Chris Brown Wants to Perform with Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl

Chris Brown and Lady Gaga

Now that we’ve seen the Black Eyed Peas and Usher rock the Super Bowl, Chris Brown is ready for his big moment. Breezy asked his Twitter followers what they thought about him and Lady Gaga teaming up to entertain at next year’s halftime show. “Me and lady gaga should do halftime show next year! What ya’ll think?” he wrote, later deleting the tweet.

Chris Brown Tweet

Would you like to see Chris and Gaga perform at the Super Bowl? Tell us!

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  1. abi

    LMAO that would be hot!


  2. Dane

    Lmaooo at him! They’ll get justin beiber before him!


  3. LoesLove

    Sounds Epic!


  4. OnlyBoy

    AS MUCH AS I HATE HIM he has won some cool points for this one!


  5. Kim

    The Superbowl would never f*ck with Chris Brown! Him and his stans have to understand that Chris is looked at as a JOKE after the horrible beating of Rihanna ..Give that dream up, u are not respected like Usher!





  7. amy

    Why does he always delete his tweets? Anyways thats an odd combination. Smart move chris for trying to colab with someone b big…but no!


  8. Desirez Crews

    I think tht would be great. I rlly love him(chris) Me and my family were just talkin bout tht last nite @ our super bowl party. GO STEELERS!!!! They r still my fav team.


  9. angelina

    onlyboy i don’t think you should hate him. Come on, you don’t know him. Stop hating and judgin people and start fixing ur own life. He’s extremely talented and also extremely hot! he deserves a second change:) I don’t want to be mean, im just saying. It’s worthless you know:)


  10. Nicky


    u gotta crawl before you walk boo!

    get invited to award shows to perform, then maybe you can have a 1% chance of being picked for superbowl



  11. Joseph McCoy

    I think it would be nice if Chris Brown performed at the Superbowl… but with Lady Gaga?

    He ain’t on her rank yet… Slow it down a bit. Try… Keri Hilson or Jessie J.


  12. angelina

    I think it would be awdsome if Lady gaga and Chris peformed, made a song or whatever! just worked together!! the two best artist right now! and ofc.. Beyoncé! I really want Chris to work with Lady gaga or Beyoncé. They’re exremely talended!


  13. babygirl

    it would be hot


  14. angelina

    y’all haters are TOO funny! like Nicky, come on! why you hating? do your life really suck that much?! H-A-T-E-R…:)


  15. Camila gabi

    Gostária muito .


  16. politicallyincorrect

    Chris no one with a hot career will be seen with you


  17. bnaa

    she wouldnt touch his tainted name


  18. tee

    I think it would be a dope combination because they are so different,love gaga and chris

    Please get your facts straight,chris has been invited to attend/perform at award show,he choose not to go but Trust he will be attending some in the near future because he will have music to promote
    also he deletes tweets because people do to much and try and read to much in to what hes says


  19. Please

    Not happening. He’s lucky he was even allowed in the stadium last night.


  20. Daniel

    What a wuzz!! Why did he delete his tweet? Management probably! But yes he has won some amazing cool poinst for this one.


  21. breezy swiss

    sa sera une dinguerie jai hate CB 4ever


  22. ally

    funny some gaga stan saying it would never happen,guess yall didnt hear her french interview where she said she likes chris lol


  23. King Makers

    How many times do you need to be proven wrong b4 you wake up and smell the coffee?
    A collaboration like that will be Epic and history will definitely be made.
    Lady gaga, isn’t insecure nor has a fragile career like most artists do. She is confident in here talent and her fans. She’s publicly confess her admiration for CB and even wish he attended the grammy; she said and i quote “the world is waiting for him”. She has nothing to be afraid of, She is already an ICON.
    Incase you’ve forgotten but Chris Brown was already a multi-platinum selling artist b4 Lady gaga even had a career. All his music is popping on the charts now & he has not even dropped his album or toured yet.
    Chris has crawled, walked, ran, and is flying b4 your eyes & the more you hate, the better he does.
    iTS A brilliant idea & i hope they do it cos that will be bigger than Usher & Black eye peas, cos every music legend if not there, will be glued to the TV.


  24. Keesha

    Why are people saying that he was lucky to even be let into the stadium last night when they watched the Super bowl at home? Anyway, even though I find Lady Gaga to be crazy, with her outfits and all, she is extremely talented. It would be cool to see them perform together. I don’t understand why he deleted the tweet though. I thought he said, “F**k what people think,” meaning, “F**k the negative people a.k.a. the haters,” but whatever.

    F.A.M.E. March 22nd!!!


  25. King Makers

    Chris Brown was already a multi-platinum selling artist b4 AKon had a career enough to even sign Lady Gaga back when she use to be a backup dancer for Britney Spears. So shut you stinking dick smoking mouths and give the champion his respect.


