M.I.A. Goes Blonde at Big Day Out Festival


M.I.A. put her blonde ambition on display during the Big Day Out Festival over the weekend in Perth, Australia. Wearing a black Moschino top and teal pants, the music rebel performed material from her three albums, but it wouldn’t be an M.I.A. show without a little bit of controversy. Before her set ended, the sound was cut and the audience began throwing empty water bottles at the stage, but by then festival organizers had already called it a night.

In an interview with New Zealand’s 3 News, Maya said she considered taking a break from touring. “But then I started traveling again and I like a lot of places, so maybe I’ll just tour everywhere apart from the U.S. for a while,” she said.


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  1. lild

    hate being under 18!! would of gone if i was over 18!


  2. PuppysMusic

    I love M.I.A I really do. Still haven’t seen her LIVE though :( “gravity’s my enemy..”


  3. stacks.

    love maya, she’s great love. love the blonde too. <3 do it!


  4. Ikaryss

    M.I.A. is everything! I hope she comes to Minnesota again! It better not be an 18+ plus show! She is my inspiration! She looks good as well! Lol.


  5. Heminem

    Im in Perth right now.
    Was offered tickets too, but too much of the set list is rock


  6. M.I.A. is C O O O L L

    love m.i.a. too!

    can’t believe the chance to see her live.
    but none of the other artists at BDO interest me tho


  7. kani k

    love her :) true and bold music innovator


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