Tracklisting: Lupe Fiasco – ‘Lasers’


Lupe Fiasco reaches out to an eclectic roster on his third album Lasers, dropping March 8. The Chi-town rapper links back up with staple collaborator Sarah Green on opener “Letting Go,” while he adds a splash of R&B to the fold with Trey Songz on “Out of My Head” and John Legend on “Never Forget You.” Street Fighting Man’s Eric Turner appears with U.K. grime rapper Sway on “Break the Chain,” while MDMA, Matt Mahaffey, and Skylar Grey round out the guest spots. Check out the official tracklisting below per Lupe’s official site.

1. “Letting Go” feat. Sarah Green
2. “Words I Never Said” feat. Skylar Grey
3. “Till I Get There”
4. “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now” feat. MDMA
5. “Out of My Head” feat. Trey Songz
6. “The Show Goes On”
7. “Beautiful Lasers, (Two Ways)” feat. MDMA
8. “Coming Up” feat. MDMA
9. “State Run Radio” feat. Matt Mahaffey
10. “Break the Chain” feat. Eric Turner & Sway
11. “All Black Everything”
12. “Never Forget You” feat. John Legend

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  1. Yeah

    don’t like it.
    If Scream & What U Want were the only songs on here, I would buy 10 copies.

    I really wanted Scream to be on LASERS!

    March 8th


  2. Yeah

    what is MDMA?


  3. hmmmmmmmm

    @yeah MDMA a.k.a. ecstasy. Can’t wait for Lasers at last! :)


  4. 2011k

    Ok….sooo….we’ve waited all of this time….for 12 damn song? Really, Lupe??


  5. CT



  6. Mr C To Tha B

    Where’s I’m Beaming ? (remix too ? )
    Still lookin’ forward to the cd though !


  7. trippen67

    why you blaming Lupe…its down to the money making Atlantic Records yet again…forcin him to make pop songs with 12 tracks…i think he should buy him self out of the contract and go to a decent record label


  8. Phoenix_Wright

    Complaining ass Fans!!! be glad it’s getting released and stop b!tching


  9. Ashley

    I can’t wait for “till i get there” to release! I heard a snippet of it on youtube a long time ago and it sounds so cool! Why isn’t “I’m Beaming” on there man! It should be a bonus track.


  10. GRRRR

    Not only has “I’m Beaming” been cut out of the tracklist, his collaborator Matthew Santos isn’t either! Although, I hope Lupe gets the positive reception he deserves.


  11. Banana

    It would have been cool if lupe could have gotten kanye and pharrell to do a song.


  12. Dave

    @2011k Umm…. u every heard of his label? They control what’s released. Clearly since they initially halted his album being releasing. If you want “I’m Beamin’” & “Shining Down” Y’all you can purchase those as singles at any Digital Retailer. Anywhooo, I can’t wait!!!!! I listened to “Never Forget You” w/ John Legend, that’s my ish! The album is gonna be EPIC & Stimulating!


  13. Wasalu

    wish matthew santos was gonna be featured


  14. xx

    i wanna listen to the tracks featuring sarah green n john legend!


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  16. bigmyke757

    Noooo not TREY WRONGZZZZZ!!!! Lupe why’d u do it!!!???? “The Cool” was freakin a m a z i n g.


  17. Killmatic

    Still think it’s gonna be dope. This reminds me of when we saw the Kanye tracklist and everybody was hating cuz it was only 12 songs.


  18. MusicKING

    I’m mad its only 12 tracks!!! But I know the album will be great.


  19. jmendonca21

    not sure why some people are so against the Trey Songz feature. They already had a track together “Blackout” and its really good like most of Lupe’s stuff. I also heard he may be releasing another album late this year, thats where you may see “Scream” and so on. I Hope.


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