Video: Jessie J f/ B.o.B – ‘Price Tag’

Jessie J

Money ain’t a thang in the larger-than-life video for Jessie J’s “Price Tag,” the second U.K. single and first U.S. single from her debut album Who You Are. The British songbird gets dolled up in the fantasy sequence complete with a giant teddy bear, dollhouse, puppets, money tree, and B.o.B, whose message resonates over the feel-good jam.

“Just basically sort of came up with the idea thinking about things that are larger than life, but really sort of like mass,” said director Emil Nava. “It’s sort of like this hyperreal, sort of toy world with Jessie bringing a fashion edge to it.”

Step into Jessie’s world below.

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  1. dyme

    i love her… not bad with the video..(:


  2. mal



  3. yessss

    loved it.


  4. meme

    i slowly gettin into her. She is fresh. Its nice to see other female artist in the game other than Gaga Bey and Ri (they own the games).

    Very dope video. CLean n fresh. Gud for her


  5. angela decristofaro



  6. angela decristofaro



  7. Joseph McCoy

    Loved it!


  8. TheDimplePuppet

    Yep! I just became a fan.


  9. Josh

    I friggin love her. But this song is not really show her vocal talent. That makes me sad. Probably her label controlling everything about her. Well that happens in debut era.

    I don’t like the video much but she’s still amazing!


  10. hmm

    nice song..only problem will she have is that she has a voice similar to katy perry


  11. TYLER


    wtf? i like katy perry but do you really think katy perry could sing like this


  12. lol

    a voice similar to katy perry? I’m afraid you’re mistaken. she sings ten times better than katy.


  13. hmm

    similar as in how she pronounces..its like how willow sounds like rihanna


  14. taj mahal

    Great Video
    New Fan right here


  15. jhuntdaprodigy

    This girl sh*ts on Katy Perry, for whoever made that comparison. This is a nice song, and BoB kills


  16. Lukas

    haha uhhhhh… am i the only one who sees some major nicki minaj influence in her. u know missing doll parts, her crazy faces in her do it like a dude video.. etc?


  17. Me

    this is a nice song i love it a good message and she can actually sing


  18. SmoothCriminal

    i like her,hopes she keeps doing her.


  19. Levy

    Woooow, she will make it big this year!

    Write it.


  20. Fan Ov A Fan

    why are people talking about katy perry ? i love her and jessie and they BOTH sing well.

    btw i love the song


  21. Bri

    This girl can sing, but she is annoying as hell and fake. She is just another wannabe. I do like her one song, Who you are though.


  22. P

    Liked this better then MOMENT 4 LIFE.. B.O.B’s verse is pointless, hope there are better song on the album.. Other than that, the vid is funny & good!


  23. gt

    she’s basically the new natasha bedingfield – done


  24. TUMTUM

    This is real major :)
    I dont think the song projects her vocal talent much but it is still a great song.
    The video is amazing too and you can see theres a lot of thought and work put into it.


  25. Bri

    This girl can really sing and has potential but she is so annoying.I am not feeling her or this lame song.


  26. From Tokyo

    Very good message for a song – nice to hear something different than sex, sex, sex. Been there, heard that and want to hear something new/different. With some of us, that stuff wore out a long time ago.

    And no, she sounds nothing like K.P. – I think N.B. comparison would be a little bit closer to the mark but not quite.


  27. kekeluvsu

    YAAAAAS Jessie!!!! I loved it. She is def. going to be a force in the game.


  28. Panisha

    I love this song!! It has a real message in it. I was\am so sick of the ”bitches, sex and ghetto” music.
    Any ways I think Jessie J is good!.

    Be you girl!!!


  29. CCBCBG

    I love the song… the video was really bad though… I think a lot of white/British women get away with having a voice like this.


  30. Perks

    This is actually her 2nd single in the U.S. as well. ‘Do It Like A Dude’ was already released on the U.S. iTunes. LOVE THIS SONGGGG!


  31. johnny5

    she biting off of Rihanna way too much and taking shots at Beyonce… stay in the UK hun, the US doesn’t want you. You’re not bringing anything that Pink, Riri, Katy aren’t already doing better


  32. dhruv

    what is the message in this song?


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