New Music: DMX f/ Swizz Beatz – ‘Change Is Gonna Come’

DMX returns for this week’s Monster Mondays giveaway, with Swizz Beatz handling production duties on the soul-sampling banger “Change Is Gonna Come.” Boasting a flipped clip of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come,” the track sees the troubled rapper spitting as hungry as ever, announcing his return in spite of his recent problems. “Man, I played this game and then played that one/ Fell for a minute, but I bounced right back, son/ Can’t hold down a dog for long,” he barks. Listen below.

DMX f/ Swizz Beatz – “Change Is Gonna Come”

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  1. OnlyBoy

    arf arf


  2. shegotit

    minus DMX signing @ the beginning, I love this song! I am pleasantly surprised!


  3. TheOne1

    As a DEVOUT Sam Cooke fan, I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this garbage! Of all the songs to sample why ruin one of the most intensely passionate, beautiful and soulful songs of all time. And the beat isn’t even inventive, inspired or creative. The lyrics aren’t poignant or sincere; an absolute insult!

    Swizz even used the wrong remastering of the song. Sounds like he used the ‘The Man and His Music(1986)’ mastered version which is incorrect. The “Portrait of a Legend”(2003), “Ain’t That Good News”(2003) and “Keep Movin’ On”(2003) CD/SACDs have the correct mastering.


  4. steve



  5. BheeJay

    Dmx is back…kill em X


  6. Heminem

    Welcome back DMX!


  7. femmefatale006

    what’s up w/ the link????


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