Who Will Win Best New Artist at the 53rd Annual Grammys?

Justin Bieber, Drake, and Florence Welch

With the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards just around the corner, palms are starting to sweat. Five fresh faces are up for the coveted Best New Artist trophy at this year’s ceremony, but only one can go home with the golden gramophone.

Will voters award Drake, who had the biggest hip-hop debut of 2010, or opt for his fellow Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber? British band Florence + the Machine won over many critics with their breakthrough debut Lungs, but you can’t rule out the underdogs, jazz bassist Esperanza Spalding and folk-rock band Mumford & Sons.

Who will join the company of past winners Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, and Alicia Keys on Sunday night? Vote in our poll below.

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  1. dghghgh

    Drake – Young Money / Cash Money


  2. bunny69

    Esperanza is amazing but not “popular” so I don’t think she will win it. (Let’s face it, that’s the Grammy’s for ya).

    Drake is good, but I don’t think he’s new anymore and I don’t think they’ll give it to him. I think Florence + The Machine will take the (surprising) win.


  3. Josh

    Florence + the Machine. They are exactly for the grammys!


  4. Daquan..

    Umm… I Honestly Dont Think Justin Bieber & Drake Should Be Anywhere On This List Since They Been Out 4 A While Now Lmfao If Thats The Case Nicki Minaj Should Be On This List Because Her & Drake Came Out Damn Near The Same Time


  5. Natasha

    I hope Bieber did not win
    and hope to win Drake


  6. RAHJA

    I didn’t know Drake and Justin were still considered “new artists”?! smh


  7. p

    yeah drake and justin shouldn’t be on this list, they should of been on it last year…
    anyway justin has those crazy girl fans who have most likely been voting for ages now. so whether we like it or not he will be walking away with it lol

    i’d personally like to see Drake or Florence take the award :)


  8. MusicMusic01

    yeah i agree with @p Bieber has his millions of pre-teen fans voting for ages. They’ll vote 50 times if they can lol.He shouldn’t be on the list but he just might get it with the following he’s got…but you never know.


  9. Yeah



  10. Sebastian

    oh man florence is so fuckin’ pretty!


  11. L.A. Baby

    FLorence + The machine.


  12. Courtney M

    I loveeee Justin Bieber to death but I hope Drake wins Best New Artist. I can listen to his album the whole way through without skipping a track and his features on singles have always been outstanding. And I can’t forget that he’s an amazing songwriter and have written one of the biggest songs, Un-thinkable. Nothing against the Biebs but Drake deserves that award so much more.


  13. TheLuversLane

    JustinB and Drake have overstayed their welcome in the best new artist section.

    Justin will probably take the cake

    Esprenza Spalding is talented but she needs another year so people can get to know her.


  14. Rosewood

    Florence and The Machine got that on lock. Or Mumford and Sons. The Grammy committee is not gonna vote for Drake or Bieber. They usually choose people with talent that’s gonna be around for a while. No offense to Drake and Justin though.


  15. politicallyincorrect

    It will be Esperanza or Florence and the machine, as for the person who said we have to get to know Esperanza, she is on her third album



    Drake will win.
    Young money 4 ever.


  17. man down

    ii think florence might take it…mumford and sons have a chance but I’m going wit florence and the machine…drake, maybe

    Janelle monae shouldve been nominated tho :(


  18. drizzyy

    drake to win !!!! but beiber has too many fans worldwide so he prob win. Grammys should not conisder the votes but talent they have !!!!!


  19. Leah

    Florence + the Machine!!!!


  20. Johnathon3

    the academy does not give black rappers awards like that
    it will be Bieber or Florence
    Get a clue, ghetto people


  21. -

    Bieber will definately win


  22. tamour

    ^^^^^ JB will win whether you think he deserves it or not. But Florence is a dark horse, so I won’t be surprised by them taking it either.


  23. tamour

    I don’t agree with the ghetto ppl shade…..know the history of the word fool.


  24. DRB

    Florence hopefully. The Grammy’s are a mess at times, like Beyonce winning 6 awards for I Am or Taylor Swift getting album of the year, but best new artists is usually good. Adele, Amy, etc in recent years.


  25. M4L

    I hope Drake wins.. but if he doesn’t it would be either Bieber or Florence..


  26. John

    I would like to see Esperanza win because of her of her creativity and academic accomplishment in music. If anyone should win on their merits alone, it should be Esperanza Spalding.


  27. John

    I would like to see Esperanza win because of her creativity and academic accomplishment in music. If anyone should win on their merits alone, it should be Esperanza Spalding.


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