Lloyd’s ‘King of Hearts’ Pushed to April


Lloyd is taking a little longer to lay his album down in stores. The R&B crooner’s latest has been delayed by a month.

King of Hearts, the fourth LP from the New Orleans-born singer, is now set to arrive on April 19, Rap-Up.com has learned. Previously scheduled for a March 22 date, the Zone 4/Interscope release will include the singles “Lay It Down” and 50 Cent-assisted “Let’s Get It In,” along with production by Polow Da Don.

A compilation of remixes to “Lay It Down” will be available at digital retailers on February 15, containing remixes from R. Kelly, Young Jeezy, Patti LaBelle, and B.o.B.

Young Goldie just wrapped his European “King of Hearts” tour and will join Trey Songz on a four-date “Love Faces” trek in the U.S. beginning February 11 in New York City.

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  1. tae

    lol he didnt wanna compete with cb and possibly bs good move and he might just need a new single to push it since those have been out for a while


  2. TheLuversLane

    whaaaat! i was excited! now i got wait *sigh*


  3. Yeah

    Lloyd’s music is better than cb but whatever. maybe he just afraid of flopping even though he’s one of my fav singers.
    just drop the damn album while the song Lay it down is hot Lloydie, don’t be afraid to flop. if the music is good that’s all that matters. luv


    dd Reply:

    @Yeah, u filthy hypocrite. yet u jump on Chris’s sh*t for his Graffiti album. wow dude ur morals are all screwed up. and NO Lloyd’s music isn’t better than Breezy’s. Another reason why he won’t sell more than Chris.


  4. Phoenix_Wright

    “Lloyd is taking a little longer to lay his album down in stores.”

    LOL @ that, I need to know the Rap-up writers, they always make me laugh when they incorporate the song title in a sentence or 2 about the story.


  5. musakfool87

    @Yeah.. I agree. CB is kind of corny while Lloyd has that MJ feel. I’m not sure about his comments about comparing himself and Polow to Michael and Quincy but whatever. To all the Lloyd fans if you guys haven’t heard “Breathe”, please check it out on Youtube. If he went in that direction he would be a star.


  6. Will

    There pushing it back cause I get It In with 50 cent isnt doing good on the charts he needs to release a third single thats gonna push the album for a release date. His label is just setting it up right so he can do decent numbers.


  7. Mr Xclusive

    @Yeah the internet does contain enough facepalms for your comment, smh


  8. Malika

    cant wait for this album to release ! i love him <3


  9. layeli

    Lloyd is not competeing with cb that is not why he changed the date he just want to make it perfect for the fans I’m really excited for the alubum I wish would come out noe but the longer we wait the better it is



    Well i’m a big fan of Lloyd in it dosn’t matter why he push his album back..if you are a real fan you will go alone with your artist and support him no matter what and just wait 4 his album to drop..not only that I;m a LloydLadies, Lloyd Queen of Hearts and what he said’s goes! it’s not because CB are no any other artist! Lloyd want give his fans the best of him to make us happy he care about his fans! i can tell you this ! when ever his alum drop his fans is going to buys it no matter what and that all that matter..love you Lloyd…


  11. Moe92

    i think Cupid has done it.. he could release the album comfortably Now :)


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