Marsha Ambrosius Remembers Michael Jackson: ‘I Was His Singing Heifer’

Marsha Ambrosius

Not many artists can lay claim to collaborating with a legend before they’ve even gotten their feet wet, but they’re not Marsha Ambrosius. Ten years ago, the English songstress worked alongside Michael Jackson to create “Butterflies,” a hit single off the King of Pop’s Invincible album, and has fond memories from the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The former Floetry member played a pivotal role in the song’s evolution, but she was just happy to be part of the process. “The original record I produced and wrote myself,” Marsha tells “Andre Harris co-produced it with me. I worked with Michael Jackson on the record here in New York in March 2001. Wow, it’s 10 years later and my album is going to be out. I just did the math on that. It’s crazy.”

As a sign of appreciation to the late pop icon, Marsha offers a remixed version of “Butterflies” on her debut solo LP, Late Nights & Early Mornings. The 33-year-old is grateful for the memories, even years later.

“Getting the opportunity to work with the best who ever did it, on planet Earth, period, is just a blessing,” she shares. “For me, it was just paying my respects. For those who don’t know, I’ve worked with him, but I knew him outside of music. I knew him as a father, as a friend. It was me paying my respects back to him and just thanking him for doing something for me so early in my career I never expected. When I came in the industry at such an early age—for me, 20, 21—it was way early to take on as a businesswoman and having Michael Jackson be one of the first artists that you work with as a producer and a writer, I just think that’s a blessing.”

Though the public knew Jackson for being reserved and soft-spoken in interviews, behind studio doors he was anything but. “Michael Jackson was a practical joker,” reveals Marsha. “He was just funny. And his laugh just made you laugh. When we were in the studio, his engineer kept calling me a singing heifer. And [Michael] would tell the engineer, ‘You know a heifer is a cow, that’s a cow.’ I’ll never forget that. So I’ll always be Michael Jackson’s singing heifer.”

Marsha Ambrosius’ debut album Late Nights & Early Mornings arrives in stores March 1, featuring the singles “Hope She Cheats on You (With a Basketball Player)” and “Far Away.”

–Georgette Cline

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  1. Lisa

    One of his best songs ever. Love Marsha!


  2. Dave



  3. Burgerjones

    I absolutely loved this song. I’ll have to check her out. I’ll take a chance and buy the first week.


  4. kiki

    She’s one lucky woman to work with him and i hope to get some money and cop her album :)


  5. Heminem

    the best who ever did it, on planet Earth, period

    Miss you MJ


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  7. Noel

    Wow, its all i can say, and if i ever see her i will say this is a woman Michael Jackson considered talented, and so she is :)

    Awesome i will definitely be expecting her album, Michael JACKSON! saw talent on her so…i mean, do you need something else??? really, i can guarantee she is Fantastic!


  8. Jerri

    I love marsha!


  9. SB

    It’s funny how not a lot of people know about this…can’t wait for March 1 when her new album drops! Love the singles I’ve heard so far, especially “Far Away”!


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  11. barbiechica3

    I remember after I heard Butterflies on Michael’s album I heard u singing it on your Floetry album & I was like I kno she was the one who wrote that song, & for Mike to let your writing be something for him to perform, u OBVIOUSLY had skills!!! Thnx for confirming that for me 8years later…”GOD” BLESS!!! :)


  12. Melanie

    I can’t even imagine being so gifted, enough for Michael Jackson to ask to use my song! I wudve been excited, but don’t think I’d be nervous tho. Everyone knows what a kind, caring angel Michael was. I wudve LOVED to meet Michael, to hear his sweet laugh in person. Yes, Marsha, you truly were blessed! I’ve gotta go buy her CD in March. If MJ saw and heard her talent, well that’s all I need. Thx for sharing, Marsha, and good luck with ur career. I’m sure Michael will be looking down, smiling at ur success.


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