Where Has Charli Baltimore Been?

D-Nice and Charli Baltimore

It’s been a minute since Charli Baltimore burst onto the scene with her flaming red hair, but the former Murder Inc. mami stepped out last night at event promoter Jessica Rosenblum’s birthday party at Juliet Supperclub in NYC. The black-haired raptress showed off her tats in a strapless black cocktail dress, getting cozy with guests DJ Whoo Kid and D-Nice during the fete.

The Philly native, who rapped alongside Ja Rule on his 2001 hit single “Down Ass Chick,” has spent the last few years focusing on being a mom and managing her model-singer daughter India, though she returned to rhyming earlier this month with the release of her Come Test Us EP featuring Lil Wayne. Get reacquainted with Chuck B. Moore below.

Charli Baltimore DJ Whoo Kid, Jessica Rosenblum, and Charli Baltimore Charli Baltimore

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  1. Yeah



  2. Dave

    I used to kinda sort of like her.


  3. jaye

    I miss her!!! If she comes back out with any music she should dye her hair back red!!


  4. Ron'do

    charlie yu didn’t hav any success the first two times. I guess the third time would be a charm…..!!!!!!NOT


  5. Mr

    Light skin trash. This chick always talking some shit about someone but never got no music out


  6. kellykell

    she used to be my bitch back in the “murder inc” error << lol . btw she's not aging well at all .


  7. @dafellaz

    Yeah i love her


  8. ugh

    why she look like a light skinned ciara? LOL


  9. Diamond

    She actually raps unlike Minaj, and she doesn’t talk shit, she raps w/ a ego like EVERY rapper


  10. MissJanae

    I loved the song she had with Ghostface Killa. Honestly, though, no one was checking for her in the 90s ( hence her album getting shelved twice) and no one is checking for her now.


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  12. key

    lol another one was coming after kim, then disappear…………what she trina do? back to the music? plzzzzzzz, u look trash ma


    Aj Reply:

    Bitch yu gt ha fuqd upp @key,


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  14. Stace Face

    I agree with jaye & kellykell

    @Diamond …Shut Up NIcki is a BEAST!

    @Key…Well Damn *in gucci voice* lol


  15. LaMont

    She still looks pretty good! She’s pale as hell tho! lol


  16. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    i liked her , she needs to come back …


  17. From Tokyo

    I’ve never been into/really knew her but I like her flow; I agree that she really is rapping in the way that I identify rapping.

    @Mr – Your disgusting colorism is showing.


  18. Kyle

    I remember I was really excited for her “Diary” album to drop back in 2002. Too bad it never got to see the light of day. From what I can remember she had quite a buzz going too back in Murder INC.’s reigning days. Wish her the best of luck regardless.


  19. ???

    I agree with Tokyo.
    I don’t care what you people say I want to here more from her. I like her rapping style.
    With her I’m not thinking about her outfits or style or some gimmick, I’m listening to her actually RAP.
    Same with Lil Kim (minus all that surgery)


  20. Bangasmurf

    Yo dat was my bitch right there. Yo b, come back gurl…


  21. David

    I like you, your HOT on point…I also like for you to be in a event in Philadelphia Pa.


  22. gerry

    That’s my girl she look beautifulln,miss ya charli. Hope you come back in the rap game very soon



    Was feelin ms. Baltimore back in the day…


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