  26. king

    gaga is a devil bitch


  27. ZANIA

    I think it would be awesome to see Chris and Lady GAGA perform or if not those two maybe Beyonce. They are the ultimate performers. To all the haters, go check the UK charts and Us chart, be prepare this year for history in the making. Fame March 22, 2011


  28. Nick

    You all act like gaga is god!!! She a dope head an a drunk an I doubt if she have a long career cause she is very overrated!!! Chris brown has made a mistake but he been doin real good over the last 2yrs an to all u haters that want him to be another Charlie sheen…kiss my ass DUECES!!!


  29. ZANIA

    Like I said previously, the more people hate on Chris the harder we will fight for him, so bring it on.


  30. king

    i would like to see he and Rihanna perform like old time that would be fire or even Beyonce would be good but not that Devil bitch gaga


  31. king

    same here for Rihanna the more ppl hate on her the more hader we go for her but i like chris he is good


  32. ponyo

    It won’t happen.Chris…..


  33. ZANIA

    I just heard on twitter that Chris will be performing on SNL, GOOD MORNING AMERICA AND 106 SO FAR.


  34. imusic

    I really like Chris brown,love his music and everything,but that would be a lil unrealistic! I would love to see this but I´m just honest cause like i read before they would take Justin Bieber or sb. like that before him so…! I think thats the reason he deleted his tweet cause he knows that was a lil bit too much….I mean BEP and Usher are Worldstars sooo… maybe his upcoming Album will do great and he will get the chance i would be happy for him!


  35. Ethan

    lmao some people didn’t even know his song with chipmunk was the official superbowl theme, i can’t! just wait his moment will come soon. next year could be possible


  36. King Makers

    @Ethan: exactly! His song with our UK Chipmunk was the super-bowl official anthem. Doesnt that already indicate something? They said Graffiti was a flop, but it was nominated for the highest honors in music, doesnt that already tell you something? His music is top 5 on most charts around the world, doesnt that tell you something still? You guys must be deaf dumb & blind not to recorgnise the favour and power of God through his fans in his life. You can dig up as many nonesense as you wish and keep hating but, we will not relent until we have sank the ship of haterz, destroy the nest of the enemy and claimed victory for the rightful owner lolz….yes i said it.


  37. Kayla

    Lol no Lady Gaga and Beyonce should do the Super Bowl…or Lady Gaga and Eminem. After what Chris did to Rihanna he does not deserve to perform at the Super Bowl. I say Lady Gaga should perform either solo, with Beyonce or Eminem.


  38. King Makers

    @kayla: bet you just jumped off the latrine to come an comment. You people said, his career was over, it turns out; YOU WERE WRONG, he will never get a #1, it turns out; YOU WERE WRONG; he doesn’t deserve a grammy nod; YOU WERE WRONG; doesn’t deserve to be let back into UK; YOU WERE WRONG; will never be accepted & top the charts around the world again; YOU WERE WRONG; people will not buy his music & radio will no play it, YOU WERE WRONG, Big stars will no collaborate with him; YOU WERE WRONG, Takers will not hit #1; YOU WERE WRONG, he will not keep making hits & no one will anticipate his album; YOU ARE WRONG, he will not be invited to perform in a big international stage; SNL on saturday, now you are saying that he doesn’t deserve to perform @ the super bowl despite the fact that his is the best entertainer in the world and his song is the Super Bowl theme? WATCH HIM DO IT AGAIN.


  39. tiffany

    that would be the biggest show ever

    i saw chris brown in live, he’s a gift!! really ! a real lesson

    so why not the 2 biggest performers of our time!


  40. Aubrey

    No Chris…you need to take it one step at a time, he’s not even in the same league as GaGa…


  41. freefalling

    brown has it but let him dream on,he needs
    some one like gaga to get people talking about him again. see your fans-stans are the people that helps to make are break a career. and chris brown is a very shady person, period. he does shady stuff to others under the covers and he wants his life and career back. it will come ,but not so fast chris under the cover dirty brown. in the pass he would act like he was spitting on the paps and he stated once that he did not need the white folks. his mouth is too big, he needs to chill his heels. he will get to see that it takes all kinds of people in your corner to build a solid career, some people are still scared to death of what hes going to do the nexttime he loses his dam mind.


  42. Dean

    @chrisbrown you guys are a bunch of damn haters my god that shit he did happens everyday to women hes just famous so it got leaked into public to screw him over. he made a mistake, give him a break. Rhiannas not dead … shes fine actually so stop kissing her ass. And im not hating on rhianna i like her to. The show would be sexy, all the hits he’s made, dont like chris brown if you dont want .. just like his music cause he’s a damn talented individual ill tell you that. forgiving all my enemies, hes grown up now and hes learned, keep doing your thing man


  43. Haters Stay Pressed!

    I figured the haters would have a field day with this! Half of ya’ll pressed asses follow him on twitter and just salivate everytime he tweets something just so you can hate! I find it funny how ya’ll were no where to be found the other day when he released his snippet for ‘Up To You’. Ya’ll lame asses were real quite then!

