New Music: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Taylor Gang’

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa’s Steelers didn’t win the Super Bowl, but the Pittsburgh rapper isn’t going to let that discourage him. Following Super Bowl Sunday, Wiz unleashed a new song via Twitter called “Taylor Gang,” named after his loyal followers.

“Diamonds in my chain, ni**as tryna steal my lane/ Chronic in my brain, bitch I’m reppin’ Taylor Gang,” he raps on the Lex Luger production.

Listen to Wiz’s new anthem below and look for his major label debut Rolling Papers on March 29.

Wiz Khalifa – “Taylor Gang”

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  1. Neickha

    Ughhh Wiz…. you and this “Taylor gang”.. Im suprised that he didn’t have a song called “Taylor gang” before.. or has he idk. Your HOT and your music is cool…. and you sound like you from Cali but your from Pittsburgh.. I like it though lol


  2. Yeah



  3. Mr Xclusive

    just dropping by to say this is garbage, deuces


  4. alejandro

    Love Wiz but i’m so tired of Lex Luger and these same fuckin beats…


  5. .

    @ mr.xclusive

    when chris drops his song with wiz its gonna be dope so dont hate on him yet haha


  6. Chri$

    lex luger beats are all the same all the time.
    why is EVERY rapper on his beats??
    all the new albums got at least 1 or more beats by Luger:(


  7. Brionna

    this nigga sucks


  8. RAH RAH

    Shit is ass!!!!!!!


  9. H•A•M

    Didn’t read the description, only needed to listen to the song for 5 and a half seconds to know it’s another Lex Luger beat. The only time I’ve seen this man change it up is on “See Me Now” by Kanye West featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson. Other than the same old, same old beat, the song isn’t that bad. #TaylorGang


  10. Heminem

    From the first note i knew it would be a Lex Luger.
    Anyone else think Wiz is the next SOULJA!



  11. dashaun aka shaun da dawn

    wow wiz you da bes tin the whole world i wannna chilll with u so bad bruh this is serious u is so dope i rep talyor gang all day no hoomo u da best


  12. wukoolio

    wiz wussup bruh i havent heard the taylorgang song yet but its probably real u killin the game rite now bruh keep it up man if u ever need recruits it s young talent every where yo realtawk smoke all in my lungs


  13. cloud 9

    wiz khalifa will never be a soulja boy
    taylor gang or die
    fuck the wiz haters


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