Dr. Dre, Chris Brown Top iTunes Charts

Dr. Dre and Chris Brown

The Doctor is back on top. A mere two days after releasing his Detox single “I Need a Doctor” to digital retailers, Dr. Dre currently sits at No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes Top Songs chart.

A video for the first official single from Dre’s long-awaited album featuring Eminem and Skylar Grey was recently shot in Los Angeles with director Allen Hughes. Meanwhile, his Snoop Dogg and Akon-assisted buzz single “Kush” is No. 77 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Another comeback king, Chris Brown, sees similar success with his latest single “Look at Me Now” featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes. The Diplo and Afrojack production hold the No. 2 spot thanks to a surge in downloads. The banger comes off of Breezy’s fourth album F.A.M.E. (March 22), which has also spawned the dance floor-ready “Beautiful People” featuring Benny Benassi.

Other songs making the iTunes Top Songs chart include Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” at No. 4, Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” at No. 5, and Pitbull’s “Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor)” at No. 7. Alex Da Kid and Skylar Grey score another top 10 with Diddy-Dirty Money’s “Coming Home,” which lands at No. 8.

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  1. Sarah

    Look at me now is better than i need a doctor!


  2. Nina

    @Sarah, of course you’re gonna say that, you’re a CB stan…


  3. Ethan

    Yes sarah tell em!


  4. Sarah

    correcting *I think Look at me now is better than i need a doctor!*


  5. Ethan

    Nina, yeah and your probably not a cb stan so you won’t say it? weird huh -.- leave her alone


  6. Drake&CiaraFan

    Start downloading “Look at Me Now”, its so much better. “I Need a Doctor” isnt that good and the only reason its at number one, is because eminem is on it.


  7. Chiddy Bang

    Chris Brown’s single came straight out of left field. Didn’t even think it would appeal to anyone really.

    Busta Rhymes>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Eminem = instant success; so I’m not surprised there


  8. brandon

    If you’re gonna attribute the success of Dre’s single to Eminem, then you should also realize that Wayne has a lot to do with Chris being on top. Anything he touches goes top 10.


  9. Sarah

    If Weezy makes Chris Brown be on top 10 why I Can transform was a ‘flop’?


  10. MusicMusic01

    I’m def. proud of Chris and what he got done so far. Can’t wait for F.A.M.E & Fortune.


  11. ZANIA

    Not true because Lil Wayne has his own single out now and it didn’t hit #2 on itunes. Actually on twitter everyone likes Busta Rhymes verse. So all three of them need credit, Chris , Busta and Lil wayne. stop hating.


  12. Yeah

    Chris Brown is sooo overrated. He’s only #2 cuz of Wayne & Busta. I can transform was mostly just Chris and it sucked. It’ll go down probably by Saturday at in the 30′s or 40′s.


  13. almostpia

    Busta showed why he is a great lyricist in Look At Me Now. The song grew on me. So happy for Breezy!


  14. ZANIA

    Chris fans is the reason the song went #2 on itune. Chris is a star all around talent nothing overrated about him. There is nothing he can’t do, Sing, Rap, ACt, WRITE SONGS, ART, DANCE.


  15. ReallyRaw

    @Yeah Weezy actually hitted no.1 on itunes with 6’7…


  16. King Makers

    @yeah: I can transform ya wasnt a flop, it just came out @ the wrong time, shortly after the incident. That song was seriously under-rated but i hope it will be re-released when CB is back on top. Anything Eminem is on is a success nowadays expecially with his 10 GRAMMY NODS and numerous awards around the world. Personally i didnt see anything speciall about the particular song “love the way you lie” cos thats not his greatest poetry but i respect Eminem and Dre, Dre especially has been over-looked as the best producer ever, no disrespect to Timberland & Diddy but, let him have this spot in peace.


  17. tiffany

    look at me now is epic
    really original

    F.A.M.E is coming soooooooon!!

    can’t wait!!!

    i don’t see why harters have to speak!!!!
    get mad , chris brown, no matter what he does will always keep us

    real music!!!

    if you got eyes look at me now; bitch

    if you


  18. Derrell

    To the people who claim chris brown is overated plz name another artist who can sing,dance,rap, write music better than him??? The only person who has talent on chris browns level to me is queen B


  19. Sheila

    Lol why do people act like this is chris browns 1st trip to the top of the charts? Chris was a world wide superstar by the age of 17 and has multiple platinum plaques under his belt


  20. kelsey

    @tiffany , “harters” ??? LOL!

    you are one of the biggest haters who comment on this site. don’t talk.


  21. World Spinner

    Rap-Up.com || Dr. Dre, Chris Brown Top iTunes Charts…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  22. 4Real

    @brandon not really the song with Wanye and Birdman barley got to top20 on iTunes. So not everything Weezy is on goes top 10.


