Game Still Open to Reconciliation with 50 Cent

Game and 50 Cent

Game’s fallout with 50 Cent has been long documented through diss tracks and public slander, but the former G-Unit member is ready to bury the hatchet. On “Dead” off his recent mixtape Purp & Patron, the Compton rapper spits, “What up 50, let’s talk it out/ But until we talk it out/ Don’t end up dead.” So was he just being facetious?

Turns out, the West Coast MC is prepared to make peace with just about everyone—including his nemesis. “Man, I’ll have a sit-down with anybody. I’m not opposed to anything,” Game told “That was just a lyric in a song that breeded maybe hope for some fans out there. Not necessarily saying that’ll ever happen, but I’m always open to chopping it up and letting bygones be bygones to any situation in life pretty much—unless it persists to piss me off or rub me uneasy. But other than that, I’m game.”

While the back and forth could eventually wear a rapper down, the Cali spitter claims that battling is the only thing that doesn’t grind his gears. “Nah, I don’t really grow tired of nothing,” he said. “I grow tired of working, man, and being in the studio late. I don’t get tired of anything that doesn’t require any energy.”

Following the success of Purp & Patron, Game is releasing the follow-up The Hangover, a collection of leftover tracks from his recent studio sessions. The 15-track offering is scheduled to drop today at 4:20 p.m. PST.

–Steven J. Horowitz

Do you think a reconciliation between Game and 50 is likely?

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  1. OnlyBoy

    that would be nice if they patched this non scene up! Pull a nas and jay lmao


  2. MajkPoland

    i dont know what thikn about it… ;S
    we will see…



  3. F.W



  4. Stark

    Fifty said ” game keeps making me rich” :p


  5. Mes_Cudi

    Just do it 50.


  6. damine

    when gunit come out all of them was hot as hell nd buck need to do the some as the game nd 50 u should say get my money


  7. lil jaime

    yo game u suck stop trying to act like u the best
    u nothing compared to 50 he is gonna destroy u
    u suck game accept it 50 will always be better than
    u so watch out


  8. c.k

    iam a big fan of 50 and understand his anger towards game as he has done alot to 50. but i think they should do a track together or even an album it would be a sell out and the fans would love it!


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