    He was obviously joking! Its not that serious! I don’t understand why blogs feel the need to take his tweets and put it on a blog! Neither he nor Lady Gaga will be performing anytime soon cause Lady Gaga’s weird ass would probably give people heart attacks!

    For the sumbass who said that no one with a career would work with him you are a fucking idiot & a damn lie! He just had 5 of the hottest rappers on his ‘Deuces’ remix! Not to mention he has collaborations with Bruno Mars & Justin Bieber so clearly he can still work with big name artist.

    FYI: GMA just announced that he will be performing on March 22nd and we all know he is gonna be on SNL this weekend so clearly he is still in demand!

    Stay mad you pressed bitches but in 2011 you’re gonna be seeing a LOT of Chris Brown!


  44. World Spinner || Chris Brown Wants to Perform with Lady Gaga at the ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  45. Roo

    Gaga said in her last interview tht she likes Chris … we will see in the future ..maybe


  46. You were serious? Let Me Laugh Harder

    lmao at you all you lil groupies thinking this kid will ever get asked to do the super bowl, no C-list wife-beaters allowed, you clowns. Let this kid try and get an album out first.


  47. Haters Stay Pressed!

    @freefalling: What the hell are you talking about?! That shit didn’t even make sense! I swear it kills me how rjs haters try to act likd they know what goes on in this dudes mind. Everytime you see a CB post you use that to vompletely irrelevant ish!

    FYI: He already HAS his career back! You know, his THREE Grammy nominations this year! His current single slaying on itunes, hasn’t left top 5 for over a week! Two singles in the Top 5 on the UK itunes charts! His up coming appearance on SNL & GMA! His collaborations with Bruno Mars & Justin Bieber! Don’t act like ya’ll didn’t hear that beautiful snippet he released the other day! When that is released TRUST it will a smash!

    Keep sitting back bringing up irrelevant ish trying to shade him & ignoring his success! Ya’ll are going to feel real stupid very soon!


  48. J. Mcki

    I love how people keep throwing Jessie J in almost EVERY post. Half of these singers people are comparing her to are not even in her league vocally. Chris Brown would look foolish singing next to her. Picture J.Hud and Bieber? Silly right? I do second that Keri Hilson + Chris Brown vote though, they sound good together.


  49. Bk

    I bet all the people that said no to gaga are black ha! GaGa and chris would be amazing and just too piss yall haters off i hope cbreezy….weezy….nicki…dreezy everyone big in the industry collabo’s with mother monstar!

    I am black jst too say so i aint racially discriminating n e one….also cos its truue :)


  50. Neickha

    WOW this would be HOT. She’s a great performer.. and she can actually sing, dance and she surprises you with the costumes. And Chris of xourse is also a great entertainer. That would be cool…


  51. King Makers

    @J.Mcki: joker lol but its cool after all, you’ve just aired your opinion, however twisted it me seems. “No servant is greater than her master”, Many jessie js & j huds in music industry but only one chris brown; get it? a humble song writer from the UK who CB is still enlightening about the art of entertainment, you are already doing the unimaginable-comparing her to him? Please you haterz will say anything to ease your troubled souls


  52. King Makers

    @J.Mcki: joker lol but its cool after all, you’ve just aired your opinion, however twisted it may seems. “No servant is greater than her master”, Many jessie js & j huds in music industry but only one chris brown; get it? a humble song writer from the UK who CB is still enlightening about the art of entertainment, you are already doing the unimaginable-comparing her to him? Please you haterz will say anything to ease your troubled souls


  53. King Makers

    @J.Mcki: joker lol but its cool after all, you’ve just aired your opinion, however twisted it may seem. “No servant is greater than her master”, Many jessie js & j huds in music industry but only one chris brown; get it? a humble song writer from the UK who CB is still enlightening about the art of entertainment, you are already doing the unimaginable-comparing her to him? Please you haterz will say anything to ease your troubled souls


  54. Cc



  55. Jasmine

    For you lames asses who said that his career is over, newsflash: its not. 3 grammy nominations, 2 number 1s is the last year, had the number 1 movie last summer, please. Half of you bo-zos are still on this “I Hate Chris” campaign. talking bout someone with a hot career wont do anything with chris but he has current songs with T.I, Drake, Lil Wayne, Diddy, and are working with others AS WELL as his song with Chipmunk “Champion” was the Superbowl theme song. in the words of Diddy: Hating is for suckers. and plus alot of people have been saying that these two should perform together because of how much they put into a performance. I think it’ll be great. Last time i checked, half of yall losers were on the Chris bandwagon before all that happened. Meanwhile DV happens everyday but yall MFs didnt care until it happened to someone famous, get out of here. anyways, i think it’ll be great. and whether you like it or not, Chris still has a solid career.


