Keri Hilson Wants to Tour with Jessie J and Miguel

Keri Hilson and Jessie J

Now that her sophomore album No Boys Allowed is in stores, Keri Hilson is ready to take the show on the road. Though she has yet to announce dates, the sexy songstress is planning on kicking off a U.S. tour in April and has two potential tourmates in mind.

“I’m touring in the U.S. in April, and we’re figuring out the tour right now so I can’t announce any specific details,” Miss Keri tells “But I’ll get to see my fans then.”

If she had her way, she would enlist a couple up-and-coming sensations to support her. “Miguel,” she shares, adding that she also wouldn’t mind trekking the country with a fellow female singer-songwriter. “There’s also a new artist named Jessie J, who I think is really dope. But we’ll see.”

Meanwhile, Keri has her eye on collaborations with two Grammy nominees. “Bruno Mars and I have talked about it,” she reveals. “Cee Lo is one that I would like to have happen.”

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  1. roxer




    This sounds amazing!


  3. meme

    Keri hilson aint no one to be requesting no to tour with her. if anything she needs to be an opening act for rihanna or katy or someone. A tour with 3 no bodies aint the business.


  4. ThatMigrator

    Jessie J is too talented to tour with Keri IMO. She’ll definitely outshine her.


  5. roxer

    meme, you must be joking, rihanna and katy perry ain’t nobody without a good writter by their side, and let’s not start talking about their singing skills please, i don’t want to die laughing. You are really funny saying THOSE TWO as example.

    ThatMigrator, right, Jessie is too talented, but she needs a fanbase too, so she needs keri right now (or someone else) to make her a BIG NAME in the US, since Keri has 2 albums in the street and Jessi not.



    …Uhhhh….I wouldn’t say Jessie is TOO talented to Tour with Keri…Like who says shit like that?….

    …Jessie is a new Artist somewhat like Keri….

    Just to see Keri reach out is a GREAT thing….

    As far as the Rihanna Katy comments…Please…Rihanna & Katy are Musics least talented Female Artist…Just ask Taylor Swift who does little to no Promotion and comes out on TOP ;-)


  7. A Realist

    Well that’s a flopped ass tour.


  8. Music Lover

    @meme lmaoo you took the words out of my mouth..

    who wants to see 3 nobies. this is a flop in a making.

    she betta suck chris brown d*ck and ask him to join her

    *sips tea*


  9. vauntv

    I LOVE THIS IDEA. I’d 1000000% go.


  10. vauntv

    @Dummies keep it REAL cute, Taylor is like the worst singer in the industry. And dont talk about sales, please. Rihanna & Katy’s 1st week sales = more than how much Keri has sold in the past month & half.


  11. James Stanton

    Keri seriously needs to accept that she is totally R&B. Nothing even screams to the effect of. Jesse J or Miguel even needing to tour with Keri.if anything, she needs to be their opening act. Their music is nothing alike. Keri just wishes she can be as creatively forwad as Miguel and Jesse J. Another case of an artist trying to hold on as hard as they can. She needs to be touring with her label mates like Lloyd and Rich Boy. Although very talented, Keri needs to stay in the bed she has laid. It works for her.


  12. mindgames

    you haters got nothin better to do? get a life!!

    GO KERI!! :D


  13. Boms-1

    Stop all this shit guys.keri,rihanna,katy,jessie j,miguel-they are all gud artist.they should b encouraged 2 keep goin.thats fans 4 ya all.have some wondaful times!


  14. Boms-1

    Stop all this shit guys.keri,rihanna,katy,jessie j,miguel-they are all gud artist.they should b encouraged 2 keep goin.thats y u’re all fans.4 ya all,have some wondaful times!


  15. brooke

    Yeaahhh….if Jessie J tours with Keri Hilson I’m not going to the concert.


  16. BritneyVsBeyonceIluvEmBoth

    Um why do ppl keep saying keri hilson is R&B i dont see it.
    Knock You Down
    I Like
    Pretty Girl Rock
    Return the favor

    none of those songs are R&B and were not classified as r&b. all those songs which were sinles were urban/pop. I really don’t see keri hilson as a R&B. Anyway i think she will do well but jessie j is not known in the U.S. so ppl are foretting that. Jessie J would flop if she came out with an album next week nobody knows her here. i just found out who she was yesterday. Miguel is a NO his album has done HORRIBLE. it has not even reached 200k and it has been out how long???

    Rihanna= NOOOOOOO rihanna cannot perform and would not help keri hilson.

    Keri Hilson problem is her team. Her sinles should have went like this

    1. pretty girl rock
    2. lose control
    3. toy soldier
    4. gimme what i want
    5. all the boys. this album would have sky rocketed if the single choices went that way. like wtf?? her team always mess her up and they released her album world wide with NO single or PROMO.


  17. BritneyVsBeyonceIluvEmBoth

    keri hilson is the best and i love her but please dont go on tour with rihanna she sucks and so does miguel


  18. asunkee

    OMG! Miguel AND Jessie J !? I’m so there!


  19. Jeremyy

    Jessie J’s album comes out in the US next month. To already have the release date proves she’s not as much of a nobody as you all imply. Sure, she’s not hit number one, but she isn’t lurking in the shadows either. I think Keri Hilson taking Jessie J is an excellent idea. Keri has a core fanbase and that fanbase would cling to Jessie J. It would be a smart move for both artists.


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