  23. Haters Stay Pressed

    I’m so happy for Chris! He is proving the haters wrong left and right!

    I’ll admit, I didn’t think that ‘Look At Me Now’ was gonna do as well as it is on the main iTunes charts, because it is so gritty, but it’s slaying iTunes right now! I can’t wait until it debuts on Hot 100! I am sure that the assistance of Wayne and Busta didn’t hurt though. Lol!

    I tried to like that ‘I Need A Doctor’ song, but it’s really annoying to me. I just can’t get into it. *shrugs*



    Ayyyeeee!!!!!!! “Look at Me Now” is clearly betta than i need a doctor. Really thats ur No.1 dwnload. Uhhhhhhh i think not. Breezy back wit a banga


  25. ReallyRaw

    i cant stand skylar grey’s voice on i need a doctor…. tickles my eardrums


  26. breezy swiss

    Look at Me Now” go hard yupppppppppp Breezy


  27. Haters Stay Pressed

    @Sheila: Thank You!

    @Yeah: Shut your hatin ass up! You always have something negative to say about Chris and you are always trying to downplay his success! STFD and STFU!! If Chris is so overrated then why is it that you happy ass always finds your way into his post! Stop checking for him if he is so overrated!

    Regardless of who the song features, it is still HIS song, so that makes it HIS hit!

    ‘I Can Transform Ya’ was released back in 2009 when he was still the most hated man in America!
    Radio stations were still not playing his music and he didn’t get to perform it live ANYWHERE yet it still reached Top 20 on Billboard! Considering all of his obstacles and lack of support on radio, that was great!

    Realize the fact that Chris is on his grind and he is getting back to where he was! He deserves all of his success including his three Grammy Nods that he recieved this year! Stay mad!


  28. Haters Stay Pressed

    @ReallyRaw: I know right! She is the main reason I can’t listen to the song! Her voice irk the hell out of me!


  29. ReallyRaw

    @Haters Stay Pressed
    true that :P


  30. ReallyRaw

    the homie Yeezy was the most hated in ’09 hands down…


  31. TheDimplePuppet

    Does anyone know what brand of vest Chris is wearing?


  32. rihsus

    well Trey Songz and Rihanna are making money with their music..chris brown buying his own ish on itunes…nothing new under the same.I just hope that he saved some money for his lawyer.You guys know how lawyers are, they are obsessed with money…I am sure that #teambreezy will get another “Infamous” twitter ad.Because yeah this is how z-list celeb are buying their carreer:twitter ads then buying their own ish on the itunes store with the income from the ad.
    Poor thang.He can’t even fool his fans.
    They are on twitter speaking about how such a garbage can be do high when they didn’t even buy it.
    Thank god Rihsus is about to make money with her Tour and made money with Loud while this convicted woman beater is behind a computer buying his own crap.


  33. King Makers

    That name is wrong! Rih-sus, thats blasphemy! Fusing Rihanna & Jesus together while instigating hate guarantees you a place in hell.


  34. precious

    hey I’m fromthe u.k. and chris brown is currently at No.2 on the official u.k. charts with yeah 3x so happy for you chris ILY ALWAYS!!!!!!! TEAM BREEZY UK x


  35. Me


    when wayne relaesed his single 6 foot 7 it went staight to #1 on itunes so what are you talking about wayne had alot to do with that


  36. King Makers

    @Me: NO HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! beat was sick, Busta was sick, Chris was sick it was a perfect song for Itunes and thats just the beginning. Song stands out just like deuces or did wayne have anything to do with that too? Please, give credit to whom credit is due and quit trying it. A lot more are still coming in fact his entire album with each take a turn @ the top 10 of every music chart in the world.


  37. Haters Stay Pressed

    @ Rihsus: Your name alone proves that you are too delusional to function properly! Do the world a favor and just die! You are the epitome of ignorance!

    @Me: Wayne is not the only for the success of ‘Look At Me Now’.

    CB fans go hard! The day ‘Look At Me Now’ came out, people were twit picking pics of how many times they purchased it on itunes! One girl had purchased over 60 times! CB are the main reason why it is doing so well on itunes!

    Yeah Wayne had a hot verse, and he is due his credit to making it a hit, but CB’s fan base reason why the song shot to the top of iTunes!

    Besides, Busta’s verse murdered Wayne’s verse on the song, so I think Busta is more the reason of its success than Wayne.


  38. lee

    dang why so much hate for people?
    im happy for chris and dre,they doing they thing


  39. JHP

    I Need A Doctor is more like Eminem feat. Dr. Dre seeing as Dre only has one verse, and Em has two, and of course his being on it helped the sales, not hating though, it’s a dope song! And not everything Lil Wayne touches becomes a top 10 hit, the Fire Flame Remix didn’t do sh*t. And everyone knows Busta’s name alone won’t sell a song. So give CB his credit, f**king haters man, yall try to downplay everything good someone does for themselves.


