Video: Nicki Minaj Performs on ‘SNL’

Nicki Minaj

Live from New York, it’s Nicki Minaj! After conquering Europe and playing Yankee Stadium with Jay-Z and Kanye West, Nicki Minaj reached another pinnacle in her career by appearing as the musical guest on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.” The rap diva rocked pink and black monster ‘dos while performing her Pink Friday singles “Right Thru Me” and “Moment 4 Life.”

“SNL just gave me yet another #moment4life | S/O to the entire staff 4 being INCREDIBLE ; and Thank you all for tuning in! xoxo,” tweeted Nicki following the show.

Watch her command the stage below!

“Right Thru Me”

“Moment 4 Life”


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  1. Yeah



  2. JAYE

    loved it!


  3. justdr

    Nicki Minaj is who u ain’t effin wit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. meme

    fpr this moment was great. lordhammercy, that all in one outfit was too hot.


  5. Lukas

    aw man seems like she has a sore throat. 2 bad she was sick for her snl performance…. if she was actually sick.


  6. MonsterDoll

    If you say you not a fan, you a lying motherf$cker!


  7. mimi

    nicki did great as always!!!
    i loved the piano on this preformance!!


  8. mimi

    i loved the piano on the *Right Thru Me* preformance!!


  9. Ugh..

    I LOVE YOU NICKI.. but, “Right Thru Me” ain’t a song you need to be performing live! It’s so slow and you can never hit the high note at the end. Don’t get me wrong, this is a huge improvement from the Wendy Williams performance. You’re moving alot more and you seem more lively. But I still wish she would move around the stage more and not stand in one spot. I know it’s a slow song but I want to see a little more fire coming from her.


  10. YEa

    i love M4l performance more than RTm but both was good she is the best i loved SNL so much


  11. Minajsecurity

    This performance was raw like i love it & just right. Peopel get it twisted thinking movement is stage presence. Emotion is too. This song don’t need a bunch of dancing and moving around. Kill em Nicki.


  12. Phoenix_Wright

    yikes @ right thru me

    near the end when she said “you see riiiiiiight”, sounded MAD flat =/

    Moment 4 life was ok, I wish she had more songs where she didn’t sing on the hooks, cause when she performs em they don’t sound as good. Like Did It On Em, no singing & it was one of the best on the album.


  13. fizzle

    gotta agree w/ “UGH…” chile idk why she be pullin that ish knowin damn well she dont wanna hit that note. “Moment 4 life” & “Save Me” is what she need to stick to for now.


  14. jhuntdaprodigy

    I’ve been indecisive about Nicki Minaj sometimes leaning towards fan, sometimes toward hater, but she kinda won me over after her contributions to snl 2nite


  15. malik

    She so Dope!!!, and versatile I love her. SHe a wave of fresh energy for Hip Hop, fashion is bananas


  16. Minajsecurity

    The note at the end she just sounded un confident but other than that it was a bulleye. She had been sick earlier this week. I heard her nail that note before so I know she can do it. The performance was still filled with the raw edge I love. Gritty and fun. Nicki was built for this. Fuck those who don’t agree.


  17. Leon

    The mere fact that she has a career gives me pause. She makes funny faces and she’s a sex pot. Great talent!


  18. Drb

    Aside from the flat note, thats my favorite RTM performance with Jimmy Kimmel


  19. Drb

    She looks gorgeous as well and that dress distracts from her attention seeking ass and hips


  20. I hate love

    nicki u just gave hip hop its life back


  21. uknowme2

    @ I hate love No she didn’t, that wasn’t hip hop like Nas said Hip Hop is dead.


  22. ed

    @uknowme2 Nas said recently that Kanye, Drake, Rick Ross and Nicki are keeping hip hop alive. look it up.

    anyway her performances were pretty good, i just wish she sang better.


  23. ThatMigrator

    Sick or not, she CANNOT SING. She’s a freaking rapper!


  24. shambria mcrand

    loove her creative way she is amazing


  25. @Ikaryss on Twitter

    I’m sick of Right Thru Me, she should’ve did Roman’s Revenge and Moment 4 Life instead. The Moment 4 Life performance was good, but when you take Drake;s part out, it’s literally Nicki saying “Moment 4 Life” for 2 minutes straight. That’s what I dislike about the album too, most of the hooks are just the same phrase repeated over and over, although it works in some tracks. “How do you do that shit how do you do that shit” is not one of them. Lol. Sorry for ranting, but other than that I love Nicki and glad she got this gig.


  26. duke

    can rap but not sing !!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. okay

    Her musical performances were okay, but the Bride of Frakenstine skit she was in was waaaay exploitive. It exploited Black people & fed into stereotypes. But what else can u expect from SNL which is a pretty racist show (thats even one of the reasons cited by mya rudolph for why she quit) Like Kanye West said, “F-ck SNL and the whole cast.Tell ‘em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass.”


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