New Music: Chris Brown – ‘Up to You’ [Snippet]

Chris Brown

Chris Brown takes it nice and slow on “Up to You,” a new ballad off his upcoming album F.A.M.E. The R&B hunk previewed the song for his fans in a viral video, where he mimes the lyrics while posted up inside a hotel.

A lovestruck Breezy lets his girl call the shots on the slow jam. “I’ma be the one to take a back seat girl/ We can take our time and you can run this/ Stay in, go out/ Anything you want girl, we can do,” he sings.

“my album will contain all types of styles and genres of music…. hopefully my music will inspire and spread peace and positivity,” he told Team Breezy.

Listen to a snippet of “Up to You” below.

What do you think of Chris’ new song? Let us know!

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  1. Yeah

    …sucks…it’s ok


  2. Yeah



  3. marie

    this is amazing!he has a beautiful voice


  4. CARLA

    The lyrics………….. his VOICE….. SLAYS!!!!


  5. jeremydante

    finally!!!! a ballad!
    love what im hearing. looking forward to the full clip.


  6. Rhe

    His voice is amazing, it slays.. the talent is something else.


  7. Paige

    what???? Who can NOT like this song i’m almost in tears it’s a really beautiful song. DAMN you go Chris this is amazing!


  8. lee

    this is beautiful
    I usually dont say this because everyone has their own taste in music but if you dont like this your hater or deaf


  9. Haters Stay Pressed

    Damn! This is making its rounds on the internet fast! He just released it like a half hour ago! Everyone wants their Breezy fiz! Lol!

    This snippet was so beautiful! It was exactly what I was waiting to hear from him! No rapping, no autotune, just singing! He sounded so great! I can’t wait for the full version!

    Anyone who says this dude can’t sing after this is just an idiot! Point Blank Period!


  10. Haters Stay Pressed

    @Yeah: I figured your hatin ass would be the FIRST person up in here! I thought you said he was overrated?? Why the hell are you always checking for him!

    @Lee: Exactly! Anyone who doesn’t give this boy credit after this is just a hater, period! Haters are always saying he can’t sing, he only uses autotune his music sucks, blah, blah blah! Does this sound like autotune to you! You can’t deny he sung his ass off on this and it is just a snippet! Imagine what the whole song will sound like!


  11. Kelz

    Beautiful song bruh……LEGEND!!!!


  12. Victoria

    I love love love this!! Finally he is doing R&B again.


  13. john brown

    you go chris, sexy


  14. john brown

    this song is the shit


  15. Meeka

    That. Was beautiful chris


  16. JHP

    This is a dope R&B Joint, just a song no gimmicks. His rap songs go ham, but I like the ballads every now and then too, but yeah Breezy’s my favorite R&B singer right now hands down


  17. Yeah

    until the Rih bashing stops, I will continue to not like this overrated fuck. the song sucks damn, Cb fans are desperate for anything, like he can’t make a bad song or something…

    wait, I gave it another listen, still don’t like it, maybe it’s his annoying little kiddie voice, sounds like auto-tune. I’ll stick with real voices like Mario :P


  18. hmm

    finally man..its about time he did a real r&b song!


  19. ZANIA

    OMG I can’t stop playing this song. Chris driving me crazy now with all the wait for his album.


  20. Tracie

    @yeah …you’re sad and really pathetic. #thatisall


  21. Tracie

    Forgot to say how much I LOVE this snippet. It leaves me wanting more!!! Chris’ swag is all the way on point!! Fresh than a mufka!


  22. Icebreaker686

    WOW. Between this and Calypso, this album will be on par with, if not greater than, his debut.


  23. Me

    @yeah If Chris NEVER makes another dime…if his music fall off the charts today he’s still done more THIS WEEK than you will EVER do in your whole life. Get up get out and do something loser! LMAO! Hating on Chris is your full time job but you need to retire cause that ni99a is good!


  24. treysangel

    The part where he says “you can run this”>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> he should just put the album out now that snippet is all the promo he needs


  25. lee

    @yeah newsflash everyone who dislikes rihanna is not a chris brown fan,some people just have ears

    anyone who goes into post for artist they dont like just to hate has to much time on their hands


  26. uknowme

    very nice C. Breezy is coming hard this time around


  27. Sharp Tongue

    I like it and Chris look yummy hot flashes.


  28. .

    idk if this is a radio it?


