New Music: The Lonely Island f/ Nicki Minaj – ‘The Creep’

The Creep

Watch out! Nicki Minaj does “The Creep” with The Lonely Island on the new single from the comedy group’s sophomore album, for which they debuted a video on “SNL.” The peeping Barb stalks the boys locker room, hoping to catch an eyeful of man candy.

“When I was a girl, I’d creep in the boys locker room/ Hide deep inside, it was my little creep stalker room/ As they disrobed, I was oogling and ogling/ Little did they know that for me they were modeling,” a naughty Nicki raps over the spooky melody.

Get your “Creep” on below.

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  1. Jrizzy



  2. YEa

    i swear im over here jamming to this song do the creep


  3. WhoaLando

    QUEENika. She sings, she raps, she acts.


  4. Minajsecurity

    Yes. Buy it. I did. mazon and Itunes.


  5. TBanga

    This is too funny..Nicki really did her thing on SNL tonight! i love her she was def, in her element toonight and she looked fan-fuckin-tastic lol but uhhhh yea


  6. Qbal

    Man this is funny i like it nicki crazy is hell imma still it… Do the creep


  7. Drew-Shane

    I was waiting on someone to post this. She was great! Gotta love Nicki


  8. A Realist

    Yassssssssss Nicki! So proud of her.


  9. SmoothCriminal

    keep doing your thing nicki,you prove more and more everyday how versatile you are.


  10. Brionna

    Yes Nick really showed out on SNL loved it … just the audio doesn’t give the song justice the video is hilarious!!!!!


  11. I hate love

    Kimberly Jones go kill urself
    Biggie is waiting for u


  12. aznFiRe

    CHOPS produced the beat! Best producer in the game!Nicki is the best!


  13. No ma'am

    I actually kinda liked the crazy song last night lol!


  14. Married 2 Minaj

    *does the creep*


  15. Dext

    Nicki’s acting has been on par recently. well done on that front. But here verse was wack, she could’ve gone crazier, this would’ve been the perfect opportunity to show the crazy Nicki. oh well xxxo


  16. @MikeyLovesNicki

    I bought this on iTunes! It Is PERFECT!!!!


  17. OnlyBoy

    Rap up promoting the hell outta Nicki


  18. @BoiWitOutAH3Art

    They Had Mii Dying When I Heard Seen Dis!


  19. Tre

    Garbage…. wyf did the rap game come 2!!! Lil kim plz kill this bitch!!!


  20. KimCantStopNicki

    Kim ain’t The One that can stop Nicki. Missy can though. Missy can easily get a Hot 100 single, which is something Nicki has not done – yet.


  21. lol

    @ TRE

    This is a comedy song obviously -
    Dummy this isn’t suppose to be a hardcore rap song. Oh and anyways this was for SNL & The Lonely Island album. Which are both comedy, not rap. So think before you type next time, kay thanks bye.


  22. J Minaj

    lol tru dat x]


  23. beatingadeadcat

    Nicki never got a hot 100? Your Love was. Get those facts straight. Thanks.


  24. Jordan

    @KimCantStopNicki actually all 6 of her singles from Pink Friday have charted on Billboard Hot 100


  25. Trev


    are you crazy?!?!?! Nicki Minaj is the only artist in HISTORY to have 7 songs on the hot 100 at one time…sweetheart try again lol

    Twitter –> @TheTTT3


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