Kanye West Links Up with Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan and Kanye West

Kanye West rubbed shoulders with the beautiful people at a cocktail reception and dinner for Giuseppe Zanotti’s Beverly Hills store opening on Friday (Feb. 4). Mr. West, clad in a black zip-up jacket, T-shirt, and shades, greeted the designer and his wife Cinzia Zanotti and posed with Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan at BOA Steakhouse on the Sunset Strip.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Elton John called ‘Ye’s 2008 album 808s & Heartbreak the “sexiest record since [Marvin Gaye's] What’s Going On.” “He’s a stone cold genius. He’s like Miles Davis meets Frank Zappa,” added the rock legend.

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  1. Mr Xclusive

    first kim now this trashy girl??? lmao kanye is makin himself look bad


  2. Terry-Andre

    Say what you want. I’m always goin to love Lindsay..


  3. Banana

    As long as kanye does not try to turn lohan into a music artist, its all good.


  4. jayjayjj50

    Damn… Lindsay is 10 years younger than Kanye buts looks 10 years older than him.


  5. Yeah

    @ Terry-Andre
    me too :”)
    but Lindsay girl, get it together, you have ppl who love you if u think u don’t. Those u hang around who are pressuring you to do drugs don’t love u!!!Get it together LOVE!


  6. GRRRR

    Holy crap – she’s changed so much.


  7. Haters Stay Pressed!

    Damn! For some reason, I thought Lindsay was still in rehab. She looks a lot older that 24 too. Damn shame! I don’t want to sound negative, but I don’t think she has kicked her drug habit yet. I predict there will be more trips to rehab in her future.

    And Ye, it wouldn’t hurt smile once in a while! I mean your album did go Platinum? Look happy!


  8. Rosewood

    Lindsay could be such a big star but makes the wrong decisions. She’s only famous now for being in the media. I love her…but she needs to do better.


  9. EmAyDee

    that’s what cocaine and plastic surgery will do to ya, mess ya up. =d


  10. World Spinner

    Rap-Up.com || Kanye West Links Up with Lindsay Lohan…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……


    She better take all the pics she can because she’s
    goin to jail next week for stealing a “chain”!! Idiocy!!

    just like the song says “Does Your Mamma Know” You’re A Freak!!


  12. Nick

    She used to be so beautiful. Drugs are just all-around terrible. Shame.


  13. zing

    The TWO IDIOTS deserve each other.


  14. musakfool87

    “sexiest record since marvin gaye’s whats going on”

    There was nothing sexual about that album as it was Marvin’s political statement to the music industry and society as a whole. His lyrics stemmed from affects of soliders from the Vietnam War. Kanye’s new album is great but not above “College Dropout”. Hopefully the social impact that the record has directs the new artists to reach limits that are “unimaginable”


  15. jane

    Wow…Kanye West and Lindsay have both lived some lifestyles!!!, that’s all i have to say.


  16. Rob

    They’re dating, aren’t they?


  17. rihsus

    they are noth washed up.Queen riri


  18. Phoenix_Wright

    The expression on his face looks like sad/mad. But in that middle bottom pick he looks like he is crackin a smile

    wow @ the elton john comment


  19. maya

    @rihsus WHAT THE FUCK does Rihanna have to do w| anything? Rihanna can’t sing anyway.

    As for this pic, the crack head needs 2 get her life in check.


  20. TowandaW

    Rihsus is Dum’


  21. swaggamcjagga

    @Banana…ummmm she has an album out.


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