Dr. Dre Orchestrates Game’s Collaboration with Ashanti

Dr. Dre, Ashanti, and Game

Game dug into his rap Rolodex for his latest mixtape Purp & Patron, roping in production from Dr. Dre, RZA, and Pharrell, with guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Fabolous. But when it came to working with Ashanti on the gushy “Soft Rhodes,” he got some help from the man behind the boards.

While in the studio with the Compton rapper, Dr. Dre asked him if he had ever collaborated with the former Murder Inc. princess, and if there was anything keeping him from hopping on a song with her. “We were in the studio. Dre asked me if I had any drama with Ashanti, and I was like, ‘Nah.’ He was like, ‘You worked with her?’ And I was like, ‘Nah,’” Game told Rap-Up.com. “He was like, ‘You mind working with her?’ I was like, ‘Nope.’ He called her up and she came through and we did that.”

The Dre-produced cut, which boasts a soothing beat and catchy hook, sees each artist tackling the touchy issue of hooking up with an ex. “Just ’cause we break up don’t mean it’s over/ When I call, you comin’ over/ To get this here like I told ya/ I’ma get it every time I want it,” sings Ashanti.

Game is currently assembling the leftover tracks from his Purp & Patron sessions for another mixtape, The Hangover, scheduled to drop Monday.

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  1. Brittney

    …hold up…I remember on Game’s first album on the song “Higher” when he was like “but I won’t f*ck Mariah, even if she had Ashanti butt-naked in bed, cuz she got a forehead just like Tyra”…that just popped in my mind seeing those two together lol


  2. shay

    “Soft Rhodes” with Game and Ashanti is hot.

    And I agree the hook is catchy..written by my girl Ashanti.


  3. theAREUMADshow



  4. Nelz

    Yess meee too man . . . I’m glad RapUp post Ashanti stuff even tho its a Game post but still lol


  5. Anqel

    That sonq is hot ashanti did her thinq.. I think they shuld collab 4 his new album and maybe hers ;)


  6. Jj3310

    Cant wait for ashantis new album…luv her


  7. Pinoy

    No doubt a great song.
    Ashanti still got it!Game still got it!
    Dr.Dre still got it!


  8. r.e.d.

    game and ashanti made a preety good colab, game sounded a little bit like the old shyne to


  9. t man

    Ashanti did her thing….. can”t wait til the cd cum out.


  10. alicias a homewrecka

    Ashanti, when are you coming out? Don’t you see people looking for you?


  11. Going» Blog Archive » ashanti butt pictures

    [...] Rap-Up.com || Dr. Dre Orchestrates Game's Collaboration with Ashanti Jan 29, 2011 … Home · Music · Photos · Blogs · Rap-Up TV … when he was like “but I won't f*ck Mariah, even if she had Ashanti butt-naked in bed, … “Soft Rhodes” with Game and Ashanti is hot. … [...]

  12. Enrique

    I was thinking the exact same thing! His body looks weird like that. I woudln’t be surprised if he’s taking steroids. If he was on that chronic a few years back, then anything is possible. I’m all for a man wanting to be a little buff, but he went way overboard with it. It doesn’t even look natural. It looks like somebody put his head on someone else’s body. SMH.


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