Drake Holds Up T-Pain’s ‘rEVOLVEr’ Album

T-Pain and Drake

If you want to know what’s delaying T-Pain’s album rEVOLVEr, ask Drake. The Auto-Tune King is still waiting on Drizzy to submit a verse before his project can be released.

“I know yall waitin on the album but the last thing I need is a verse from drake and the album is complete,” T-Pain told his anxious Twitter followers. “So find drake and tell him to hurry the hell up and finish the verse Hahahahaaaa.”

The Young Money rapper will be featured on the next single from T-Pain’s fourth LP rEVOLVEr. “By the way the song with drake on it is the next si[n]gle as well so that’s why I haven’t dropped a new single yet. Jus lettin you know.”

T-Pain, whose current single “Rap Song” features Rick Ross, made noise last week when he revealed his latest tattoo sporting Facebook’s “Like” button.

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  1. felipe

    drake + t-pain = crazy


  2. listen

    an excuse because regardless… nobody is going to be the album. maybe a single or two.


  3. gond

    This should be a great collaboration. I really cannot wait for RevolveR to drop.


  4. Jesse

    Finally, a reason to why it is taking so long. I have been waiting to buy his new album for a year now.


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  6. Scarlette

    T-Pain Auto-Tune is Dead! It died in 2008 i thought you would have realized when ‘Move That Body’ flunked.


  7. James

    Move that body moved may have flunked but Hey baby ft Tpain is a top ten hit and continues to move up the charts. Auto tune isn’t dead for Tpain but for all the other artists.


  8. Livea

    The only reason why Hey Baby is successful is because is Pitbull on it!


  9. marc

    telling drake to hurry up? pretty stupid drake could make his verse about nothing and just send it to him, or he can take his time and give him a classic draake verse. and aint nobody wating for tpain im tired of all that autotune crap, sounds suuuuuuper ridiculous the way tpain uses it.


  10. gond

    @Livea Huh seriously? Why is it that T-Pain is featured more than Pitbull is on Hey Baby? T-Pain delivered an amazing hook whereas Pitbull delivered 2 short/shit verses. I mean T-Pain should have added a verse of his own at the beginning in addition to his hook, and used one of Pitbull’s verses (in compensation) and release it as a single of his own for RevolveR.


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