Video: Chris Brown Gets in the Game at Celebrity Shootout

Chris Brown and Common

From the courtroom to the basketball court, Chris Brown showed off his skills at the 10th Annual Jack in the Box Celebrity Shootout at US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday (Jan. 29). Breezy, along with his teammates Common, Anthony Anderson, and Frankie Muniz, led his all-star team to victory at the charity game, earning MVP honors. He even entertained the crowd by dancing with the mascot. Check out his slick moves on the court.

Photo credit: 101.5 jamz Phoenix

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  1. ChrisLover

    He killed it once again!


  2. Paige

    he was the only celebrity people actually screamed for…


  3. rihsus

    his chest is horrible wtf is this lmao even cedric got a good chest when this peter pan kid will ever look grown and sexy?
    trey >chris
    he is sexier and cuter
    and fist brown PR team should stop asking rapup to post every single stuff he is doing


  4. theresa_keys

    Lool Where Do U See Trey Songz That Your Comparing


  5. Dan

    Wow, I don’t click on links to read about people I don’t like. Another question, what does Trey have to do with this post. Last time I checked, blogs post what they want to post…. his pr team has nothing to do with it. Chris Brown, keep doing your thing lil brother… talent will prevail… Look at you now!


  6. Yeah

    cool, I’m not here for that wack ass song though, ugh it’s horrible. and so is CB body ewwwwwww, put a shirt on Lol nobody wants to see that!!! other than that
    cool :)


  7. koolnigg

    chris is a good kid give the neigga a second chance team brezzy


  8. Neickha

    Hey I just watched this….#Teambreezy. I wish I was here!!! lol I was screaming with the video when he waved lol. Chris’ team won and he won MVP! Yay congrats Chris.
    ##TeamBreezy TeamBreezy #TeamBreezy #TeamBreezy #TeamBreezy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Mya

    Chris Brown should keep his shirt on.


  10. tiffany


    just breezy
    we love you man

    you’re the greatest


  11. Rashaan

    I am sorry but Chris Brown looks good!


  12. chianne

    Chris Brown’s smile lights up the stadium. And its always on. And the pic with Common is a bad body shot of CB – he IS a hunk, just a lanky one. And HE’S the performer/singer/dancer. Keep your TreySongz with his pouty mouth and puffed up chest.


  13. Tracie

    I just love CHRIS!! LOL at the two girls sitting at the table around 4:55 going NUTS w/ giggles when he waved at them! He’s magic!


  14. Mr Xclusive

    @rihsus your opinion is shit, Chris > all


  15. ZANIA

    I love Chris Brown smile. He is fine.


  16. dubem

    @Mr Xclusive ALWAYS speaks the truth,i mean Chris is talented.He does what he does for fun and is always good at it.remember Chris doesn’t care about the haters in anyway.


  17. Karen

    Ew. Chris has never had a sexy upper body.


  18. Lisa

    Please tell Chris to put a shirt on and Common to take his off.


  19. ChrisBreezyilove

    ChrisBrown looks sexy as fuck and HE looks great WITH HIS SHIRT OFF YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!!! His Smile is just great that was a fun night i had fun i was so proud of Chris He was the sexiest person there and CHRIS IS WAYYYYYYYYY sexier the TreySongz CHRIS DO YOUR THANG MAN :D
    #TeamBreezy 4 LIFE (just can’t get over how damn sexy he is take more off lol :D keep ur head up)


  20. Breezy's girl

    OMG he’s so cute!!!
    fuck all his haterz!! He’s da best!
    ♥♥♥ #TeamBreezy ♥♥♥


  21. OnlyBoy

    *clears throat* RIHANNA!!! #Thatisall!


  22. Aw man!

    Keep doing your thang Chris! Alot of these people talking about his upper body and saying put his shirt back on, I would love to see what your bodies look like, go somewhere else with all that!


  23. cece

    i love chris brown but kinda in the pic he look fat


  24. vladica07

    Aaaaah,LOVE IT! #TeamBreezy4Life


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