  56. esteban

    who is he to even say that out loud?
    1. he will NEVER do the halftime show
    2. he will NEVER be on gaga’s level

    I think this boy is insane


  57. Rihanna Fan & Gaga Stan

    (Oh and I support CB too..)

    Anyways, I think this would be hot!! We all know Gaga supports Chris’ musical efforts.

    Regardless of Chris’ troubled past, his talent cannot be denied. I would love to see him performing again with that fire that comes out when he dances. (See: VMA’s 2007) I wish Chris much success.


  58. KOLA

    Who says usher is far respected than chris- the best thing in the whole wide world.


  59. sarah

    Gaga stans need to sit down. Gaga praised CB on a Brazil Radio. Yall mad? Also Gaga isnt the type to judge others, if yall were REAL fans such as I yall wouldnt be saying half the stuff yall saying. GROW UP. IMMAATURITY IS NOT CUTE.


  60. tiffany

    chris brown were here before her

    dance better than her

    made 1000 song more than her

    touched to every style of music
    colaborated with all the interesting people of our generation and is not just interested in comercial shits

    he’s complete

    it’s your turn gaga……

    ahaha chris brown king


  61. King Makers

    How can a backup dancer for Britney be @ the same level as Chris Brown? Its like saying, jennifer Lopez if greater than Janet Jackson.
    CB was already a super star b4 Akon discovered Gaga. CB dont need anyone to rock the super bowl with him, he is capable to rock it himself.


  62. READ !!

    Their Both Psychos Why Not Lmfaoooo


  63. nyamal

    Chris brown is really great man his not stupid like usher, if he want to work with lady gaga i don’t thing is good but i don’t know what to say, i love Chris brown so much i love to support him Chris brown is my big fad


  64. xxx

    as if he were on gaga’s level

    she sold more with one cd than he with 3 combined

    and chris is damn stupid – just look at all his stupid tweets

    can’t get over people saying he deserves a chance, cause he’s hot

    at least usher can sing! chris is a great dancer, no one can take that away from him – but in the vocal department – no


  65. Naya

    Chris doesn’t need anyone to rock the Superbowl halftime he can do it all by himself cause he just got it like that! I can’t stand when the haters try and downplay his success! Chris is here to stay whether you like it or not! And if you don’t you ain’t gotta be here. Don’t indulge in anything about him if you think he’s such a “flop” a “woman beater” if him and his fans are delusional, crazy, mad psychos then let us continue to be that! Just don’t say nothing be a silent hater! Silent haters are the best trust me I give them credit lmao


  66. robert

    Chris Brown Number 1 movie last year with “Takers.” Chris just came off “Deuces” being number one on the Billboard R-n-B chart for 10 Weeks (from a self promoted mix tape.) “Yeah 3x” is a worldwide top 5 (and starting to land Number 1′s) smash, “Look At Me Now” top 5 best selling single on I-Tunes the past week. “No Bullsh*t” (also from previously mentioned self-promoted mix tape) is at the 2nd week at Number 1 on the Urban Charts. He currently has duets right now out with Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne, T.I. (also charting pop and r-n-b), Keri HIlson “One Night Stand” (next single off her album), Twista (also currently charting), Diddy, New single coming February 14 with Justin Bieber, new single with Chipmunk “Champion” set to debut at Number 1 in the UK this week, “Dueces” Remix with Drake, Andre 3000, Kanye West, T.I., Rick Ross, and Fabulous (still charting), new Euro Pop single with Benny Benassi, and cuts with Jae Milz, Jawan Harris, T Pain, and Pitbull. Don’t forget brand new single off Big Sean’s new album!! New single coming with Bruno Mars! Plus, don’t forget the three Grammy Awards !! Chris Brown is a musical genius. He reports to have come up with ideas for 2000 songs for his latest album, and with a library of well over 500 CB cuts, I can assure you he can sing anything. Don’t forget who wrote the title track from Mary J. Blige’s last album!!!! And don’t forget the 3 FREE mixtapes of all original material he put out for his fans in 2010 !! TEAM BREEZY IS MAKIN HISTORY!!!


  67. BeccaCakes

    wow guys just because he hit rihanna dosent mean you guys need to keep giving him shit i mean its her fault to that she got hit by him you haters need to fuck off and leave him alone and i think Lady GaGa And Chris Brown would go great together :)


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