Chris Brown Remixes Justin Bieber Song

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown

Bieber is about to meet Breezy. The teen idol has announced the Valentine’s Day release of Never Say Never – The Remixes, a seven-track offering featuring collaborations with Chris Brown, Kanye West, Raekwon, Usher, Miley Cyrus, Jaden Smith, and Rascal Flatts.

Chris will appear on the remix to “Up,” a bonus track originally off Bieber’s latest album My World 2.0. “ME and @justinbieber got a BANGER/SMASH record for all the fans out there at the top of the NEW YEAR!!!” tweeted Breezy last month.

Other cuts included on the album are Kanye West’s remix to “Runaway Love” featuring Raekwon and Usher’s remix of “Somebody to Love,” both of which were previously released.

In addition to the new music, the 16-year-old heartthrob will hit the big screen in the 3D documentary Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, opening in theatres on February 11.

Never Say Never – The Remixes Tracklisting

1. “Never Say Never” featuring Jaden Smith
2. “That Should Be Me (Remix)” featuring Rascal Flatts
3. “Somebody to Love (Remix)” featuring Usher
4. “Up (Remix)” featuring Chris Brown
5. “Overboard (Live)” featuring Miley Cyrus
6. “Runaway Love (Remix)” featuring Kanye West and Raekwon
7. “Born to Be Somebody”

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  1. OnlyBoy

    Rihanna that is all!


  2. Yeah



  3. Jay

    I gotta hear that Chris Brown and Kanye track..ASAP!


  4. Yeah

    I thought I was coming here to listen to something LMAO


  5. King Makers



  6. yhtak

    seems like @onlyboy has a chris brown obsession :)


  7. Stre3t Danc@

    what is your deal, dude?! Don’t u have anything smarter to write? Stop bull shittin


  8. Neickha

    Yay! I like them both can’t wait to hear it. #TeamBreezy


  9. h.a.m

    dayumn chris brown has to do duets with Usher’s cash cow to stay relevant…


  10. Paige

    i really can’t wait to hear the song with Chris on it…


  11. stormee

    i cant wait to hear cause they both sound really good and both of them loo good so i cant wait to see whatz up


  12. stormee

    nicki manij my girl i LOVE pink friday romens revenge now thats my song


  13. Mike S.

    Chris Brown is using him in order to make a comeback. Bieber would be smart to distance himself.


  14. Mr Xclusive

    @OnlyBoy was that necessary you troll?


  15. shut up

    @ h.a.m. and @ Mike S. don’t bring that shit over here! He doesn’t have to do a duet with Justin to stay relevant and he is not using him, I guess Kanye and the others are doing the same. This is 2011 and you haters are still stuck in the past, stuck on yourselves, and stuck on stupid! Do us all a favor, find something else better to do than hate on celebs, that shit is getting real old!


  16. h . a .m

    wow shut up u see hate everywhere
    I actually think that admiting that Usher’s cash cow took his spot and that he needs a song with him to stay relevant is actually a smart move for him.
    And more power to Bieber who is about to take away the final breezy fanbase.
    This is a pretty good deal for both of them.Chris Brown is on the successful album and Bieber is conforming that he is the new pop Prince who decide who is relevant and who is not.
    calm down shut up it is a pretty good deal especially for that silent pimp usher


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  19. sergio



  20. jhuntdaprodigy

    This onlyboy person really has no life, they prove what ppl say abt haters. Because every CB post, they are among the 1st 2 comment something negative lame douchebag. Sucks that the Kanye collabo is old. Hope they do something new on the 3rd album


  21. Ethan


    Yeah 3x and Deuces did better than most of biebers songs on the charts..NEXT>>>>>>>>>>>

    i’m waiting for the leak, i’m curious to hear the remix for ‘up’ aswell


  22. shut up

    @ H.A.M. sorry, miss understood your statement the first time, glad you explained, and I see where you are going with it. Apologize again!


  23. J. Mcki

    Justin Bieber’s got one hell of a team behind him because I swear he has released about 3-4 cd’s in the last what? year? I’m not knocking his hustle, but DAMN can we breathe real quick?! Didn’t he JUST release an acoustic album?! don’t him and Willow have some homework to do?!


  24. King Makers

    Usher can not risk dueting with Chris cos Chris might steal his fans and out perform him. Chris is young and hungry but Bieber, is not a match in anyway. I think the kid just wants to acknowledge his idol thats all. Whether he duets with Chris or not, CB is already making his comeback with no promo, publicity or help from any media so its now or never with Bieber. Infact once CB world tour commences, the world will be his once again & Usher knows this.


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  26. michelle

    justin bieber you where so hot on extreme homemake over and i signed a pledge people out there do not text and drive plz people my friend got in a car crash from texting too plz dont text


  27. Jay



  28. ShEmAyYa

    love yeah justin bieber me and my sisters


  29. jeje

    hey look for chris brown he is sooooooooooooooooo cutties


  30. Hipolito M. Wiseman

    ‘AAAAAHHH JUSTIN BIEBER’ *turns around, not there* “URRRR BIEBER” -Big Time Rush


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