  2. Justin

    ooh me likes! the chorus sounds like old skool rihanna


  3. TeamTM

    So definely inspired by “Crazy in love”
    The song is alright


  4. kekeluvsu

    @ TeamTM

    How the HELL is this inspired by “Crazy in Love”? Just b/c he makes a Bey reference doesn’t mean a damn thing. Get off the gas.

    This is classic Mystikal. LOVE IT!!!! He is def. back.


  5. Beystanbish

    ^Calm down *sheesh*


  6. iLuvMuSic

    lupe keepin it 100. luv this. real ish


  7. molly cardolino

    Hi I love this page I just saw Justin Bieber.
    cool. Molly Cardolino


  8. Stacie

    OMGsh! M-y-s-t-i-k-a-l is back. Lawd this song is sexy hott!!! Yes indeed. 1-4-3


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