Christina Aguilera Explains National Anthem Flub at Super Bowl

Christina Aguilera

Following her slip-up while performing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV, Christina Aguilera has released a statement explaining why she mixed up the lyrics.

“I got so lost in the moment of the song that I lost my place,” stated the pop singer. “I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of it’s anthem still came through.”

Instead of singing, “O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming,” she repeated the line, “What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,” changing the word “hailed” to “watched.”

The Internet was abuzz with chatter after people noticed the mistake during her live rendition at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. Watch the performance here.

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  1. Yeah

    <3 u xtina


  2. Yeah

    i really don’t care for the damn song, I just wanted to see Christina!! <333


  3. miro(:

    i’ve been saying it wrong… ma bad


  4. Nina

    She was horrible and no amount of apologizing will make anyone forget this. She is the most hated person in America right now.

    Christina, you fat cow, put down the wine bottle, lose some weight, fix your weave and practice your lyrics before you pick up the mic again!!


  5. Yeah

    why is u taking this shit so seriously? smh
    she’s not the first and won’t be the last.
    it’s far more worse things to be worried about then her forgetting one word. sheesh


  6. Jamie

    Are you serious, Nina? Post a link of YOUR picture so we can assess YOUR beauty.


  7. D

    Why have people made this into such a huge deal!? You try singing like that in such a large group of people without getting lost in the moment. I’m sure it’s incredibly difficult. Christina sang beautifully.

    … and Nina, I’m sure you’re no beauty queen so do everyone a favor and shut your mouth. Bad mouthing celebrities isn’t going to get you anywhere.


  8. Amber

    Forgetting 1 word? She repeated stuff too! That was horrible!!


  9. 2011k

    Keri did worse, did she not?? Nina, stop bunny-hopping on X-Tina’s cl*t and go do something productive….like an anger management class or something. People always forget that celebs aren’t perfect; they mess up just love everybody else…


  10. Max_Ciara



  11. LOLOL

    yall Xtina fans R so delusional!!

    **Correction: Xtina USED 2 sing well…her voice isnt wat it used 2 be (guess she been suckin on 1 too many…) how can u say dat horrible screeching sounds beautiful? her voice is so scratchy these days & she cant hit the high notes like she used to.



  12. M&M

    really?? why don’t you get a life?(maybe you haven’t been able to suck 1 one at all)


  13. Jake

    I am sure Christina still has ALL of the same high notes she has always had, maybe she’s lost a few, it happens, but she was BELTING. No woman has a belting range any where NEAR their head voice range. Sure she could have sang it cleanly with her head voice, but it would not have had the same raw quality which I actually enjoyed. So what? She flubbed a few lyrics, proof that she’s human.


  14. jordan

    No need to explain. Wer only human and we make mistakes period


  15. nina is a biatch

    nina post a pic of your self so we can laugh at yo ass girl


  16. kat7

    since i’m not from america, i don’t know the national anthem. so one wrong word doesn’t really make up for a not so great performance. she can still sing, just not as good as before.

    plus it wouldn’t kill her to go to the gym, shes not fat but shes getting there…. seriously, why do people think wearing all black makes them look thin. its not magic…


  17. AnkKA

    Oh Boo Hoo! she messed up 3 words! big deal!
    she’s still better than all yo faves’ combined!


  18. From Tokyo

    Wow “nina” bitter much? You’re disgusting!


  19. who Gonna Check Me Boo

    Nina just STFU!


  20. Beystanbish



  21. NinaPleaseBitch

    theres no question that nina is a ugly bitch that never got no play so she walk around saying she a”bad bitch” but realy just look bad bitch


  22. Josh

    She’s amazing and she did amazing job last night. She might be really nervous. Think about it,over 100 million people watching you and you sing this song completely live and acapella. That’s insane!

    She’s really brave and I admire that. I love her!


  23. jane

    Christina Aguilera bitch ass…STFU!!!!


  24. Johnny

    ‘I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country’

    Oh gosh, I will never understand northamerican partiotism.
    Sooooo 19th century…who cares?


  25. jeremydante

    The only thing she got caught up in was trying to do vocal gymnastics. That said, everyone messes up sometimes, even at the superbowl.


  26. Nina

    I would like to apologyse for being a fat cow and a bitch! Sorry Xtina, sorry people!


  27. nymo

    who caresm she still amazing and if ya feel ya can do it better than her go try lmao


  28. Kiiiiiii

    Deathhhhhhh @ everyone reading Nina down!


  29. Phoenix_Wright

    I’m dying so hard right now cause of how you guys went in on Nina! I know she was mean but yall cruel!

    I bet that Nina that is 2 comments above me ain’t the real one! YALL PLAY TOO DAMN MUCH! lmao


  30. Lisa

    She messed up, but it’s not like she doesn’t know the anthem. She’s been singing it live at national league games since she was probably ten, not to mention she sang it twice during last year’s NBA Finals. Things happen and she’s the only singer besides Carrie Underwood who sang it last year to perform it live and that takes guts. Jennifer Hudson, Whitney, Mariah, Beyonce all lipsynced their Super Bowl anthems.


  31. Bri

    I don’t even care. Shocked people really went in on Christina. lol She sounded like she always does to me (loud and oversinging). So what’s new.


  32. Neickha

    Shell be alright.


  33. H•A•M

    Who gives a damn? Not like she confused the Afghanistan anthem for ours or some shit. You people gotta chill.


  34. MiC Alexander

    lemme jus say somethin real quick that seems to be overshadowed by an underwhelming performance….. i think it’s sad that people in the US, who live here, were born here, and probably wont ever leave here…don’t even know our own anthem. And they see it as no big deal that a PROFESSIONAL singer couldn’t get it right. I got nothin but love for Christina, I think she’s decent, and I’m glad she’s making a living off of this, but on the real…TIGHTEN UP GIRL! YOUR A PROFESSIONAL!


  35. Letsbereal.

    Guys..she singing in front of millions of people, do you realize how nerve racking that must be for her? I’m pretty sure if all you’s were in her place…you’d make a mistake, no doubt. + To the people saying she’s fat..get a life. Christina is currently in the process of going through a divorce, she’s had a baby and maybe she just wants to have more curves? She looks absolutely amazing. You guys make me sick.


  36. Zombie

    I am so sick of that pathetic, no-talent, fat-assed bitch showing up everywhere!!! She’s made her money, eaten way too much BBQ and licked more than her fair share of pussy… I say it’s time for little miss “flub up” to go!!!


  37. Ken

    Nina you have pissed these people off……lmbo


  38. c baby

    All of you’ll are dumb ass hell get a life and stop talking about each other. I think she did a good job its not the end of the world because she made a mistake get over it dumb asses.!


  39. c baby

    You’ll try doing what she did I bet u would shit on ur self.


  40. Krissy

    Christina is an amazing singer and just bc she messed up 3 little words so what. Hop off her d*ck.christina i knw that u got lost in the words and u r not fat so dont u are a perfect size. All these ppl on here that say u need to loose weight they prob need 2 loose weight or their ugly as hell. and 4 nina and if any of yall think yall can do it better than go rite ahead, bc i dont c yall doing shit in hollywood, so do us a favor and shut ur fuckin mouth


  41. kani k

    she oversings everything , there’s no real emotion except a buch of singing techniques.


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