Video: Jamie Foxx Offers Advice to Tiger Woods, Shares Romance Tips

Jamie Foxx and George Lopez

Jamie Foxx has some words of wisdom for Tiger Woods. In the aftermath of the pro golfer’s public controversy, the entertainer offered some lewd advice, suggesting that he revert back to his old ways in order to get his groove back.

“I think he need to go back to what he was doing, when he was mashing at Denny’s and mashing at Perkins. Like, ‘Let me get the combo plate!’” Foxx joked on “Lopez Tonight.” “He might as well go ‘head and mash. Tear Marie Callender’s up.”

The Grammy winner, who also performed the title track off his latest album Best Night of My Life, shared some tips on how to romance a lady on Valentine’s Day. “You gotta pay attention to your woman, that’s all it is,” recommended the lothario. “Get the right music for your lady. I don’t know about you guys, but I like to set the right tone for my woman, understand? I get the lights dim, I put the rose petals down there. I get the champagne—Rosé—all ready together, and my favorite song to make love to is this: ‘To the windows, to the wall!’”

Get some more guidance from the Foxx and watch his performance below.

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  1. nicole

    Jamie is a fool! lol


  2. P

    I LOVE JAMIE… so funny, talented, and sexy!!


  3. ray ray

    i love ray ray becouse his a cute man and he dress so hot and i thik his the right one and my brothday is comeing and it is the 9th and i rilly wont the mindless behavior to come to my party and i love you ray ray crying


  4. dreincharacter

    lip-sync much?


  5. richardene

    i want see a movie


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