  29. @Fierce_NaY

    Ugh !!! I’m in Love … #LOVEIT


  30. manny sauer

    ohmygoodnes.. i love it. finally something like the old chris that we grew to love!


  31. Haters Stay Pressed!

    @Yeah: Who the f*ck is bashing Rihanna? Who even bought her up except you?? You’re just using her as a way to shade Chris! His fans don’t give a f*ck about her!

    Anyone with ears can tell there is no autotune in this damn song! This is his voice and he is singing his heart out! Yeah you go listen to Mario cause you are the only one checking for his ass!


    Graffiti= Grammy Nominated

    Rated R= *crickets*

    So who is overrated now?? Exactly! STFD & STFU!!


  32. Lexx_Janay

    this song jammmms! Team Breezy!


  33. coallen100

    im acomplete rihanna fan but this song is not that bad i must say maybe i have to listen to it 2x before


  34. who Gonna Check Me Boo

    it sound like Trey Songz #Wack 


  35. vanessa

    One word “beautiful”


  36. nia



  37. RedDragonBoi

    can’t wait for the new full song!


  38. rkelly the king

    Beautiful SONG!



    love it!
    im sorry!!!!!

    this is sooooooo beautifull!!!!!!!! <3


  40. GRRRR

    At last, something from CB that’s really R&B.


  41. Zack

    This has Underdogs written all over it… or did they split?


  42. Lisa`

    @Yeah u mad retarded 4 sayin this song “sucks and its ok” whateva atleast evrybody else agrees w/ meh dhat diz is beautiful. GO BREEZY!!!!!!!!!!!


  43. king

    i am a rihanna fan and dis song real good hope he and rihanna go bak together some day


  44. MusicMusic01

    That’s what I’m talking about…this shit is sweet as R&B can get…lovin it. and don’t worry about haters…they just give him more publicity.


  45. Jay

    Nice! CB always keep them hits coming. Cant wait for F.A.M.E.


  46. jayyy



  47. TowandaW

    Why the Comparisin……………Chris Brown is an Awesome singer *that’s that* The song is Beautiful Period’


  48. JMystery



  49. Shanyia



  50. monaeee .

    Okayy so , chris brown is thee BEST ! Hands` down likee comee on noww YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS !
    #Team Breezy ;) Yeen` Knoo Baby ! BTW imma marry himm onee dayy hee iss just soo CUTEEE !


  51. jrellamiller



  52. breezy swiss

    niceeeeeee, CB 4ever


  53. kiki

    @ Zack , i swear The Underdogs did split up which does make me sad they were amazing :(

    Anyway i was getting all hyped hearing this at college and maybe i can see why my friends find him appealing haha !


  54. Brianna

    Loveeee It!


  55. Paula

    He doesn’t focus on R&B like I’d prefer, but when he does it’s PURE MAGIC. This is a perfect beginning of love song and his youthful exuberance adds to the richness of the composition. LOVE IT!


  56. World Spinner || New Music: Chris Brown – 'Up to You' [Snippet]…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  57. KutamaObama

    This song is pretty cool…………kinda remind me of the 90′s R&B with Jodeci, Silk, Shai etc. One thing with Chris Brown is that he is a real artist……If y’all see what American Idol is trying to do, making people sing all different genre of music (R&B, Country, Rock, 70′s, etc) because a real singer could do it all and Chris brown is just like that. Be it Pop or R&B or Blues, you name it, he does it well. I betcha, he can sing a country music (song) if he wanted to do it….so to Breezy, keep up the good work, you are too talented to fail after all the bhruhaha……just made you more stronger.


  58. Joyeanna

    WHAT DA FUUUCKKK !! OMG I Absolutly LOVED the song .. cant fuckin wait .. Chris i swear this man is incredible !!!


  59. nicole

    I’m loving this song already. Can’t wait for F.A.M.E. His album is going to sooooooo good.


  60. jrellamiller



  61. love

    i loving de song…..


  62. King Makers

    @kutamaobama, i totally 2nd all what you wrote, its made him stronger all round. “every dark cloud has a silver lining”. I think a lot of artist will follow in his footsteps now; with his mix tapes, urban/pop fusion and silky R&b. But thats 50% of his talents, he is a fantastic dancer amongst many other gifts, he will be hard to beat by any artist out there.


