New Music: Dawn Richard – ‘#ATELLTALEHEART’ [Mixtape]


Dawn Richard chases her dreams of a solo career with the release of her first mixtape #ATELLTALEHEART. The former Danity Kane member pours her heart out on 15 emotion-filled tracks, including “I Know” featuring fellow Diddy-Dirty Money songstress Kalenna.

#ATELLTALEHEART is simply a compilation of emotions and feelings that if you were to fall into my heart, this is what my heart would sound like,” says Dawn. “It’s about my journey, my pain, my redemption, but above all my strength. It’s honest yet raw.”

Among the New Orleans native’s favorite tracks are “Let Love In,” on which she asks for a second chance, “Bulletproof,” a song she wrote following Hurricane Katrina, and “These Tears,” about feeling hurt by love.

Listen as Dawn steps outside the shadows and into her own.

Download: Dawn Richard – #ATELLTALEHEART

1. “Intro (The Fall)”
2. “Superman”
3. “Biggest Fan”
4. “Hey”
5. “Me Myself & Y”
6. “Broken Record”
7. “I Know” feat. Kalenna
8. “Let Love In”
9. “I’m Just Saying”
10. “Superhero (Accapella)”
11. “Runway”
12. “These Tears”
13. “Vibrate”
14. “Champion”
15. “Bulletproof”

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  1. rod

    I LOVE IT GO DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. LUVN

    The name says it all… LUVN IT!


  3. Leo (MusicXclusives)

    Listening to it now and it sounds dope. She’s real talented.


  4. tim



  5. tim



  6. POW!

    love it! Love it! Love it! Dawn went in on this mixtape. I don’t care what nobody say! This mix tape GO HARD!


  7. JBizzy

    LOVE this!! I can listen from beginning to end!! Honestly, it sounds more like an album, than a mixtape. Dawn delivered on this project!!! Something about her is amazing to watch… This chick just DOES NOT STOP!!! I wish her all the success in the world!


  8. Q

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this. yeeeeeeeeeeeeees.


  9. oso_jo_o

    Love Dawn!


  10. shegotit

    I love this mixtape! A++ Dawn!!! my fav’s:

    4. Hey
    5. Me, Myself & I
    6. Broken Record*
    11. Runway
    13. Vibrate
    14. Bulletproof


  11. Mohwizzle

    was never a fan(though she’s cute)….but #afterhearinthis, now a believer.


  12. jeremydante

    good for her, i think we will see who the true star is of DK. great material & good production.

    aubrey girl where you at?


  13. Kristen

    I love it too from beginning to end. Sonically, vocally, it was great!


  14. GREAT

    This is not about her past ventures in music. This for me is a stamp that says “I’m here” because for me I’m seeing her with fresh eyes after this.


  15. Well DAMN DAWN!!!

    These tears, bulletproof, runway, superman, let love damn near all of them. Girl pat yourself on the back. I’ve seen so many negative comments in the past but the general opinion right now is that your “Freakin DOPE”.


  16. Neickha

    This mixtape it Hot. Sounds like an album. She WENT IN!


  17. bijan

    LOVe her love this


  18. Sydney

    Bye girl!


  19. Marc

    This is a solid mixtape! Really solid. She is very influenced by Brandy, which is fine by me because Brandy is dope


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