50 Cent Won’t Buy His Son a Ferrari

50 Cent

A well-dressed 50 Cent kept his ears to the beat, rocking a pair of his Sleek by 50 Cent wireless headphones to the screening of HBO Films’ The Sunset Limited in New York City last night. Despite having plenty of money to blow, the hip-hop tycoon has decided against buying his son a Ferrari for his 16th birthday. “My son just told me he want a ferrari for his 16th birthday,” tweeted Curtis. “I ain’t wit it ill get him a car but that he has to work for him self.” Father knows best.

50 Cent 50 Cent

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  1. 2011k

    Is it just me…or is that shots fired at Diddy??? Hmm…


  2. webb

    you are ridiculous to say it’s shots fired ar diddy,fif is smarter than diddy that’s he made way more money than diddy in a less amount of time,he’s right not to buy him the ferrari there are plenty of other things to do with such big money,he’s not throwing money down the drain for nothing what a kid will do with a ferrari? it can be stolen from him if he’s in the hood with it.fif you are right you made a lot of money indeed but he worked hard so damn to get it.but get him a car anyway,but not a ferrari.diddy is adult he can do whatever the fuck he wants ,fif can’t copy diddy because diddy ain’t got shit on him he’s richer than diddy is in 7 years alone.


  3. swaggamcjagga

    Ohhhh. So after u tweet pics of your son holding stacks of cash, u want to make him work for something now???? Your so damn lame 50. And unbutton that last button….u look like can’t breathe.


  4. swaggamcjagga



  5. Toya

    Giving a 16 year old a Ferrari is a bad idea all the way around. Not only would they feel they don’t have to earn anything themselves because they got such a lavish thing at such a young age, imagine the insurance involved to cover a 16 year old and the cost of speeding tickets because what 16 year old will do the speed limit in a Ferrari?


  6. lamin

    This niggro is just intelligent enuf, make him work for himself


  7. EmsFaveFan

    You’re a VERY bad father! SCUM! Kidding, no dad in the world wants their sons to drive a ferrari, then they just look hotter than themself.. You know?


  8. Mak

    50 was just raised diff than a lot of other niggas in the game thats all. Its obvious… very obvious


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  10. Dustin

    let’s hope lil 25 cent doesnt live around me


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  12. babygirl

    @2011k – that’s what I was thinking right away.


  13. lil jaime

    yo y dont yo son become a rapper even though is a
    hard job hell get paid


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