  40. Tracie

    Can’t stop listening to Look At Me Now…Chris is making his fans soooo happy!


  41. Me

    @Yeah….Chris Brown sh*ts on your WHOLE life. Get up get out and do something! You’re like those Columbine kids…unloved psychotic loser…kill yourself.


  42. koolnigg

    peps should shut up chris brown only has haters cuz of wat he did to rih not because of wat he has done in the music biz


  43. rihsus

    purchases by one person are counted only one tipe.this has nothing to do with his fans buying the song several times. this has to with him paying itunes to push his single.it is ok let’s just hope that he saved money for his lawyer since he is on probation till 2014


  44. rihsus



  45. Naya

    Lil Wayne isn’t the reason why the song is doing so good and evven if he is so what it still has Chris’ name on it its still his song and at the end of the day it will be on his album! You mad? Well damn I would be too if I thought he was going to flop! Breezy is slaying the charts without promo or a video #bitchesbye


  46. Shittedonem

    @Rihsus Why u even commenting? If what one person purchase counts one tipe then MANY persons dd cuz the song is #2 and soon gon hit #1 Trust me Breezy said F.A.M.E and he shitted on ur fav career cuz i dont see where she going with her new vid now ON TO THE NEXT ONE BREEZY SLAYSSSSS


  47. A Realist

    It doesn’t matter which is on top. They’re both good songs. :|


  48. TowandaW

    Kwakwakwa…….this @Rihsus fool, keeps on talking nonsense here, buyin his own music *are you sick or wat* Breezy is on the top because of his Fans and his Awesome Talent………..now you go and sleep somewhere *Gawwwwwwwwwwsh*


  49. asdasdasd


    Stupid logic, dumbass



    i need a doctor is alot better than look at me now, it as more amotion and meaning plus dre and em are legends, good look to him though, nice to no a man can beat a women and women support him. pffffffft


  51. Lisa

    Of course “I Need A Doctor” is #1. Em could fart on an entire record and it still hit #1, because he’s Eminem. I don’t care for the song personally, but “Look At Me Now” is hot except for Chris Breezy’s part. How ironic considering it’s his song. Busta went the eff in!


  52. Paula

    I first heard Look At Me Now on NYE when Chris played it at Club Love. I and the crowd rocked to it right away! It’s a banger!

    @Yeah Why are you on every Chris Brown post. If I don’t like an artist I AVOID articles about them. Hmm, closet fan?
    Also, ICTY was DOUBLE PLATINUM. Look it up, since you clearly have lots of free time.


  53. Paula

    I got distracted. I’m really happy that was Detox FINALLY released. I think the title was announced in the 90′s! Just kidding, glad to see Dre back in the game.


  54. Aw man!

    To You Haters and you know who the hell yall are, if I Can Transform Ya is such a flop, why did it go platinum? If you hate dude so much, why are yall always checking for him? All yall are doing is letting us know yall eat, sleep, and shit CB!


  55. Nait Phoenix

    I’ll admit something right now. I don’t like both songs that much. Most songs I hate end up being hits anyways. So that means a song that definitely deserves the number one spot, like “Words I Never Said” or “Price Tag” will probably be overlooked, because people want simplicity in a bottle instead of substance on a platter.


  56. amy

    look at me now is still number 2 for those who said it will fall by saturday, haters give cb and team breezy life


  57. arie

    @ koolnigg I so agree with you! Alot of these haters are still stuck in the past, CB is not the only artist to have done something wrong, but he is the only one that still has pathetic haters that don’t want to move on and don’t want to get over themselves. Their only intentions are to sit around and wait for something about him just to hate. Congrats to both Dre and CB!


  58. Veronica

    @Nina it’s true stan/fan/or casual observer can bare witness to the fact that LOOK AT ME NOW its a much better song than I NEED A DOCTOR! Dre is just getter the vet coupled with the Eminem co-sign. I like THE CHRONIC Dre. That CD is still the best in its genre. This new song is garbage. LOOK AT ME NOW is an instant classic and anyone with ears and good sense knows that!


  59. Veronica

    @Sarah, the ususal Chris Brown hater (really an undercover fan), ICTY was a great song from the GRAMMY NOMINATED CD GRAFFITI. The success of that song and CD was sabotaged and everyone knows that! Why are you trying to pretend that you don’t?


  60. Veronica

    @Derelle, YOU BETTER PREACH! Chris and Beyonce are the true rulers of the entertainment world. The rest of these ppl are simply in the way. What’ I mean is someone who can put on a high energy entertaining show complete with excellent singing and dancing. They are 2 of the best stage performers out!


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