Cash Money to Throw Lavish Pre-Grammy Bash

Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Birdman, and Mack Maine

Cash Money-Young Money is ready to celebrate their success in style. In honor of this weekend’s Grammys, hip-hop’s reigning crew will live it up at a posh party on Saturday in Los Angeles, with party planning mastermind Colin Cowie overseeing the festivities.

Cowie, who handled Lil Wayne’s welcome-home fete in November as well as events for Oprah, is set to transform West Hollywood venue The Lot into a bank vault accented by a gold carpet, dance floor, dollar-sign floral arrangements, and lounge beds upholstered with Cash Money logos. Guests including Drake and Nicki Minaj are expected to dress “rich” for the extravagant affair.

The party guru previously oversaw Cash Money’s 2009 pre-Grammy soirĂ©e, when their leader Weezy was nominated for eight awards. This year, Drizzy was honored with four nods including Best New Artist and Best Rap Album, while Nicki Minaj picked up one nomination for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for her collaboration with Ludacris (“My Chick Bad”).

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards will air live from Los Angeles’ Staples Center this Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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  1. Brionna

    I hope Nicki get the Grammy now that would really be a MOVIE, camera block… if she wins the Grammy it wouldn’t even be fair at that point!!!! *Fingers crossed*


  2. Cash money to throw lavish pre-grammy bash

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  3. Thank Me Later Fan

    Drake need to win Best New Artist or Best rap solo performance.


  4. Jrizzy

    Don’t forget about Tyga! He’s also NOMINATED!!! Update……


  5. bknyhustle

    ymcm allday bitch!


  6. Sexyone

    What a SHAME???!!! Look at that Lil’ Kim Clone CLOWN above. Swagger Jacker for real. Get your OWN Identity!!!


  7. AAA

    I would love for Nicki do recieve a Grammy, if not it’s cool because she came so far, and has so much success, and I kno mad haters would be happy for her not to get one, but Either way she has surpassed fame, she is a icon


  8. ReallyRaw

    @Thank Me Later Fan
    honestly… u dont rly think drizzy gon with that sh*t right… trust me i hate bieber, but know u he gonna win.. logic..


  9. ReallyRaw

    lmao lil kim is that you hatin’? :P go make some billboard hits… thnx


  10. IamTheBest

    LMAO @ “Icon”..Seriously. You kids really dont know music or history.


  11. JHP

    Oh yeah that is this weekend isn’t it, I’m mad as hell that Kanye & Jay-Z aren’t performing. I don’t guess they are anyway, no one’s announced it.


  12. Dallas Champ

    It is a great week for Cash Money.


  13. AAA

    @ Iamthebest. Well to mr. Iamthebest on hating, child please, safe that real music bullshit to yourself, unless your 50 years old which would be sad, no one cares about that….whatever your opinion is, it dosent matter…because your just a thought and not effecting thier money or hustle…so stop it ….oh @sexyone……lol how that fail of an album black Friday do, I thought it would do a lil better since she didn’t write any of it lol


  14. Mr Xclusive

    dont forget Wayne brought Drake & Nicki into the game… WAYNES A FUCKIN GENIUS!!!! Tyga up next!!!! well after wayne drops the best album of the year…C4!!!


  15. Heminem


    You dont want Nicki to win!
    Because she would then be ineligible for Best new artist next year!


  16. Vee

    @heminem i read somewhere that gaga got that rule changed that even if she wins she can still b nominated and yea I hope drake wins more than nicki I mean this drakes second year in the spotlight he got nominated last year two and lost I just think her really deserves atleast one of the four and if nicki wIns that will be cool. Too


  17. Josho

    Dont forget that Rihanna & Drake are performing….#cntwait!


  18. Anna

    I won tickets to go to the Grammy’s! Anyone know how I can get into after-party’s or know of any Pre-Grammy shows going on?


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