  63. so stupid

    I mean really, @ who Gonna Check Me Boo and @ yea, are you two one in the same, I mean you must have alot of time on your hands? It seems all you do is sit and wait for a post about CB! Both your lazy asses need to get off welfare and get a job because I’m tired of taxes coming out of my hard earned money to take care of you all. @ yea, you must really lack in the common sense area, what makes you think CB stans are the only ones hating on Rihanna, the same could be said about her stans hating on him. Do us all a favor and get help. @ who Gonna Check Me Boo, it sounds nothing like Trey Songs, you are wacked. You haters are really funny!


  64. youdontneedtoknow



  65. Heminem

    I love it.

    Sounds like MJ 2011. No joke. Amazing


  66. psnivey

    wowww sounds like a classic song already


  67. amy

    some ass hole in here said that look at me now will fall to 43 or 40 this Saturday, but go look at it bitch is still number 2. i tunes now put it in front of their page cuz they see how much its selling. haters are so disappionted.


  68. Happygolucky

    I agree with Yeah, it sucks. I’m sick of the wack auto tune and the same wack style of music now. Give that robotic crap a break and sing with your real voice. Smh.


  69. mistwalker

    wow the haterers are really hating huh this song is the best pice of r&b ive heard in a while dude is gonna fuck the game up again


  70. Mr Xclusive

    i dont chris has put out 1 shitty song in his career, the dude makes quality music, respect him


  71. Johnny

    Quess he sung this song to Rihanna after beating her down. Can’t beleave a person like him still is making music in northamerica. So sad!!!


  72. geminibaybee

    @nia : Shoot Me Too ! I Love It And Can’t Too Hear The Whole Version . :D


  73. ethel

    am just loving the song and chris as a person…its just beautiful………..mwahhh baby


  74. alicia's a homewrecka

    all his 72 fans better buy his album or else it will tank. double wood.


  75. tiffany

    yeahhhhhhhhhh chris brown

    the best ever


  76. jb

    All his sound the same not much different his fan keep say same things all the time…


  77. tiffany

    no chriq brown is one of the rare artists bthat make different type of songz
    3 exemple:
    -champion ft cipmunk
    -with you
    -what i do

    3 really different “urban” song


  78. tiffany

    ahahaaaaaaaa Johnny

    chris brown is unstoppable
    you just have to get mad

    haha haterzzzzzz everybody still speaking about him!! you thought he wuould be finish forever???

    ahaha get mad haterz


  79. Shae

    who da fuck is that @YEAH bitch. u dont like chris okay fine. KEEP THAT SHIT TO URSELF BITCH! DONT NOBODY CARE WHO YOU LIKE AND DONT LIKE, U AINT NO FCKIN BODY IMPORTANT. why da fuck his fans gotta be desperate?…yea, some ppl are entitle to make bad songs….TOO BAD CHRIS IS TOO FUCKIN TALENTED TO ACTUALLY SLIP LIKE THAT, so you mad? ….GOOD! stay fuckin mad….go lick on rihanna’s clit or something. i hear she gets down like that now ahahhahahahaa


  80. Princess

    Really Good!!!!! Imma Cop That! XD


  81. Neickha

    This song is amazing Chris can’t wait for F.A.M.E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  82. Haters Stay Pressed!

    alicia’s a homewrecka: You have the nerve to make a comment like that with a name like that and then try to talk about being ‘positive’ on another blog!

    If he only had 72 fans then he wouldn’t have over a million followers on Twitter right now, you stupid b*tch! Trsut, with all the hits he has right now


  83. Maria

    I love how all the haters are just feeding off of each other! They have no real reason to hate this song! I bet you guys have no jobs and are low life muthafuckers living in your mothers basements! You guys clearly have no ears and are just a waste of life!


  84. KERA




  85. Bruck

    its so amazing


  86. dede

    I luv it its a very beautiful song… Its a Hit!!!


  87. Tasha

    LOVE THIS!!! cant wait 2 hear the whole thing.


  88. Raymond

    yesssss this is chris brown music right here finally..this a banga right here he betaa come out with this single next…MARCH 22ND IS THE DAY


  89. mrxsgucci

    I love this song:) Every time I pop the cd in i turn straight to this song chris brown keep it up your whole cd is poppin!!!


  90. shamini phillips



  91. Shanaya Rowe

    best & believe everyday i be listening to this song . I Love this song , i think when i get older and when i get married , ima play this at my wedding for me and my husband . I LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN :))))


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